Parle Moi de Parfum Get up early on a morning of June.

+33 (0)9 86 47 07 99 Parle Moi de Parfum • Security provided by the SSL protection and encryption system Insistante et troublante, la senteur des fleurs gagne tout le parc, enveloppe les passants et leur insuffle l’énergie fraîche et forte de la renaissance de la nature. document.getElementById("eeb-588765-137259").innerHTML = eval(decodeURIComponent("%27%63%6f%6e%74%61%63%74%40%70%61%72%6c%65%6d%6f%69%64%65%70%61%72%66%75%6d%2e%63%6f%6d%27"))*protected email* However, Parle Moi de Parfum is a really eclectic showcase of his talent. Alcohol Denat. Plutôt de l'avenir. • For orders above 190€ worldwide, • For orders above 20€ in France I’m not sure why because it leant quite feminine but maybe I was looking for something new and hadn’t previously had any experience of the house but I was attracted to the mango note. Contact Lunch with friends, followed by a walk in the woods, a cup of tea by the fireplace, and a chance to catch up with old acquaintances - the warm, cosy moments life is made of. Standard UK Delivery - £3.95/Free on orders above £75 - Orders will be delivered within 3 to 5 working days.Royal Mail Tracked 24 – £5.50Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed 1pm - £7.00. Our discovery set allows you to select six fragrances of your choice, in 2ml glass bottles fitted with a spray and, like all our products, made and packaged in France. A rainy mist colors the grey cobblestones of the streets of Soho and I soak up this damp and surprisingly calm atmosphere. I was really excited when the SA told me that it was mango and carnation but although clearly floral I didn't get a typical carnation experience from Chypre mojo. UN ETE A GRASSE / 53, FREE DELIVERY STANDARDFREE DELIVERY STANDARD A reminder of a major success that our perfumer released in 2003, Papyrus Oud / 71 is the future of this accord, the modernized past, the student surpassing the master, an inimitable neo-retro by none other than Michel Almairac. Trust us on this one: spritz on and watch them fall at your feet. event : evt, • Chaque colis est expédié avec une assurance en cas de perte et de vol, • Paiement par carte bancaire ou par PayPal

100 years later Chypre Mojo is the embodiment of sex appeal and sophisticated allure. France • 3 échantillons gratuits pour une commande d’une bouteille 100ml, • 2 échantillons gratuits pour une commande d’une bouteille 50ml • 2 échantillons gratuits pour une commande d’une bouteille 50ml It's very rich and blossoms in cooler weather.I first tried it on a warm day and dod not like how cloying and syrupy it was. Pick a few Jasmine buds, let them blossom before extracting their Absolute; Admire the Tuberose fields during the summer, and wait for this exceptional flower to bloom fully at the beginning of autumn; You are almost done! Home > ... Chypre Mojo is the embodiment of sex appeal, triggering an instant addiction to its bergamot, carnation, mango and patchouli accord. Masses and armfuls of roses, a crazy shower of petals to celebrate the rose in a joyful olfactory fiesta. It's then ground up and transformed into iris butter, probably the most expensive butter you'll ever encounter! • For orders above 20€ in France Le Marais A novel creation starring orange blossom. Flavia is a dark and sugary vanilla.

Souvenir d'un succès incontournable de notre parfumeur lancé en 2003, Papyrus Oud / 71 est le futur de cet accord, le passé modernisé, l'élève dépassant le maître, du néo-rétro inimitable par nul autre que Michel Almairac. The hustle and bustle of the horns has subsided. Milky Musk becomes your olfactory shadow, flowing and elusive, evolving throughout the day. Trois ans en terre, trois ans à sécher, puis broyées et distillées pour au final obtenir non pas une essence, mais du beurre d'Iris. Despite the absence of oakmoss, Chypre Mojo rolls in with all the presence of a proper “old skool” perfume. Leave this field empty if you're human: Le Marais She strides long-legged through the city streets, leaving behind her a sugary trail. S'il ne devait y en avoir qu'une, cette note serait la signature. Parc Monceau, Paris, on a spring morning. very nice, reasonable prices, long lasting which was 8 hrs on my skin. Her irresistibly sweet and reassuring smell makes her close, almost familiar.

+33 (0)9 86 47 07 99 The comforting scents of childhood, immediately identifiable fragrances that take you by the hand and plunge you into your earliest memories… Carefree days, undiluted joy, immediate and absolute trust. London on December 19th, Big Ben rings 9 o'clock.

