He is an actor and writer, known for The Jerk (1979), Caddyshack II (1988) and History of the World: Part I (1981).

Born in New York City on January 17, 1949, the first son of Stanley and Janice Kaufman, Andy grew up on New York in ... Brooklyn-born Buddy Hackett was known mainly as a nightclub comic, especially in Las Vegas, where he first performed in 1952 and wound up being one of the biggest headliners in that city's history. She has been married to Bill Siddons since March 7, 2007. At the age of 14, he began performing stand-up comedy in nightclubs. It was here that he propelled his TV show Everybody Loves Raymond.He was also the voice of the Mammoth in the extremely successful Ice Age Series Movies.He is ... Producer | He has been married to Dee Breuer since August 28, 1993. Jerome Allen Seinfeld ( SYNE-feld; born April 29, 1954) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, … However, he turned his life around after a cousin was shot. He died on March ... Hughley is the second of four children. He has been married to Amber Tamblyn since October 6, 2012. His British-born father, Myron, was a shoe clerk, his mother, Sadie, was a dancer. Dave Chappelle. His parents ... Lenny Bruce was born Leonard Alfred Schneider on October 13, 1925, in Mineola, Long Island, New York. He is a writer and actor, known for Gallagher: The Maddest (1983), Gallagher: Over Your Head (1984) and Gallagher: Overboard (1987).

She is an actress and writer, known for Mother Goose Rock 'n' Rhyme (1990), CBS Summer Playhouse (1987) and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015).

14 (1972). Friendly as all get-out, Latino stand-up comic Paul Rodriguez was born in Mexico but raised in East Los Angeles.

Crowned as leading the new breed of modern comedians by Time magazine in 1960, Mort Sahl is the first entertainer ever to appear on its cover. As a young boy... Christopher Julius Rock was born in Andrews, South Carolina and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York. They fell in love and were married in 1947.

His father was born in New York, to Russian Jewish parents, and ... Bill Cosby is one of the world's most well-known entertainers and comedians. He is a best selling author, star of his own ... George Wallace was born on July 21, 1952 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. When given the opportunity to play in live theatre professionally, Benny quit school ... Milton Berle was born Milton Berlinger on July 12, 1908, in New York City, to Sarah (Glantz) and Moses Berlinger, a paint and varnish salesman.

He has an adopted daughter with his second wife named Patti Jo Cooper. He has been acknowledged by many modern comic artist's as ... Actor | She was a writer and actress, known for Spaceballs (1987), Iron Man 3 (2013) and Serial Mom (1994). He has been married to Jyll Rosenfeld since August 14, 1991. His father was a well-known concert promoter who co-founded Commodore Records and his mother was a homemaker. Jonathan and his mother then moved to Springfield to live with his ... Born in Georgia but raised in Houston since the age of 7, this self-described "Prince of Darkness" was compelled to use the comedy stage as his philosophic soapbox. His father was an Austrian Jewish immigrant and his mother was a ... Love her or hate her, this comic diva is a one-of-a-kind, in-your-face, take-no-prisoners artiste. He was previously married to Shamicka Gibbs and Pat Smith. Dick Gregory was born on October 12, 1932 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA as Richard Claxton Gregory. He has been married to Kimberly Shlain since March 15, 1997. At 17, he took his first step towards becoming a stand-up comedian when he spontaneously took ... Henry Youngman was born on November 7, 1846 in Shelbyville, Indiana, USA.

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. ... Donald Jay Rickles was born May 8, 1926 in New York. William Henry Cosby, Jr. was born on July 12, 1937, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Anna Pearl (Hite), a maid, and William Henry Cosby, Sr., a U.S. Navy sailor. He has cited earlier comedians George Gobel (1919-1991), Ray Goulding (1920-1990), and Bob Elliott (1923-2016) as his main ... Television would never be the same after David Letterman made his second attempt at a show in 1982. Before comedy clubs existed, Sahl began performing at the hungry i music club in San Francisco in the early 1950s. The story goes that huggable, highly affable stand-up comedian Howie Mandel began his show biz career by chance while catching amateur night at the Comedy Store on the L.A. Sunset Strip during a vacation.

He is most widely known for his at times screechy voice and scattergun delivery during his standup comedy performances and some film roles.He was ... Eddie Griffin was born on July 15, 1968 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

His son Michael Caputo wrote a book entitled, "Dear Pat Cooper," What Happened To My Father Pasquale Caputo? He was an actor and writer, known for Worth Winning (1989), Modern Family (2009) and Snip (1976). He once won an Academy Award for Best... Albert Brooks was born on July 22, 1947 in Beverly Hills, California, USA as Albert Lawrence Einstein. Janeane, the petite woman with the acerbic wit, was born in Newton, New Jersey, in 1964, to Joan, a secretary, and Carmine Garofalo, an Exxon executive. He first gained national attention while a cast member on Saturday ... Brett Butler (born January 30, 1958) is an American actress, writer, and stand-up comedian.

He began his career in stand-up comedy.

He differed from other comedians, ... Jon Stewart was born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz in New York City, New York, to Marian (Laskin), a teacher, and Donald Leibowitz, a physics professor. He was an actor, known for The Hot Chick (2002), Reno 911! He trained in Shakespeare at Yale University, where he received an MFA from the Yale School of Drama.Grier began his professional career on Broadway as ... Andrew Dice Clay was born on September 29, 1957 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Andrew Clay Silverstein.

