Job seekers will have reduced requirements for the period of their TRWC. The town i live in is a holiday place no publuc transport,no licence or car. It is beyond shameful and their CEO makes a lot of money.

This recognises the different family and personal situations that job seekers face and that may prevent them from participating in Job Search, paid work, Work for the Dole, vocational training or other activities. Pregnant job seekers who are three months from their expected due date must not be required to look for work. Hey peeps! When a principal carer is meeting their mutual obligation requirements by working (including instances when working is one of a combination of activities) and the person’s employer initiates a shutdown period over the long school holiday Christmas break, the principal carer is considered to be meeting their requirements as long as they reasonably expect to resume their employment when their employer resumes in the New Year. I am running out of options, The job service providers in Carnarvon are on a whole nrw level. Mutual obligation requirements exemption in special family circumstances - overview (PP) (deleted see - Mutual obligation requirements exemption in special family circumstances - automatic (PP

Is there a current government policy/guideline of exemptions to WFtD for those on reduced payments under the income test? Providers must consider the number of hours specified below when determining a job seeker’s Annual Activity Requirement. I hope you are still OK. Reach out to the AUWU again by phone. And I want to be rebilated. They call 3-4 times a day I have them booking me in for two appointments in one day once a week. What is the minimum and maximum number of appointments an employment services provider can book with me as a PCP aged 30-49? I was in their office working on my job applications and directly witnessed how they operate behind the scenes to get job seekers in, to make their budget targets. They think if they change the name to Real Futures that the outcome will be different for job seekers. since then MS has undergone a restructor and i was led to belive things will be better.i was promised a police chec on completion of the course.on the day i sighnd new contract i was not feeling well and next day i ended up in hospital for blood trans fusion.i do knot know what was on the contracte but don,t think it should be valid as i was not in my right frame of mind.when i next went there 3 days after returning home from hospital .i was informed i now have to look for 8 jobs a month, as i donot think i am ready for work i will have to lie.i have not been able to sleep well since then as i have morales that forbid me to lie.,i allso have been smocking to much and drinking to much,i fear the system is killing me.i am reluctent to change network as in past i have had trobel with other jobnetworks.

This is wrong.

So pretty much if I don’t accept the job service providers harassing me at my own home I don’t have a payment . I told them that i need to travel to Sydney which is 9 hrs hour away from where i live in Grafton area.

is that are there to tick boxes only, not to care about the human race. Agent Not Providing Service? I agree all of you.

That is exactly how they’re incentive work Hence the reason for their deceit , lack of respect and it’s disgusting. Furthermore, if you are considered to have a Partial Work Capacity, here is some more useful information: People assessed as having a partial capacity to work who are not able to participate because their carer is temporarily or permanently unable to care for them due to unforeseen circumstances may be granted a temporary exemption from mutual obligation requirements under the major personal crisis exemption (