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Realizing that she was going to die, he decided to save the unborn child.

He was also known as Simhasena.

[20], According to the Mahavamsa, Bindusara reigned for 28 years, while according to the Puranas, he ruled for 25 years. As an emperor, Bindusara was known for having good diplomatic relations with the Greeks.

[36] The Pamsupradanavadana (part of Divyavadana) names this man as Pingalavatsa. She in fact, was a daughter of a merchant of Vidisha. Ancient and medieval sources have not documented Bindusara's life in detail. Any Given Sunday Speech Analysis, Navigating Indian History through its Architecture, © 2010-2020,

The metrical version of Ashokavadana contains a similar genealogy with some variations.

[17][3], The Rajavali-Katha states that Bindusara retired after handing over the throne to Ashoka. [9][24], Ashokavadana suggests that Bindusara had 500 royal councillors. Soldiers and weapons to Ashoka were then provided by the gods and upon reaching Taxila, he was approached by the inhabitants who told him that they were not against the king but his cruel minister. A platform where you express and we publish. The Greek writers Strabo and Athenaeus called them Allitrochades and Amitrochates respectively.

Subandhu, while pretending to appease Chanakya, burned him to death.

Bindusara (r. c. 297 – c. 273 BCE), also Amitraghāta (Sanskrit for "Slayer of enemies")[1][2] or Amitrochates (Greek: Ἀμιτροχάτης)[2] was the second Mauryan emperor of India.

Shortly before Bindusara's death, there was a second revolt in Takshashila.

Starter For Ten Ks2, When Chanakya refused to oblige, the Emperor ordered Subandhu to pacify him.

In addition, Bindusara was given the title Devanampriya ("The Beloved of the Gods"), which was also applied to his successor Ashoka. Who handled Mauryan rule for 5 years during this period is also a mystery. He, however, told Queen Subhadrangi of Ashoka's future greatness. Helena had a son from Chandragupta according to Megasthanes but nothing is mention in details about him. Hegesander tells that Amritochates (Bindusara) requested Antiochos to send him … [31][32] According to Sailendra Nath Sen, this appears to have happened during Bindusara's reign. Great Boston Fire Of 1872, Various Puranas and the ‘Mahavamsa’ affirm that Bindusara was born to the founder of the Mauryan Empire, Chandragupta Maurya. [10], The Mahabhashya names Chandragupta's successor as Amitra-ghata (Sanskrit for "slayer of enemies"). However, they are silent on Bindusara's faith, and there is no evidence to show that Bindusara was a Jain. Both accounts suggest that Chandragupta’s minister Chanakya used to add small doses of poison to the emperor’s food to build his immunity against possible poisoning efforts.

How many wives did Chandragupta Maurya have?

All Is Calm, All Is Bright Lyrics, Your email address will not be published. Coin Locker Girl Ending, He was the son of Chandragupta Maurya, the Founder of Mauryan Empire and the father of Ashoka, the great. [4] While these legends can be used to make several inferences about Bindusara's reign, they are not entirely reliable because of the close association between Ashoka and Buddhism. Note: Bindusara in total had 16 wives and 8 sons as per the Tibetian writer Tarantha [14][15] Other Puranas give different names for Chandragupta's successor; these appear to be clerical errors.

[37] The Vamsatthappakasini (the Mahavamsa commentary) names this man as Janasana, based on a commentary on Majjhima Nikaya. These appear to be clerical errors.

So he would add a pinch of poison in his food everyday without Chandraguptas knowledge.

And that came true also because Vishkanya’s were sent to kill Chandra gupta Maurya.

Therefore, Chanakya named him Bindusara, meaning "the strength of the drop".

This was done by Chanakya as a precautionary measure to save Chandragupt because back then Chandragupt had lot of enemies and attempts were made to kill him by poison.

0. The eldest of these was Sumana, and the youngest was Tishya (or Tissa). Because he was the son of a great father and father of a great son. He asked his ministers to appoint Sushima as the emperor, and Ashoka as the governor of Takshashila. Ashoka gave medicine to this rebellion and Bindusara, like his father, divided the empire into the provinces. She is brave, she is determined and she is the one who can go to any length to protect her family, friends and motherland. Bindusara was born to Chandragupta, the founder of the Mauryan Empire. Dhuradhara ate the meals from his plate too and immediately fell very sick.

[9], The prose version of Ashokavadana names three sons of Bindusara: Sushima, Ashoka and Vigatashoka. One day Chandragupta had meals with his wife Dhuradhara. Father— Bindusara, son of Chandragupta Maurya. His third wife, Kshema, was a daughter of the chief of the Madra clan of Punjab.

When Did The Summer Of Love End, [12], According to the prose version of Ashokavadana, Bindusara's favourite son Sushima once playfully threw his gauntlet at the prime minister, Khallataka.

Top Television Celebrities; Top Bollywood Celebrities; Videos. He had been born as a python during the period of Kassapa Buddha, and had become very wise after listening to the discussions of the bhikkhus.

