Apply a generous blob of hot glue to hold the clip and the transmitter circuit together. It's great for room monitoring, baby listening and nature research.

2 years ago. Please don't forget leave a comment below. I'm using something what's called presensitized PCB fabrication, it's different from the toner transfer method. An optical listening device is the perfect project for any do-it-yourself espionage enthusiast, and can be cheaply constructed without a lot of technical know-how. Don't worry too much, eventually you'll learn to improvise when parts are not available. on Introduction, Je suis en Haïti. Here's a separate tutorial for the PCB fabrication: Battery Powered Lamp That Turns on Through the Use of Magnets!

While helpful, this is not essential, as any stable base will do. The finished receiver is mounted to a tripod. 5th Week - Solar Car (School Investigatory Project), Participated in the Remote Control Contest. The can shades the sensor from external light sources, and protects it from the elements. At the time I had no idea of where I'm supposed to buy the parts, so I recycled mine out of junk. Keep the laser stable and easy to aim by mounting the laser pointer onto a camera tripod.

Keychain laser pointers are now commonly sold at most major retailers such. I am a college student taking my engineering majors in BS-EE/ BS-ECE at the DLSU. Disclaimer: This project is for educational purposes only and is not intended to air/ interfere with present radio channels. This small and simple FM transmitter is the toy that geeks have always wanted. Most likely, you'll find one from a scrap transistor radios however you can replace it with a 20pF ceramic capacitor then rely on the coil's adjustment for compensation. Other options New from $44.95. Listening devices. Total Secuirty sells the best in Shotgun Microphones and listening devices. DETECT EAR PRO.....$475.00 Great for listening FAR AWAY!

Only use solid wires that has a thickness of 18 - 22 gauge. We are often looking for a powerful audio surveillance transmitter, which can transmit the audio wireless, to a long distance remote receiver. Receiving the beam as it is reflected off of the window requires one special piece of equipment called a photoresistor. This will be far easier if you have used a visible laser instead of an infrared laser, which is invisible to the naked eye.

Don't touch the coil, just turn the trimmer capacitor until you hear a feedback from the radio.

Solder a hook-up wire to the antenna pin, it's located on the 2nd transistor's collector pin. With a little money and a little time, the gift of super hearing--or at least enhanced hearing--can be yours, thanks to homemade hearing devices.

Whether you're experimenting with the physics of light and sound or equipping yourself as the next James Bond, long range listening devices are a fun and exciting addition to any sleuth's collection. Can i user a female 3.5 jack to take input from a lav mic? Some choices are better than others. As with the laser, it is important to keep the receiver very still, as any motion will disrupt recording.