Roses in hair, roses inhaled, roses distilled by the magic of the still, extracting just a few grams from a ton of petals. The spirit of the rose is captured in those precious drops. Des masses, des brassées, une profusion folle de pétales célèbre la rose dans une joyeuse fête olfactive. Parle Moi de Parfum 22 Rue du Four 75006 Paris France Localiser. THIS however is just perfect. Accord : Orange Blossom / Liquorice / Caramel, ©2019 Parle Moi de Parfum - Free delivery from 190€ of purchase. A return to the hallmarks of classic perfumery, a tribute to one of its rarest natural ingredients: iris. The patchouli hits first, and is almost medicinal, but within minutes, the mango takes over and the herbal patchouli perfectly contrasts the syrupy sweetness.

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Elle a une dégaine sublime, il a une allure d’ange. Купить шипрово цветочный аромат Parle Moi de Parfum Chypre Mojo - парфюм 2018 года для мужчин и женщин от Parle Moi de Parfum. (function() { London on December 19th, Big Ben rings 9 o'clock. L’esprit de la rose tient là, dans ces quelques gouttes, auxquelles une larme de patchouli redonne son caractère sauvage et élégant. Faites-nous confiance, sortez parfumé et laissez les autres venir à vous. safe blind buy. Le Marais When you spend your life imagining and composing for others, you sooner or later want to create by your own dreams and share them. 75006 Paris 75004 Paris Chypre as a concept saw the day in 1917 and our Chypre Mojo was born in 2017. We all have a memory in Provence, child or adult, this region is synonymous with lightness, letting go and holidays. Supple and unctuous, musk and sandalwood hug the skin, becoming one with it. Definitely in the same family as flowerbomb, less sweet. “The brand name is a clear declaration of intent: to talk about perfume and nothing else.

Elle arpente les rues de la ville à longues enjambées, laissant derrière elle un sillage sucré. Bergamot, carnation, mango and patchouli accords combine in a paean to sensuality and seductive allure. ); Ingredients: Tuberose, Jasmine, Sandalwood. })(); Forget travelling to the end of the world, to heavenly beaches or to the top of the highest peaks. works great on man and woman. And then with others.” - Michel Almairac, born and raised in Grasse, creator of nearly 200 perfumes for world-famous houses and now head of Parle Moi de Parfum. Confident, modern, and ebullient, Chypre Mojo makes us think that, 100 years on, the chypre still has its mojo. Haute Provence / 89 est l'hommage que nous lui rendons. Trust us on this one: spritz on and watch them fall at your feet.

• A partir de 20€ en France Frais d'expédition offerts en France métropolitaine. An oriental palace in the heart of Hyde Park. Néroli et notes ambrées lui donnent ce chic un peu débraillé que garçons ou filles adoptent avec la même légèreté. Chypre Mojo 45 was launched in 2018. The frenzy of the day has given way to crowded restaurants with the smells of spices merging with those of fashionable tailors. Florists love its gorgeous flowers, but we're all about the root, left to grow deep underground for three years before being dried for another three years. }

75004 Paris For the latest news, offers and updates from Les Senteurs, please subscribe to our mailing list. • Each parcel is shipped with an insurance in case of lost or thief. My family always eats champagne mangos as desert after dinner, growing up and even still. } } I'm carried away by this astonishing mixture and I am writing in my thoughts this accord of three raw materials behind which a silhouette is taking shape: Saffron Wood / 91 will be a leather, sophisticated and metallic, London in its most enigmatic colors. France

Symbole de liberté, Woody Perfecto est un sésame parfumé vers un horizon sans limite.

Haute Provence / 89 is our tribute to it. Rare wood in a pool of musk. Rien d’autre n’importe que cet accord boisé, velouté et intense. Chypre Mojo is the embodiment of sex appeal, triggering an instant addiction to its bergamot, carnation, mango and patchouli accord. Distill a few pieces of Sandalwood until the first drops of its essence instantly transports you into its woody and creamy universe. 22 Rue du Four window.mc4wp.listeners.push( Un vrai retour à la belle parfumerie, un hommage à l'une de ses matières premières naturelles les plus rares, l'Iris. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { Saint Germain des Près This being a prime example. • Security provided by the SSL protection and encryption system