The conflict was sparked by General Khalifa Haftar, Cyrenaica’s strong man who aimed to conquer Tripoli in two days but found himself bogged down in a bitter war of position which has dragged on for over five months. Haftar’s LNA, backed by the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Russia, has been unable to make significant progress since early on in its assault on the capital. “It’s the second time in a week, ” added Qanunu, who was quoted by Agenzia Nova – “that we hit foreign forces after having bombed the operations command of the Qasr Bin Ghashir area, where seven mercenaries died. It is said they are “technicians” commissioned to repair Soviet-manufactured vehicles and artillery: the great majority of LNA armaments date back to the period of the Soviet Union and the military doctrine itself practiced by Haftar’s army follows Moscow’s dictates. Libya’s media outlets close to government forces assert that the agreement is back in force, yet this seems impossible given that Russia has no intention of blatantly violating UN sanctions. It has no security force of its own in a capital controlled by squabbling militias. "Sudanese rebels are fighting alongside Dignity Operation in Libya's Derna". Shorn of reinforcements, southern militias have crumbled before the LNA advance. Three days of Mirage air strikes devastated the UFR columns. In early March the NOC reopened the field. Was it possible that the convoy (what’s more not carrying an ambassador) had forgotten such an elementary rule? 10 October 2016. Despite air superiority for nearly a year, Khalifa Haftar’s forces have been halted in Tripoli and are now in retreat. When did the accident happen and what field of operations is the UAE government referring to?

And indeed, the power balance on land has changed, especially after the introduction of the Bayraktar TB2Turkish drones. Middle East Libya: Turkish strategy leaves Haftar on the defensive. The UAE has many enemies in Yemen, as it does in Libya. Despite the country's booming oil revenues, totalling $26bn last year, south Libya complains of being starved of cash, with dilapidated infrastructure and high unemployment. Tell friends. In February, the GNA persuaded some militias to fly south to oppose Haftar's advance, but the LNA, which includes Libya's air force, imposed a no-fly zone. GNA forces can count on military aid from Turkey. A senior Turkish official said the airport seizure was critical ahead of potential peace talks, and that Turkey would reject any proposal to divide Libya between warring factions. “Everyone wants to sit at the table without losing territory, but the territory you hold strengthens your positions at the table,” the official said, adding that Erdogan and al-Sarraj would discuss both strategy and the situation on the ground.

More recently, the channels Al Jazeera and Libya al Ahrar (a network close to the Muslim Brotherhood with headquarters in Doha, Qatar) accused France of controlling a base from which drones took off to carry out an airstrike on Misrata, the Libyan city state allied with Tripoli and also the site of an Italian field hospital housing approximately 300 militaries. What it does with this control will likely define the future of the country's hydrocarbons industry.

In May a shipment of weapons and armed vehicles from the Bosphorus was openly photographed  in the port of Tripoli, while in June Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan candidly admitted to supplying weapons to the forces of Tripoli in order to “rebalance” the situation, given that Haftar’s forces had in turn received aid from the UAE and Egypt. “By taking control of this international airport, GNA forces were able to go beyond and push Haftar’s forces back beyond the administrative borders of the capital,” said Al Jazeera’s correspondent Mahmoud Abdelwahed, reporting from the abandoned facility. The tides have turned in Libya's conflict as Turkish intervention has tilted the balance of power. Yemen security sources reported to the Associated Press that the Emirati troops died in a road accident in the southern province of Shabwa, an area of Yemen teeming with Al Qaeda militants. However, only shortly afterwards an unpleasant incident occurred: GNA fighters found four Javelin anti-tank missiles “made in the USA” in General Khalifa Haftar’s compound south of Tripoli. Command headquarters are however located in the port of Tripoli in order to support, upon request of local authorities, the Coast Guard and Libyan Navy’s activities (especially rescue operations of migrants at sea). Alternatively, Haftar could make good on oft-repeated threats to march on Tripoli to remove both militias and the GNA, a move Western diplomats say risks a bloodbath. The Government of National Accord (GNA) military operations room said in a statement on Thursday its forces captured all areas surrounding the Tripoli city administrative area.

The information contained in the broadcast was hard to verify, however it was extremely detailed and has as yet to be denied. Erdogan basically sees it as a “family matter,” given that the company producing the TB2 drones has ties with his son-in-law Selcuk Bayraktar, husband of the president’s youngest daughter. “The whole world recognises that Turkey changed the balance” on the ground, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Wednesday. According to Daily Beast documents, the infamous Sudanese janjaweed militia – known for the Darfur massacre – have also been recruited to carry out attacks against Haftar’s forces and to slow them down. India was therefore, forced to evacuate its embassy to D’jerba in Tunisia in August 2014 and later to Malta. Al-Sarraj’s deputy and foreign minister travelled to Moscow, while Haftar was in Egypt to meet defence officials. The UN blocked Tobruk's attempt to sell oil independently and it later backed down. source On live map. Tobruk runs its own banking system and has run up a $23bn debt by issuing bonds to pay state wages over the past four years. A Syria-style proxy war is being fought in Libya. ... (see map). But in the wake of what is a shuddering defeat for the GNA, pressure is mounting for a new political deal. Donald Trump’s US election lawsuits: Where do things stand? Tensions escalated last year when Haftar launched an operation in January to "purge" southern Libya "of terrorist groups and criminals" and seized several towns with support from local tribes. It has been closed since 2014 and was held by the LNA since last year when Haftar launched his assault on the capital. On Monday, the United Nations said both sides had agreed to resume ceasefire talks, warning that weapons and fighters flying into Libya in defiance of an arms embargo threatened a major new escalation. In the short term, Haftar's offensive has actually improved Libya's oil production, now running at about 1mn bl/d. After Benghazi, Haftar gradually took control of the entire east of Libya, before turning his attention to the south. Tobruk's victory is as much political as military. A Syria-style proxy war is being fought in Libya. The US-passport holding “Field Marshal” is being supported primarily by the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, two countries which would like to use Haftar as a “policeman” against the advance of the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa. Since 2015 Abu Dhabi, alongside Saudi Arabia, has been fighting a bloody war in Yemen, causing approximately 100,000 deaths. In 2016, Haftar seized most facilities in Libya’s east and this year his forces swept through the south, taking control of the major El Sharara and El Feel oilfields. India’s diplomatic outreach towards Libya was however, affected after Haftar took control of eastern Libya and launched a military offensive against Islamists in April 2014. Turkey’s military helps turn the tide in Libyan civil war, US says Russia sent advanced fighters to aid mercenaries in Libya, Russian fighters flown out of western Libya after Haftar retreat (4:20), COVID-19 cases still surging in the Americas, WHO warns. It would also grant it a strategic position near Egypt, with which ties have been strained for years. Liveuamap News.

No official comment was available from LNA forces. According to Daily Beast documents, Russia dispatched the Wagner, a squadron of Russian mercenaries owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a shady businessman known for his close ties with President Vladimir Putin. The attack was claimed by the Islamic militia known as the Bhengazi Defense Brigade. However, now that the lightning attack to seize Tripoli has failed, relations with Moscow appear to have become decidedly a lot more detached. Archived from the original on 8 August 2014. The LNA linked up with Tobruk's key western force at Zintan which controls Wafa, the country's largest gas field.