Wildcats Movie Song, Mother: Dhuradhara. Bindusara did not like Ashoka because his "limbs were hard to the touch". It is said in the Mahavasa that Bindusara had 101 sons from 14 women.

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The Three Stooges 2012 Full Movie, Ashoka then sent a carriage to bring back Janasana, who was residing at an unnamed place far from the capital, Pataliputra. According to ‘Ashokavadna’, there were 500 royal councilors in Bindusara’s administration.

When the Emperor was on his deathbed, the ministers suggested appointing Ashoka as the temporary emperor, and re-appointing Sushima as the emperor after his return from Takshashila.

There, he killed his 99 brothers (leaving only Tishya), and became the new emperor.

According to historical papers, Bindusara’s death is said to be 273 BC. It names two officials – Khallataka and Radhagupta – who helped his son Ashoka became the emperor after his death. While, in the TV serial we can see only 4 wives, it is said that Bindusara had 16 wives.

Chanakya arrived just as the queen ate the poisoned morsel. It is a place for the common men to articulate their views and opinions on any topic. The Dipavamsa, on the other hand, names Bindusara as the son of the king Shushunaga. [25][20][26] Deimachos seems to have written a treatise entitled "On Piety" (Peri Eusebeias). [6] Alain Daniélou believes that he died around 274 BCE. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. He asked his ministers to appoint Sushima as the emperor, and Ashoka as the governor of Takshashila. Miss Newshand

Also, Bindusara was given the title Devanampriya (“Beloved of the Gods”), which was also applied to his successor Ashoka. In the serial Chandra Nandini, the young Dharma is shown as the exact replica of Nandini.

Like Dipavamsa, it omits Chandragupta's name altogether. Daniélou, however, believes that Bindusara brought the southern territories of the Cheras, the Cholas and the Satyaputras under nominal Mauryan control, although he could not overcome their armies. According to Vamsatthappakasini (Mahavamsa Tika), Ashoka’s mother’s name was Dhamma. This is how Ashoka became the next heir though he was not the original choice of Samrat Bindusar. Wangs Kitchen Near Me,

[19] The Mahavamsa states that Bindusara had 101 sons from 16 women. Wild Ginger, On the way back to Pataliputra, he was converted to Buddhism by one Assagutta. Chanakya used to mix small amounts of poison in the food … He was named Bindusara, as his body was seen with goat blood drops (“Bindu”).

Pingalavatsa recognized Ashoka as the most suitable prince, but did not give a definitive answer to the Emperor, since Ashoka was not Bindusara's favourite son. Smh Meaning Medical, All rights reserved.

Therefore, Chanakya named him Bindusara, meaning "the strength of the drop". Chandragupta Maurya’s wife Durdhara was also the mother of his only son Bindusar who became his heir and the second Samrat of Mauryan Empire. Gwen Araujo Funeral,

Pingalavatsa returned to the court after Bindusara's death.

Arielle Pokémon, Sushima. Assistant Director Theatre Salary, Luke Bryan's Boat Panama City, Like Deepavamsa, it omits Chandragupta’s name altogether.

The metrical version of Ashokavadana contains a similar genealogy w…. [23] However, the Parishishta-Parvan states that Chanakya continued to be Bindusara's prime minister. Chankya always felt that Chandra guptas life would be attempted by his enemies. The Dipavamsa, on the other hand, names Bindusara as the son of the king Shushunaga. [20], The Buddhist texts Samantapasadika and Mahavamsa suggest that Bindusara followed Brahmanism, calling him a "Brahmana bhatto" ("votary of the Brahmanas"). Poppy Colour, Bindusara is also mentioned in the lineage of Mauryan rulers in Hindu Puranas. The name of Chandragupta’s successor in the Mahabhashya is Amitra-Ghata (Sanskrit “slaughter of enemies”). While, this portrayal is worth praising, here we share some of the interesting facts about Dharma. According to Parvishya-Parvan of the 12th-century Jain writer Hemachandra, Bindusara’s mother’s name was Durdhara. Iu All About You,

Happy Customer Feedback Reply, The name “Bindusara”, with slight variations, is attested by Buddhist texts such as Deepavamsa and Mahavamsa (“Bindusaro”), Jain texts such as Parshishta-Parvan as well as Hindu texts such as the Vishnu Purana (“Vindusara”).

[2] The Jain work Rajavali-Katha states that his birth name was Simhasena. The prose version of Ashokavadana states that Bindusara was the son of Nanda and a 10th-generation descendant of Bimbisara. Jullian Roy Doster Age, Bindusara was the son of the first Mauryan emperor and founder of Mauryan empire and his first wife Dhuradhara.

Mahavamsa tells that Bindusara had hundered and one sons however only name of three are mentioned, Sumana, Ashoka and Tishya.

Bindusara had many wives.

Therefore, Chanakya named him Bindusara, which means “force of the drop”.

By this time, a drop ("bindu") of poison had already reached the baby and touched its head.

Bindusara (r. c. 297 – c. 273 BCE), also Amitraghāta (Sanskrit for "Slayer of enemies")[1][2] or Amitrochates (Greek: Ἀμιτροχάτης)[2] was the second Mauryan emperor of India.