Some batches of potatoes need a little more attention due to natural moisture levels, age, etc… It’s best to use your nose to guide you when making these.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Thanks for sharing!

I’m trying to find the melting sweet potato recipe and you keep sending me to blog entries that don’t include any recipes.


Melt the butter and microwave another 30 seconds with the garlic and herb.

Choose a rimmed baking sheet that has enough surface areas so the potatoes don’t overlap but is small enough so the butter and stock can cover the potatoes evenly. I’m glad you loved them and I’m glad you knew to tinker with temps and timing when you had to cut it differently! They just jump off the page (or I wish they would). This option would be more for people who are not watching their sugar and carb intake.

We love them!!! I’m so glad you love these, Kathy!

That just made my day, Barbara. These 1-inch thick, mahogany slabs become so tender on the inside that they yield completely to the edge of a spoon.

They are topped with parmesan cheese and make a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table. I’m going to have to change that now Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe! This is because you don't want some potato rounds to be smaller and the rest bigger, causing an imbalance of cooking. Have you checked whether your oven temp is accurate? I’m so glad you love them, Graciela!

I love making these Smashed Sweet Potatoes because it's a great way to have baked sweet potatoes without having to wait the whole potatoes to bake for an hour.

I’m so glad you loved them!

Smashed Sweet Potatoes With Herbs and Garlic.

Has anyone tried them without the garlic as I have become allergic to it.

Hi Roya- I would try to find some sort of broth be it chicken, beef, or some such.

They’re one of my favourite side dishes for just about any meal, too!

I am so addicted to sweet potatoes cooked this way!

Not super easy, but simple.

. They are topped with parmesan cheese and make a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table. I found that they wanted to burn instead of caramelize, so I lowered the heat to 400 and that worked better.

The trendy haircuts you’ll be seeing everywhere next year. Use a spatula to transfer the Melting Sweet Potatoes to a serving plate and drizzle the sauce from the pan over them. While I’m certain that grilled sweet potatoes would be delicious, this particular recipe is designed to be done in an oven… If you have super control over your grill temp, I’d imagine you could slide the pan into the covered grill with a similar effect, but I have to caution you that I haven’t tested it.

I don’t cook at high altitude, so the hints on that for other high altitude cooks are super helpful.

I have to tell you that my best-loved way to eat these is in abundance by themselves. If you prefer to not add garlic and herbs to this recipe, you can always enjoy it plain or with added butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Thanks again. I am sorry it didn’t work out for you. Enjoy!

This is so important in most cooking; learning to use your eyes and nose and instinct vs. time tables. Another thing you may want to look at is whether you’re using a convection oven when this recipe is written for a standard, conventional oven. Please. In a shallow bowl, add in the potatoes and butter mixture (save few table spoons for later). Maybe a lower temperature?

They are crispy on the outside, yet super soft and buttery on the inside. They are both so delicious you can't possibly go wrong either way. To die for….love these, and I don’t even like sweet potatoes! This side dish has a prep time of just 10 minutes, and a total time of 45 minutes, which means you should put this delicious recipe in your weeknight rotation.

You are my hero. Thanks for the recipe! I’m so glad you and your hubby both love it! As for the recipe being ludicrous, it is ludicrously good when made correctly.

Can’t wait to try these, we all love sweet potatoes! I would like the chipotle sweet potato recipe! Be aware there may be some slight smoking from the oven as these roast. There aren’t enough superlatives in our language to describe just how comforting these meltingly tender, deeply caramelized, flavour packed sweet potatoes are. I did end up turning the oven down to 400 after the first 15 minutes because my potatoes were pretty small and I had to slice them a different way so they ended up NOT being an inch thick.

SO DELISH! I have another recipe for sweet potatoes called ‘Chipotle Sweet Potatoes.’ I appreciate your recipe to add to my few recipes for sweet potatoes that are not loaded with sugar and other sweet things.

Will try with avocado or grapeseed oil.

I have a double oven (smaller one on top, larger one on the bottom) now whereas I had one large oven before. When shopping for the sweet potatoes, I usually grab the ones that have the same thickness almost all the way thought. hanks, I’ll have to try that when I can get to my grill through the snow . I’d love to make these for Christmas, but we’re traveling. Fantastic! Anything else puts them into the dessert category for me. Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Herbs and Garlic are so delicious! I want to make these but I only have a toaster oven. It just seems like you can’t have T-Day without sweet potatoes can […], […] you don’t have a pressure cooker these melting sweet potatoes are a great side dish option for the […], […] Chipotle Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes  Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges  Tender Melting Sweet Potatoes  Find all of our side dish recipes HERE! I’m a big fan of sweet potatoes too but have never cooked them this way.

These potatoes are so yummy! The way it is written, you might as well just not even get started because you will have to throw away EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.

Wow I love these Rebecca! The potatoes shown in the photo on this blog post were cooked using this method in my own home oven which is calibrated.

Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Easy and will definitely make again! All Rights Reserved. to 450. Do you have any suggestions to make these without setting off the smoke alarms each time?


Burned! I’m so glad you liked them! (It does smoke, but not bad. If you want to, you can absolutely sub in avocado or grapeseed oil, but pure olive oil (vs. extra virgin) should not be an issue.

The smoke point for EVOO is between 350 and 400, so I used half melted butter and half peanut oil. I was a little surprised that a couple of my kids who really won’t touch a sweet potato unless it comes in chip or fry form enjoyed this, too.

DO use a half sheet pan for this recipe. , It’s right here on the post, Julie. loved this so much!

Wow, these are so good! You’re giving the author a piece of your mind right now, Jen. Return to oven, and bake until potatoes are very brown, about 10 minutes. I don’t recommend pressing garlic in a garlic press for this recipe because it is prone to scorching at those high temperatures. Arrange on a half sheet pan with space between the slices to allow for air to circulate.

this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Thank you, Kathy! Remove and mash each potato slice with a glass cup.

I’m so, so glad, Lynne! It’ll still be tasty sans garlic, if you are allergic.

Just want to say I am using this recipe for thanksgiving dinner.

This is food heaven for me as well!

The recipe is here on the post in a printable form. And while many sweet potatoes are roasted at 375 for 45 minutes, that is for a completely different result, and while it yields a tasty result, it is nothing like what you’re looking for with melting sweet potatoes. I do recommend at least spraying them with some oil spray, whether it's olive oil, vegetable or avocado oil spray. I don’t even know what to do with my love for this recipe.

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I made no changes. Don’t crowd the potatoes when baking this recipe. We just finished our Christmas dinner and I made these along with our turkey and all the fixin’s and these Melting Sweet Potatoes were most definitely the highlight of the dinner!

I’m serious folks.

But that doesn't mean you cant have them all year round! It’s already like vegetable candy to me! Welcome to my blog!

All my hard work for NOTHING!

Pumpkin Spice Pancakes with Chocolate Chips.

Flip the sweet potato slices once again and scatter the chopped or sliced garlic over the sweet potato slices and then pour the vegetable broth over the works.

I like to turn the oven to broil for the last 5 minutes to get the tops extra crispy. Hi Jason- It sounds like you’re in the sweet potatoes should be sweet camp I’m definitely more in the serve sweet potatoes as a savoury dish camp, obviously. Is it a safe assumption that this was a cookie sheet with low rims and not a half sheet pan?