News of Ngo’s lawsuit came only hours after Project Veritas, a right-wing media group, published a now viral video claiming that it had infiltrated Rose City Antifa. The stage was set for a major confrontation between Ngo and antifa. Finally, the suit alleges a group of people wearing masks of Ngo’s face appeared outside his family’s home last Halloween and banged on windows, rang the doorbell and tried to enter his house through the front door. Individuals affiliated with Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys talk of wanting to “slaughter” Antifa. Andy puts a target on them and that results in the person being doxxed. But it’s in the city of Portland and state of Oregon that Ngo calls home where the most damage has been wrought. This community is for supporters of any and all levels of soccer in the United States & Canada, with an emphasis on Major League Soccer. Posted by. The attack on Ngo appeared to be taking place at a left-wing counter-rally to the Proud Boys event. During May Day 2019, Ngo published a YouTube video that included him talking to members of the Portland chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America who were tabling for “Hands Off Venezuela.” The entire time Ngo points his camera at a sign-in sheet, not the person he is interviewing. A number of people who go to these protests are looking for fights or to document them. In the comments on Benjamin’s post were calls for violence against myself, Antifa, and others. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC.

Zakir Khan is board chair of the Oregon chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim advocacy and civil rights organization. Moreover, the meaning of filmed events is entirely open to contestation. In at least one instance it appears Ngo has doxxed activists himself. The mere fact that Ngo was assaulted doesn’t say what the meaning of that assault is, or what the broader context is that’s necessary to understand it. An informed public is critical right now. An unjustifiable attack — and a subsequent controversy spotlighting the militant left-wing group antifa.

Now this model threatens to turn deadly. Tags action sports andy macdonald chris pastras dew tour dew underground fuel tv outdoor portland professional skater sports recreation vert. Our new issue, “Failure Is an Option,” is out soon.

And that kind of work takes resources. "HOOOOOLY FUUUUUCK!! Interview with vert skater Andy MacDonald. One political organizer in Portland who has received death threats stemming from Ngo’s work says, “It’s an arms race for money, and the narrative isn’t the point — the grift is. The attack on Andy Ngo is not the first situation where political factions have used a high-profile video to claim that the other side is the real threat to the public — nor will it be the last.

He uses social media to push biased opinions in conjunction with selectively edited videos that play to the bigotry of his audience. 32 comments. The right/center and left narratives go beyond that central point to claim Saturday’s events for their team. I remember seeing videos, but I haven't managed to find footage that has the runover attempt in it. According to a statement by Quillette’s editors, the attack produced “a brain hemorrhage that required Ngo’s overnight hospitalization.”. This story is circulating again, since the guy that kicked the other guy just got sentenced.

We don’t yet have proof that the people who assaulted Ngo were antifa members (though it seems likely given their history). Didn’t see how this started, but @MrAndyNgo got roughed up. Portland, where Ngo lives, has seen a particularly notable number of brawls between antifa and far-right groups in recent years. The irony of all this is that after CAIR challenges Ngo’s claim of hate crime hoaxes, he responds with what could be considered hate speech, accusing them of terrorism. More importantly, they fail to define his role in far-right politics, media, and violence. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission.

Some of the heavily edited footage shot during the supposed meetings appears to show people talking about political tactics, eye gouging and “destroying your enemy.”.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Advance Local. save. Ngo’s coverage of left-wing protesters is similarly ideological. The incredibly bizarre Dean Browning and “Dan Purdy” Twitter drama, explained. We need America here!”, One organizer of the End Antifa rally is Joe Biggs, a former staffer at Alex Jones’s Infowars website who has “encouraged date rape and punching transgender people.” He shared an illustration for the rally of a Proud Boy punching an antifascist, warning, “Free speech was fought for and paid for with blood.

But the Covington incident dominated American politics for days because both sides saw what they wanted to in the footage.

Info below Portland Andy: A modern day adventurist who shares his adventures through live streaming. Ngo adds a new element in facilitating violence, intentionally or not. 48. Friends of two other activists claim they went into hiding after Ngo spread their names and they became targets of harassment. Carlson’s guest was Andy Ngo playing an expert on lax law enforcement in Portland in an affected British accent. However, Connor Smith, a Portland DSA member, provided a still from what he claims is an earlier version of the video. The piece was shredded by actual Brits. Their synergy is also a reflection of the complex digital landscape. The larger, more offensive thing you can do, the system rewards it.”. Down the block, a brief confrontation ensues with a protester shoving the driver once and others hitting his vehicle. But Ngo promoted the article and more significantly continues to promote it — just as eight months after the fact, Ngo continued to claim that striking the protester from the Patrick Kimmons march is really evidence of Antifa taking their anger out on an elderly man.

The group of typically black-clad activists are radicals who believe the best way to deal with the rise of white supremacy and hate groups in the Trump era is by confronting them on the street. Everything about Netflix’s Hillbilly Elegy movie is awful. Ngo is a writer and photographer who contributes to journalistic outlets. Legacy media like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and even Fox News need Andy Ngo just as much as he needs them. Several groups from … This is especially ominous. But that may be too little, too late as the far right is encouraging potential mass shooters to come to the rally. But that didn’t stop the quick-dry cement claim from being reported as fact in right-wing outlets, including Fox News. Never scores but when he does it’s a FIFA goal. Bartram is an Infowars fan who showed up in El Paso days after the anti-Hispanic massacre and was briefly detained after allegedly brandishing a gun and trying to enter a migrant solidarity center. (The woman appears to have lied about being a 9/11 widow.) The publication where Ngo is an editor, Quillette, is widely seen as a major hub of the “intellectual dark web” — a loose collection of anti-political correctness, anti-identity politics, anti-left media figures and reporters. The named defendants in the suit — Benjamin Bolen, John Hacker, Corbyn Bylea, Joseph Christian Evans and Madison Lee Allen — could not be reached for comment. A related dynamic seems to be shaping up in the Ngo case: The right sees proof that the left is radicalizing, a threat to them and their safety, and hypes up the risk they pose. And on June 29, left-wing activists tossed milkshakes at Ngo, beat him up and stole his GoPro camera during a demonstration organized against a right-wing rally in downtown Portland, according to the lawsuit.

Last year, for example, Ngo went to the UK to chronicle the supposed threat the rising Muslim population posed to British society. A local TV station that recorded the incident wrote: “driver plows through protesters.” Video shows a man stopping in front of a silver Lexus that then strikes him and pushes him for more than thirty feet.