Plant Therapy oils consistently rank high in 10 best lists, and it's no surprise why. Here's an article we wrote up about more brands to stay away from and, If you want to learn more about essential oils, great! Aura Cacia also employs impressive quality assurance/control, testing all oils using gas chromatography to insure the pureness, as well as subjecting the finished products to an expert sensory panel that decide whether or not the oil is up to their standard.

Different oils may require different dilution ratios. A good place to start is with the USDA-Certified Organic stamp, which means that the company uses only safe, approved processes and materials while creating their product.

There are so many ways to use your oils it can be a little overwhelming. The CPTG Certification is not one that is awarded by a third party group, but one that they apply to their products internally. And of course, you only want the best quality oils at a fair price, right? The testing they perform includes gas chromatography, specific gravity, optical rotation, and sensory evaluation.

The quality of their products has been called into question in the past. For the quality offered, Rocky Mountain Oils is really competitive in their pricing. That said, they are definitely worth trying if you’re on a budget. Steam distillation?

Following are the top 10 best essential oil companies that will sell you a great essential oil. It comes with seven individual oils and seven blends for only $57, meaning that each bottle comes in at a little more than $4 each. Look for the correct “USDA Certified Organic” label on select oils. Get a feel for how well essential oils can work together with this blend.

Thank you! Plus, each delivery is analyzed on the receiving dock. Fabulous Frannie’s pack includes hemp, olive, grape seed, avocado, and castor oils to blend with your favorite essential oils. They are the perfect combination of affordability and quality, with public GC/MS reports available, a huge selection of oils and the same great blends as all the other big brands. They also sell various other products, such as diffusers. As you've likely noticed, expanding your essential oil collection can get pretty expensive. Needless to say, I'm a huge believer in the healing benefits of the best organic essential oils, but I'm also hyper-aware of the dangers associated with poor-quality ones. Personally, I am not a fan of this structure. Tired of mosquitoes biting you? Another point in their favor is that NOW offers safety data sheets on every oil they sell.

The company belongs to the Frontier Co-op, and it sells directly to the public. Frankincense has been called "the holy grail of essential oils" because it has some pretty astounding health benefits, both mentally and physically.

One of the benefits of Plant Therapy blends is that they offer starter kits so if you’re new to the world of essential oils, then they could be a great option that doesn’t require a lot of upfront expense but still provides good quality oils and protective amber bottles that will maintain the quality for longer, protecting the contents from oxidation and UV exposure. They sell some of the best pure essential oils at reasonable prices. ArtNaturals counsels using the oils in a diffuser or in a carrier oil for massage. on their products, though it appears from the video that they actually acquire their oils from the exact same supplier as Radha Beauty as both oils had very similar chemical footprints, containing both dihydrolinalool, and dihydrolinalyl acetate in similar percentages.

They’re either inhaled or applied directly to the skin. It's not a perfect test, and there are some limitations to the information we gather from this test, but it's really the best tool we've got to confirm purity. The company may have worthwhile products, but it’s hard to trust them with this kind of deception involved. Which one to prefer amongst Plant therapy, now foods and Art Natural? The oils in doTERRA's Family Essential kit exceed industry standards because they're tested using a strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade protocol.

Plus, there's all these definitions and things to know, like using a carrier oil or diffusing. Plant Therapy's high-quality essential oils are 100 percent pure, and well priced making them a great purchase. Their global botanical network encompasses farmers and distillers in 40 different countries. Words like "natural" and "organic" get tossed around constantly in regards to beauty, food, and health products — but the truth is that these words don't mean much of anything right now. This is likely a question you may get asked often, from people who don't really know about essential oils. It’s steam-distilled from plants grown in the USA, France, China, and the UK. Revive has established themselves as a high quality purveyor of essential oils through the ethical and sustainable selection of raw materials. The oils are stored in a temperature sensitive room with minimal light exposure.

Plant Therapy also suggests a list of other oils like bergamot and lemongrass that blend well with lemon. Who owns/runs the brand?

Each batch is stored in low light in a temperature-sensitive room before shipping.

