Mack Sennett Studios is one of Los Angeles’ most unique stage and still photography rental studios. Want to find and hire freelancers, crew, or vendors faster? A distinction in his acting career, often overlooked, is that he played Sherlock Holmes 11 times, albeit as a parody, between 1911 and 1913. People don’t like it...immunity of pretty girls doesn’t go as far as the immunity of the Shetland can have her fall into mud puddles. © 2020 ProductionHUB, Inc. All rights reserved. The Sennett Bathing Beauties continued to appear through 1928. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Also beginning in 1915, Sennett assembled a bevy of women known as the Sennett Bathing Beauties to appear in provocative bathing costumes in comedy short subjects, in promotional material, and in promotional events such as Venice Beach beauty contests. In The Freshman, upon arriving at college, Speedy instantly became known as the class?

Copyright 2015-2020 eVenues Inc. All rights reserved. Sennett's bosses retained the Keystone trademark and produced a cheap series of comedy shorts that were "Keystones" in name only: they were unsuccessful, and Sennett had no connection with them. In 1915, Keystone Studios became an autonomous production unit of the ambitious Triangle Film Corporation, as Sennett joined forces with D. W. Griffith and Thomas Ince, both powerful figures in the film industry.[10]. Specialties: Mack Sennett Studios is a historic full-service photography studio, production soundstage, and private event space in Silver Lake, serving as creative home to the Los Angeles cultural renaissance for the last 100 years.… Questions?

Built in 1916 as a silent movie studio, it has hosted hundreds of commercials, music videos, feature films, industrials and recently internet productions. [15], His last work, in 1935, was as a producer-director for Educational Pictures, in which he directed Buster Keaton in The Timid Young Man and Joan Davis in Way Up Thar. Keystone possessed the first fully enclosed film stage, and Sennett became famous as the originator of slapstick routines such as pie-throwing and car-chases, as seen in the Keystone Cops films.

Film historian Richard Koszarski qualifies “fun factory” influence on comedic film acting: ”While Mack Sennett has a secure and valued place in the history of screen comedy, it is surely not as a developer of individual talents...Chaplin, Langdon and Lloyd were all on the lot at one point or another, but developed their styles only in spite of Sennett, and grew to their artistic peaks only away from his influence...screen comedy followed Chaplin’s lead and began to focus more on personality than situation.”[9], Sennett's first female comedian was Mabel Normand, who became a major star under his direction and with whom he embarked on a tumultuous romantic relationship. 1215 BATES AVENUE. With financial backing from Adam Kessel and Charles O. Bauman of the New York Motion Picture Company, Mack Sennett Studios is one of Los Angeles’ most unique stage and still photography rental studios.