India Today is reporting that 62.5 percent of votes have been counted so far. Janata Dal (United) candidate Chandrika Rai loses to RJD's Chhote Lal Ray in Parsa. ", Pranoy Roy on NDTV says a local TV channel in Bihar is projecting 117 and 118 seats for MGB and NDA, while all national channels are showing NDA in lead. Seconds later, the count went down to 100 and Anjana remarked that it's going to go up and down quickly, obviously., Analysing the break-up of votes in Mithila, Times Now's Padmaja Joshi says, "This is an area where this is a caste stronghold of the BJP. The NDA has won 125 seats, which is slightly more than the requisite 122. Anchor says, "Nobody is calling the election but looking at the leads, it doesn't seem to be the Mahagathbandhan wave as predicted earlier.". Thanks for staying with us, and good night and good luck! © B.A.G Convergence Pvt. Here's a quick look at the latest figures on the Election Commission website. Vrushika Mehta tells how to shoot dance videos for online platforms | SBS Originals. Bihar, Jharkhand Live news - Watch Live news on Zee Bihar, Jharkhand TV absolutely free.

The fact is that vote has been cast for Nitish's face in Bihar. The last phase of polling in 78 assembly constituencies in the closely- contested Bihar assembly election 2020 will conclude at 6 PM on Saturday (November 7, 2020). A Time Warner Company. "And RJD is leading in a disproportionate amount of those. Pradeep Bhandari says, "These results are for less than 30 percent vote that has been counted so we don't know anything concrete yet. This time, you are contesting for 70 and winning only 18.".

", Tiwari duly obliges. Congress spokesperson on News18 says all predictions should wait till rural votes are counted, adding: "Laal, nile, kai rangon ke alam ayenge, aakhir mai yahi hoga ki hum ayenge. Times Now LIVE TV: Watch latest News video coverage streaming live 24*7 on Times Now (English News Channel). ", Asked if the mood at the BJP headquarters has changed, Sanket Upadhyay of NDTV laughs and says, “Yes, any election that they are winning or losing, this is a party that always tried to project that they are winning...that level of confidence has always existed in this new BJP...In the morning they said let’s wait for the trends and the moment the numbers flipped suddenly the very same BJP spokesperson said, 'See we told you.' Justify 55!". News18 Bihar is projecting that the NDA has fallen short of majority and stands at 119 now. Also considering the fact that the elections are happening in the corona phase. Why Mahagathbandhan-NDA Are Neck And Neck In Bihar? Marathi News Live TV Channel: Marathi Live TV News, Bengali News Live TV : Bengali News Channel Live, Cookies help us deliver our services. She says, "The ball is in Nitish Kumar's court. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, Bihar News Live TV : Bihar News Channel Live. Counting of votes begins for 243-member Bihar Assembly & by-polls to 58 Assembly seats across 11 states, On Times Now, Sumanth Raman tells Rahul Shivshankar he thinks this election may come down to an "implosion of the JDU, and the BJP holding on to some extent, but that might not be enough for the NDA. he says after sitting down. We brought in the factor on the Garib Kalyan Yojna and the money into the bank accounts of each of these beneficiaries. | Akshay Kumar | Kiara Advani | ABP Uncut, Rohit Sharma Fit To Play IPL Finals, Will Rest In Australia ODI And T20 | IPL 2020. ", Rahul Shivshankar on Times Now: "Khan market gang's narrative has been exposed, stop ridiculing national channels.