Top 40 Current Stand-Up Comedians.

Shortly after graduation, he moved to New York City where he quickly established ... Joan Rivers was born on June 8, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA as Joan Alexandra Molinsky. He was married to Malika Kinison, Terry Marze and Patricia Adkins. His father was an airline maintenance worker and his mother was a homemaker.He grew up in L.A.'s South Central where he was a member of the Bloods gang after getting kicked out of high school.

He is an actor and writer, known for Arrested Development (2003), Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) and Megamind (2010). Freddie grew up in the Washington Heights section of New York City. Maher was raised in ... Billy Crystal was born on March 14, 1948 in Long Beach, Long Island, New York. Kevin James was born Kevin George Knipfing on April 26, 1965, in Mineola, Long Island, New York, to Janet (Klein), an office worker, and Joseph Valentine Knipfing, Jr., an insurance agency owner. Hackett always referred to himself as a "saloon comic" and preferred the intimacy of his stage act--... Diller put out an autobiography in 2005 in her late 80s, and entitled it "Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse", which pretty much says it all when recalling the misfit life and career of the fabulous, one-of-a-kind Phyllis Diller.

Actor | Superman III Iconic comedian Louie Anderson, the three-time Emmy®-Award winner, is one of the country's most recognized and adored comics; named by Comedy Central as "One of 100 Greatest Stand-Up Comedians of All Time." After finishing his military service, he went to college on the GI bill with the idea of becoming an attorney, but developed an interest in comedy while taking elective courses.Paul ... Best-known for his surreal and digressive stand-up, British comedian and actor Eddie Izzard was born on February 7, 1962, in Aden, Yemen, where his English parents -- Dorothy Ella, a nurse and midwife, and Harold John Izzard, an accountant -- worked for British Petroleum.Izzard worked as a street ... Robert Schimmel was born on January 16, 1950 in The Bronx, New York City, New York, USA. A few months later, Foxworthy quit his job and started on ... Robert Francis 'Bobcat' Goldthwait, born May 26, 1962, is an American comedian, and writer, producer, director, and star of films and television shows. Born Aaron Chwatt in New York City's Lower East Side, Buttons (who got his name from a uniform ... Bernard Jeffrey McCollough was born in 1957 in Chicago, the son of Mary McCullough and Jeffery Harrison. He is an actor and producer, known for Half Baked (1998), Titan A.E. It was in Norfolk, where he lived until he was inducted into the US Navy in ... Jerry Seinfeld was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Betty (Hesney) and Kalman Seinfeld. Highly influential, and always controversial, African-American …

He is a producer and actor, known for The Drew Carey Show (1995), Robots (2005) and Jack and Jill (2011). His mother (Frances) died of breast cancer when Richard was 18. He was previously married to Brenda Boozer. His father was of Russian Jewish descent, and his maternal grandparents were Austrian Jewish immigrants. He is an actor and producer, known for Natural Born Killers (1994), Reservoir Dogs (1992) and So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993). He grew up in the city, in a rougher neighborhood than most others, with a large family living under one roof.

Add your votes to this ultimate ranking. Richard Jeni was born on April 14, 1957 in Brooklyn, New York, USA as Richard John Colangelo. She is the daughter of Betty DeGeneres (née Elizabeth Jane Pfeffer), a speech therapist, and Elliott Everett DeGeneres, an insurance agent. He performed in the NYC comedy club circuit before landing a guest spot on The Letterman Show.

This situation provided him with a great insight into his comedy, as his family, ... Elayne Boosler was born on August 18, 1952 in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

1. Afterward, ... Jonathan Harshman Winters III was born on November 11, 1925 in Dayton, Ohio. Jay Leno began his career in night clubs, where he worked 300 nights a year before hitting it big in 1992 with his own late-night talk show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992). To support herself and her son, Sadie Schneider pursued a ... Woody Allen was born Allan Stewart Konigsberg on December 1, 1935 in Brooklyn, New York, to Nettie (Cherrie), a bookkeeper, and Martin Konigsberg, a waiter and jewellery engraver. They have two children. He is a writer and producer, known for Pootie Tang (2001), Trainwreck (2015) and I Feel Pretty (2018). His mother, Julie (Berman), was a nurse, who was from a Jewish family. Tell us what you think about this feature. He is known for his work on A Star Is Born (2018), Eddie Griffin: Undeniable (2018) and The Comeback Trail (2020). His father was of Hungarian Jewish descent, while Jerry's maternal grandparents, Salha and Selim Hosni, were Syrian Jewish immigrants (from Aleppo). They have three children. Redd Foxx began doing stand-up comedy on the infamous "Chitlin' Circuit" in the 1940s and 1950s. He ... Flip Wilson was born on December 8, 1933 in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA as Clerow Wilson.

He has been married to Lorna Wells since September 3, 1999. He is the youngest of three sons born to Helen (Gabler) and Jack Crystal. He died on September 3, 2010 in ... As a seasoned actor, writer, producer, and stand-up comedian, Paul Reiser continues to add to his list of accomplishments.