He has worked with some of the country's most established theatre companies and been involved in the development of a number of well known and original dramatic works. Maurice Dean Wint was born in Leicestershire, England. With an impressive inventory of credits in film, television, theatre and radio Wint has unquestionably established himself as a truly diversified performer. Flashbacks reveal how he was the first evil mutant faced by a younger Charles Xavier, who banished his spirit to the astral plane. [26], The Shadow King reappeared in Wakanda, where he killed a Wakandan priest and framed former New X-Men member Gentle. Forge used meditation to enter the astral plane, discovering that Storm was still alive but at the cost of his cybernetic arm. His attack on the X-Men with the Brood was also revealed to be a ruse on Farouk's part. Ainet finds Storm and tells her the truth, but "Ananasi" buries Storm under bones of her dead friends before she can tell Betsy the truth. Lilibet escaped, fleeing to Holyrood House. [10], The team followed Karma to Madripoor, where they were subjected to Karma's mind control (augmented by the Shadow King). At the 9th Annual Academy of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Awards Wint was nominated for 'Outstanding Performance -Voice' for his work in the previously mentioned documentary feature Beasts of the Bible. The Shadow King quickly possessed Rachel Summers and, as Shadowcat escaped, allied herself with Alasdhair Kinross. Mystique revealed herself and shot Jacob Reisz in the head, destroying his brain and killing the Shadow King's human host. Farouk then possessed Pryde and Lilibet. When Amahl Farouk's powers developed he psychically controlled those around him, and merged with the Shadow King. After Xavier stopped her and retrieved his wallet, he was struck by a bolt of psionic energy. Psylocke is intoxicated by the power, but keeps her focus and discovers that the Shadow King has left his nexus, the soul of every person on the Psionic Plane, exposed as his body unravels to reach every mind. However, the Shadow King used Karma's powers against her to possess her. He used children, such as Storm, to pick-pocket people. [3], X-Treme X-Men and X-Men: True Friends reveal the Shadow King to be an entity of the astral plane which has existed since the dawn of humanity, an ethereal demon preferring to enslave the bodies of telepaths and psychics and use their capabilities to enslave others. Maurice Dean Wint was born in Leicestershire, England. He has been nominated a number of times for his work onstage and won a Dora Award for 'Featured Performance' for his role in Michael Healey's Courageous.On camera, Maurice has played leading and guest starring roles in a handful of memorable feature films, television movies and series. He, Creed and Daken showed Evan that his life was a computer-generated illusion and he was a clone of Apocalypse. The character has appeared in various adaptations of X-Men stories, including X-Men: The Animated Series and Wolverine and the X-Men. [18], After the Onslaught incident in which Charles Xavier lost his powers, the Shadow King could return to the physical world since the psionic plane had lost its guardian. [19] With the world's telepaths crippled, the Shadow King ascends to dominance and, one by one, begins to corrupt mankind. His training and exposure to classical and contemporary drama has garnered him a reputation as a thoroughly professional and dynamic stage practitioner. He used her to control the Gladiators, a group of mutants, by using a holographic image of leader Alexander Flynn. He compelled her to go to the Savage Land to find Rogue, but she was defeated on arrival by Magneto. Maurice Dean Wint, Actor: Cube. His credits include regular and recurring roles in numerous television series; Shoot the Messenger, Haven, ReGenesis, PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal, TekWar, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future and Blue Murder , for which he received a Gemini Award Nomination. Shadow King appears in two episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series (1992–97), voiced by Maurice Dean Wint. X erased the memories of all of the X-Men involved in his return save for Psylocke so she could watch over him in case the Shadow King wasn't truly gone from his mind. Farouk transformed into the Shadow King and tried to force Pryde and Kinross to fight, but they were saved by a young Logan. In the series, Cassandra Nova runs a rehabilitation center for former villains, but is secretly possessed by the Shadow King. Part of Carol Danvers separated from Rogue and traveled to Muir Island, where she was forced to fight Legion and Moira MacTaggert, when she emerged from the Siege Perilous in the X-Men's former Australian hideout.

The Brotherhood unsuccessfully planned to compel Evan to put on Apocalypse armor, make the Shadow King control him and destroy Jean Grey's school. Amahl Farouk is allegedly a multiversal manifestation of the dark side of the human consciousnesses, spawned by the first nightmare.

Farouk possessed the house's servants and sent them and Phoenix in pursuit. He began dispersing energy, killing all the Nazi soldiers; von Strucker accused him of treason and tried to shoot him. Characters and creatures portrayed or voiced by Maurice Dean Wint Magik, realizing that Karma was possessed by the Shadow King, released her teammates from Karma's control and Karma from the Shadow King. No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. Logan ambushed Farouk, von Strucker and Geist, but Farouk had Summers and the servants attack him. Her youth gave her less control of her mutant powers, and when he tried to possess her mind she involuntarily hit him with a lightning bolt, but he soon found her with Gambit. Lionheart sealed the Shadow King in the Dark Xavier's body, releasing the Shadow-X from his control and killed Dark Xavier therefore sending the Shadow King back to the Astral plane. This caused a chain reaction that cripples the entire psionic plan itself, damaging the collective subconscious of every being on Earth (the basis of the psi-plane) as well as all psi-sensitive in the corporeal world. However Farouk saw through the ruse; Psylocke sent the X-Men to the physical world and takes the fight directly to the Shadow King, who stretches his powers to the maximum to infect every mind on Earth. The casualties caused by the Shadow King's attack were enough to convince Destiny to accompany Nightcrawler and the X-Men on a mission to Apocalypse's stronghold;[47] Following his defeat on Avalon, the Shadow King was next seen reporting to Apocalypse about Domino's failure to capture Nate Grey[48] and inform Apocalypse about the destruction of the Southwest Kingdom by the Eurasian High Council's radioactive bombs.[49]. His psyche still on the Astral plane, Farouk awaited another chance to fight Xavier (whom he now feared).[7][8]. The Uglions from Outer Space, New Order: Part Two - The Land Shall Burn, New Order: Part One - The Sky Shall Swallow Them, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future: Raid on Volcania, Madiba: The Life and Times of Nelson Mandela, Weird Sex and Snowshoes: A Trek Through the Canadian Cinematic Psyche, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. [31] Psylocke locked the Shadow King in Omega White's body and entrusted it to her brother, Captain Britain. He assumes the guise of crime lord Amahl Farouk and encounters Charles Xavier; they wage a psychic battle on the astral plane which kills Farouk's body, forcing his mind to move there. Mystique defeated Valerie Cooper and impersonated her, appearing on television to report Mystique's death. Its powers when possessing a body are limited to the body's capabilities. When Xavier died, the Shadow King became an agent of Apocalypse and appeared as a cloudy face in a bottle in his sanctum. Storm defeated the Black Panther and flew with Gentle to San Francisco, taking down Gentle and the rest of the active X-Men (controlled by the Shadow King). Psylocke leaves the Psionic Plane for the last time and reveals what happened to Storm.

Sitting at separate tables, they conversed telepathically. Farouk recovered and tried to retake his prisoners, but Phoenix fought on the astral plane. The Shadow King sent his slaves to defend the island, and they defeated the invaders. [23], Due to the events of House of M, the Shadow King was released from his prison and was able to escape to an alternate reality, Earth-6141.