But, we think it's important to know about the companies you support and their actions, so you can choose where you spend your money. If synthetic limonene was added, the ratio of left to right would be more like 50%. Essential Oils For babies – Are Essential Oils Safe for Babies? What really makes NOW Foods stand out from its competitors is their USDA Certified Organic oils, which are guaranteed pure, of the highest quality sources and are both made of certified organic materials and manufactured in the same manner - which means even their cleaning products need to be Certified Organic too. Although the bottles are only 5ml in size, they come with a lifetime warranty and guarantee. They call it CPTG, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality testing. In addition to this, ArOmis also sells a very high-quality diffuser. How a company processes a plant into essential oil will have a major effect on the final product.

Revive Essential Oils are newer to the scene, but they're making a big splash. While larger companies may produce a cheaper oil with good quality due to their higher volume, there are some small companies started by folks just like you and I that are producing great quality oils, albeit at maybe a slightly higher cost. Young Living is another one of the top-rated essential oil brands on the market. They do not cultivate their own farms, but rather work with people native to the craft in their own specific home country. Quality control (QC) is an integral part of many industries, and it's no different for essential oil manufacturers.

On the downside, their cheaper prices mean their products may not be as pure as some of the more expensive brands. Here's some things we look at to determine quality: One of the most important predictors of a good essential oil is the source plant.

Today, we’re going to provide you with a helpful guide of the best essential oil brands. Proprietary Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® (CPTG ) quality protocol. Simply Earth offers awesome essential oils for sale.

Here's a few more things we consider when shopping for our oils, to ensure you're buying from a trusted and reputable essential oil brand. And like doTerra, they’ve been known to make some rather wild claims. Then try the citronella oil. Their general use fell for a time after the birth of modern medicine. Thank you for supporting this blog by purchasing through these links. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses and finding out which one is best for you can be a difficult task. In fact, it is believed that essential oils have up to thousands of potential uses.

You need to check if these words and phrases are based on scientific analysis or marketing. “Source to You” production process. I recommend to get to know an essential oils brand first before you get their products through your door. Of course, Rocky Mountain Oils posts a disclaimer that their statements are not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. Third-party GC/MS tested. On top of that, they offer exceptional customer service. They can even be used as cleaning products. Their products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and not made with GMOs. Just as bad, there are lots of fake reviews online.

The company promotes safe use of the oils. Besides the excellent price and honesty, we admire their in-house quality testing. After all, you’re trusting them with the well-being of yourself and your family. You can use the labels or contact the manufacturer to determine the source plant. Their product line-up includes anything an aspiring aromatherapist would need.

This makes comparison shopping quite difficult.

They are ready to use right out of the bottle. Below you can see the comparison of two oils, with the top one clearly being pure, while the bottom one was adulterated with some other oil.

That’s a really nice-looking, home-use “medicine cabinet” starter kit that won’t break your wallet. While their prices for the more uncommon oils are slightly higher due to their limited availability, Mountain Rose Herbs does a great job at keeping prices in affordable ranges for their customers. Natrogix offers a couple of great, affordable packages for those who are just starting out. So, we now know that it's important to consider the quality of essential oil brands in regards to their SOPs, record keeping, and raw material acquisition. Reputed companies also spend money in their branding and packaging, since for them, quality is more important than quantity.

The single most unique feature about Jade Bloom is their free essential oils university.

The essential oils industry is not regulated by the FDA. One of the most important predictors of a good essential oil is the source plant. One of their most popular oils and one of our favourites is their Thieves oil, which is a perfectly balanced blend of Clove, Cinnamon, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. They also provide a detailed account of everything that is contained inside the bottle. On the downside, Art Naturals’ oils aren’t quite as pure as some of the others, and the brand isn’t as transparent as they should be. These suppliers are expected to comply with stringent quality standards. There are so many therapeutic benefits to essential oils, they're almost hard to remember! They've got an extremely thorough quality control department at their manufacturing plant. Did you see some oil brands that intrigued you? But we did the research to help you sort through the noise. Each bottle of oil is stored in amber glass to protect it from oxidizing when exposed to UV light to maintain the integrity of the oils.

Natrogix says their specialist visited each country where their oils originate. Quality starts at the beginning, by ensuring that the raw materials selected are of the utmost quality. Aromacologists and botanists around the world stand firm in requesting people to check the products before purchasing them. They care about the environment which is great to see from a big company like this. Now, while doTerra doesn't have its oils tested by a third party doesn't mean you shouldn't trust what they're doing internally, since most essential oil companies aren't required to have these tests done. They provide a refund if you’re not completely satisfied. "I could sense the purity of these oils in the aroma they exude within minutes of putting [them] in the diffuser," one reviewer raves.