To Be Added... Ex-Guardian, Fallen-Guardian Yet despite how it appears to be an accident, something doesn’t seem right. All his positive feeling were constantly turned into negative.He can make atmosphere become dreadful in any AU he encounter, even it is a positive AU or negative AU.He was used to be a Guardian of Positivity before. force for good so that he may guard the tree from the monster his once dear sibling had become. into an amorphous creature of pure hate, which feeds off the negativity throughout the multiverse. Appearances

I revamped STMV Passive NM’s design a little~. Oct 5, 2020 - both corrupted and passive nightmare by jokublog. Blog on Tumblr (Current, running version comic), Wantonly (by tumblr artist ZU) (on Soundcloud), Tendrils & Mind-manipulating, Mental-attack & Negativity etc... . Its a wet Nootdle, Ta-da!i continued this art owo!as soon i jsut made this hours ago but hey it was worth it and don’t mind the cape i just like it owo and i love how i shade the eyes-sorry i have been lazy doing the comics but its super soon just stay tuned ^-^, Nightmare belongs to @jokublog or @jakei95, RP ┊͙ ⤿ Asters (Passive Nightmare Sans). Relationships Yo Noot Noot, what's it like living with a bunch of adult children who have access to many different lethal weapons? His life wasn’t ideal, but that didn’t mean he hated it. He started to drown himself in his own inner negative thoughts. Not a Pokemon AU I just needed to fill in the space there and that’s the first thing to come up in my mind. I just got rid of the cape, changed the sweater a little, and turned the grey shoes into boots! Last Appearance Please give me your general passive form Nightmare headcanons owo. During this he will allow Cross multiversal travel.

Not only a good month later and he notices some of his stuff going missing, the uneasy feeling of being watched or followed crawling on his back, the feeling of not being alone in an empty room. (Thanks to CraftyGlitches for letting me continue their book). #passive nightmare sans #Thighs #:)))) #Nightmare belongs to Joku #but i dont think i want the drama if i @ them in the post #so please acknowledge that i am only borrowing the character right now for this art #not saying i created them #although i did create those lovely thighs #mmmm #purple. anonymous Author Sheriff Dust cashes in a favor from his old friend Detective Horror to help him crack the case. In SD!AU (2019 -present), Shattered!Dream is the opposite of Dream and a mature person. New Town, New farm and possibly new friends.This is a story about a little 6-year-old hybrid called Cherry,Her adventure settling down into a new village and the great taskof becoming friends with the one and only Dream and Nightmare.------/////------This is the point of view of Cherry from the story of DaLDoM: written by my good friend Finally_FreeIts a great story and everyone should go read it.This was written with permission and It will be keeping up with all the storyand I shall be adding in my own scene in between as well. You're the one who wanted this. Nightmare paced his bedroom back and forward, thinking of ways to keep the two Sans' apart.

Please keep that in mind.

The second one is the newest one. Bitty fighting rings, Death, Violence.These bittys have seen it all.

All covered in goop except his headband.

Dream has worked so hard to become friends with his brother, now that he has made peace with him he feels unsure of his new feelings towards nightmare.

So you go there, searching for him, only to see him by the asters. Aw, I really like these, especially the last and third ones. Tendrils & Mind-manipulating, Mental-attack & Negativity etc... . Nightmare (Brother)Spirit of the tree (Mother/creator) Nightmare Sans. His left eye was covered in goop, but his right eye is glow-in-the-dark-golden or burning-bronze.