“So I was thinking for a long time that I need to make a game which is more simple, solid, deep and purely fun without any of the extra fancy stuff, to make sure I am (still) a good designer or not (laughs). a lot of games won't be compatible with a Bluetooth Android controller. Best of all, is the crank. Drag and drop .nes or .gb right in, and they'd play.

Teenage Engineering has a great track record for making clever, well made hardware.It won't be a piece of throw-away junk. The 3DS main screen is 800x240, and in color. Pocket-sized, it has a monochrome screen, a crystal-clear image, no backlight and is supported by Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth and a headphone jack. But this one is from a long-time game developer known for creating high quality games.

We're comparing to a platform which will probably only get twelve official releases EVER and this is your response? A scrolling wheel would be a great thing to have, but a crank? It was phoning home to China so frequently that I shut it down and put it back in its box -- forever. ... for $1.49. The engineering is trivial, it's just gluing stuff together. It also helped that the things were damn near indestructible. Because why the fuck not. Announced last May, the Portland-based software and video game company Panic are on the cusp of releasing what they call a “revolutionary” handheld, which has lost none of its wow factor in the intervening months. Probably 128MB storage, but those old ROMs are tiny. Seems like a fun little device. Sure, they could lie to you about whether it's on or off, but you could be lied to about whether a SOC has a radio in it, to. It looks like they will have limited supply so this is intended more for the collector that has everything, I guess. So in a way I hope Playdate 2 won’t have a crank and finally I will be able to make sure I am a good designer,” says the famously inscrutable Japanese creative. The Playdate from Panic is one of those things, and it has set fire to the imaginations of the Mobile Nations crew.

If its cellular capable it still has a blackbox baseband and of course even with a custom OS we still cant fully trust systems. This is ludricrous. There are several tools for converting joystick input into touches and swipes. Had one at the time, obvious miniature-Game Gear form-factor. It's also in mono. It's also good for other things. Playdate, the tiny yellow handheld game console from software developer and indie game publisher Panic, is still in the works without a firm release date. It sounds like this started as a fun internal project and someone said "hey I know a guy with money to burn that would want one" and they realized there are probably a few hundred people out there with "money to burn" that "want one" so they are making it available. Comments owned by the poster. That's because the unique draw of Playdate stretches far beyond the charming, sumptuous device and impossible to ignore crank. Nope. Listen - if you want to release a PC/phone version of those games in a bundle for say, $12 - I'll support you on that. I bought one of those cheap Android tablets.. once.

Sure, they could just publish another bunch ofiPhone games, big deal. Importantly, Playdate is built on an open software platform. Do I think you could get $150 of enjoyment out of it? Well, speak for yourself, mine does (badum ching!). That approach bleeds into every component of the machine. If I had money to throw around like candy, which I don't, I might even pay $14.90 for it just for the "cool" factor.

And these guys tried to take it. This week, Panic unveiled Playdate. Bath There may be more comments in this discussion. But I think you'd get more out of spending it elsewhere, even if you're into retrogames. And you can't trust the device no matter how much you spend on it, because the high-end and supposedly scrupulous devices have the same problems.