Like we said before, though, we got out hands on a psychical copy and these are the 10 new IKEA finds we’re most excited about.

That’s right: IKEA’s iconic catalog has been around for 70 years (!!!) Vote for your pick in the comments below! Celebrating its 70th birthday, the catalog’s main focus is to enhance lives at home—especially homes that are short on space and/or working with a tight budget—through new products that are both aesthetically pleasing and problem solvers.

For a first glimpse at the 2021 IKEA catalog, see below for our favorite products pulled straight from the … The ALPKLÖVER and IDALINNEA covers may be different, but as the handbook mentions, patterns can mix when they share a consistent color scheme. It executes this mission through pages filled with solutions to real-life challenges at home this year, like needing to bake a work station into an already tiny space, or creating a storage solution that prevents “clothes haystacks” in the bedroom.

Whether or not you’re headed back to an office anytime soon, this lunch box will still come in handy for meal prep or just pretending like lunches are normal while you work from your couch. Is it just us or does this 10-inch lamp look like something you’d find at Restoration Hardware for at least 10 times the price? Complimentary copy. With the LIXHULT, you’ve got a place for the things you want to hide and the things you want to display. With new pendant lights, dinnerware, cookware, storage containers, and more, IKEA also appears very ready to help us as we continue to spend more time at home. Plus, it’s downright gorgeous. And recently, I’ve been primarily getting my fix through the highly anticipated 2021 IKEA catalog, which I’m above and beyond ecstatic to share is finally here. Buy: RAGGISAR Basket (Set of 3), $6.99, A cozy setting isn’t complete without something warm to wrap yourself in—enter, the STRANDMOLKE comforter. Which of these are you most excited about? having a good look through and picking out some amazing ideas that you can copy in you live in a rented home.

Can IKEA compete with the likes of Lodge and Le Creuset?

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Packed with budget-friendly solutions, fresh looks, and new exciting products, every page includes inspiration to make homes cozier, smarter, more sustainable and more beautiful. “The new plant ball, a plant-based meat substitute is made with yellow pea protein, oats, potatoes, onion, and apple — but looks and tastes like meat,” says an official IKEA statement. Lisa Freedman is the Lifestyle Director at The Kitchn. Catalogue Corrections 1Page 192, BESTÅ TV storage combination TV (number 5) width is 240cm and not 300cm That’s right: IKEA’s iconic catalog has been around for 70 years (!!!)

This year IKEA’s focus is on little items that accentuate your home and add subtle and elegant touches. These RINNING towels are somehow even less expensive (less than 75 cents each!)

“With a climate footprint of only 4% of the classic IKEA meatball, the plant ball contributes to the IKEA ambition to become climate positive by 2030.” You’ll be able to buy a bag of frozen plant balls to bring home or you can order some in-store with mashed potatoes, lingonberries, vegetables and cream sauce ($5.99 for an adult plate, $2.99 for a kid’s plate, and $1.25 for a side). The set comes with four buns, one bread brush, and one baking tray — and all the pieces are machine-washable.

At less than $2 per container, it’s hard to beat the price, too. A graduate from Fairfield University, Nicoletta majored in English and minored in Art History and Anthropology, and she not-so-secretly dreams of exploring her family lineage in Greece one day. Whether you just need a pan for frying veggie balls, another BILLY bookcase, or bins for setting up your waste-sorting solution, we’ve got you covered. That is why I wanted to share my 10 best new arrivals from the 2021 IKEA catalogue with you.

For a first glimpse at the 2021 IKEA catalog, see below for our favorite products pulled straight from the digital pages. The press release describes this stand as “a sculptural coat tree that looks great while holding plenty.”Buy: EKRAR Hat and Coat Stand, $19.99, Senior Associate Editor, News and Culture.

So as soon as the 2021 addition was realized, we spent a good few hours (for research obviously!) “My idea with VARDAGEN was to make a classic cast iron pot that people can use year after year, and even pass on to the next generation,” says the designer, adding that he was inspired by designs from the 1950s to give the pieces the perfect retro style. These plant-based “meatballs” officially hit stores on September 28 and we can’t wait to try them. Got a tip, kitchen tour, or other story our readers should see? She has never met a cheese or a washi tape she didn't like. The pieces are dishwasher-, freezer-, and microwave-safe, and the bottoms can go in the oven. The handbook for a better everyday life at home 99 2021 4 $ © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2020. and the 2021 issue has just been officially released — digitally. So we’re extra excited about this new glass container set. There’s no drilling required — it just gets setup between your upper cabinets and your countertop — so it’s great for renters looking for more storage. Happy Tuesday!

Got a tip, kitchen tour, or other story our readers should see. IKEA Canada 2021 Catalogue is available now! How cute is this play food?

The inserts are removable and the whole thing is dishwasher-, freezer-, and microwave-safe. To access the digital catalog, sign up to be an IKEA Family Member (it’s free), or wait until it goes public on IKEA’s website on Oct. 26.

Ikea's 2021 catalogue will be a handbook for a 'Better Everyday Life at Home' to mark its 70th anniversary and ever-changing lives in the wake of the pandemic. If you’re only going to spend a single dollar at IKEA (unlikely, we know), we’ve always said that it should be on a 79-cent TEKLA Dish Towel.

IKEA just gets kitchen linens and manages to keep the prices way down. Buy: LIXHULT Cabinets, $15, Who doesn’t love a good pattern mix? The new IKEA catalogue 2021 is already available online at and in print at the IKEA Nicosia store and the IKEA Limassol Planning Studio. GLADELIG features a whole new line of bowls, plates, and mugs. I personally love the pop of red-orange, but this cart also comes in black and white.Buy: NISSAFORS Utility Cart, $27.99, Made entirely of bamboo, this light fixture is sustainable, organic-feeling, and lightens up a room. C’mon, 2021! This organizer is so darn smart. Apartment Therapy is full of ideas for creating a warm, beautiful, healthy home.

The catalog’s purpose is to “make homes around the world cozier, smarter, more sustainable and more beautiful for the wonderful people who live in them,” according to a press release. It’s a handbook for a better everyday life at home!