Obesity destroys beauty by annihilating the harmony of primitive proportions, for all the limbs do not proportionately fatten. When sleep begins, the organs of the senses fall almost into inactivity. [chez ces peuples voluptueux et mous], Cookery and its flavors

“Parbleu!” said Doctor Dubois, rising on his toes one day to tap me on the shoulder; “you have a long time been bragging about your fondues, (eggs and cheese,) and you always make our mouths water. Mucilage owes its nourishments to the many substances of which it is the vehicle. baker to their Royal Highness, the Duc d’Orleans, and the Prince de Condé, I look on the potatoe as a great preservative, Carniverous animals . Alors je le quittai et courus chez moi pour y mixtionner, fonctionner et élaborer un magister réparateur qu’on trouvera dans les Variétés, avec les divers modes que j’adoptai pour me hâter; car, en pareil cas, quelques heures de retard peuvent donner lieu à des accidents irréparables.

These receptors are T1R2+3 (heterodimer) and T1R3 (homodimer), which account for all sweet sensing in humans and animals. [Translator’s footnote. 67

They were two little old men; yet fresh, however, and well. My sinews are like those of an Arab horse. From this fact I deduced the apothegm, “The most indispensable quality of a good cook is promptness.”.

Yet all this does not suffice, for many adjacent parts unite in completing the sensation—viz: jaws, palate, and especially the nasal tube, to which physiologists have perhaps not paid attention enough.

It looks very much as if the translator forgot to delete the first version after correcting it to the second version. 209

I also looked at all the French editions I could lay my hands on; for details, see the bottom of this page. Mr. Aulissin, a very well informed Neapolitan lawyer, and a good amateur performer on the violoncello, dining one day with me, and eating some thing that pleased him, said— “Questo è un vero boccone di cardinale.” “Why,” said I, in the same tongue, not say “boccone in Ré.” “Seignore,” said he, “we Italians do nothing; a king cannot be a gourmand, for royal dinners are too short and solemn. [145] any one who sets down at the table In French we have arrived at no. girls near by, while the boys from the stable hurried forward satisfied that they would receive a handsome gratuity. The 1883 edition omits these two sections.

If longer rest is required during the day, he indulges in it only in a sitting attitude; he refuses sleep unless he be forced irresistibly to use it, and is careful not to make it habitual. At that time, I was attached to his general staff, and always had a plate at his table.