The Iron Bull, despite his name, is no heavyweight, instead being a scepter-armed foe who strikes quickly, and can often sneak in attacks before you can land one, yourself. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below! I am also missing 1 phylake, I thought maybe finishing the game it would appear and nothing.

That is all we have for our Assassin’s Creed Origins Phylakes Guide.

Don't be afraid to flee! Try avoiding to battle with any of these, PHYLAKE unless you are as equal as their level. Loot: Deathstorm, Half Horn (Key Carrier) Overpower attacks are invaluable. CliveVLewis. If you level is high enough, you will be able to assassinate the Phylakes, otherwise, you will fight them to the death. Besting the Iron Ram will allow you to nab the Smoke and Mirrors weapon from him. Ra’s Mercy Territory: Faiyum Level: 30 Loot: Storm Blades. Make sure you have the Charge Heavy Attack ability so you can get past his guard and consider bringing a sickle sword to the fray, as its Overpower attack - a rage mode in which you move faster - can deal great damage if you keep the pressure up.

If you best The Stranger, you can claim the Sarissa , a cursed spear, and an Ornamented Key. So wait until your health is rejuvenated with the help of regeneration Ability. When vanquished he’ll drop the Golden Wolf regular sword. It's often the easiest way to get past a Phylakes' guard, and even against foes that don't have a guard you need to bypass, it'll often knock them down, opening them up for more abuse. Fast travel to the Yw Huts fast travel point, which is east, southeast of Herakleion. Territory: Faiyum

Territory: Memphis He’ll drop a Composite Bow and an Ornamented Key . As usual, Overpower attacks do great damage to a Phylakes (left), but failing that, charged heavy attacks work fine (right). After you kill a Phylakes, be sure to confirm the kill (right). Headache Remedy (Heavy Blunt) Phylakes are, in essence, bounty hunters, singularly powerful enemies that stalk the map in search of their prey - you. You can't count on a single assassination attempt to kill a Phylakes, but it will still do great damage. This quest will begin after you complete “ Gennadios the Phylakitai “, which will be one of the main quests once you reach Alexandria. Territory: Ineb-Hedjet Nome You’ll need to tailor your strategies depending on what weapon the enemy has. The first Phylakes you’ll likely face, he can be pretty rough at first due to your relative lack of diversity in legendary arms… unless of course you went crazy buying them.

Dive underwater and locate the chest which has the Black Hood Legendary Outfit. Utilizing tools like Fire Bombs are a fine way of inflicting these effects, should you lack proper weapons. Since they range over a wide area (perhaps not individually, but collectively) and their level varies so much, this will be a task you're working on for most of the game. Prowling the streets of Memphis, he’s one of the Phylakes who is most likely to intervene as you work on main quests. After you kill a Phylakes, be sure to confirm the kill (right). While you can practice the tactics you'll need to use against Phylakes against normal soldiers (most Phylakes emulate lesser soldiers, at least superficially), they have much more health than normal foes, so you can't usually count on hacking them to death in a quick combo or two. His name may lead you to expect a somewhat larger foe, but names can be deceptive, as this Phylakes wields dual swords. Perform a charged attack to knock him down, taking what damage he deals, then hit him a few times while he’s down. Getting the Black Hood Legendary Outfit in Assassin’s Creed Origins is a bit more serious job as you will need to be on level 38 minimum and you will have to complete the Phylake’s Prey Quest. Again, might as well, since you’re here. For more help on Assassin’s Creed: Origins, you can check out our Crafting Guide, Mounts Unlocks Guide, and Shields Locations Guide. Ra’s Mercy’s shield can be bypassed with charged heavy attacks (right). Ra’s Mercy will drop a pair of dual blades, Storm Blades when he dies. Level: 32 Loot: Composite Bow, The Iron Bull After killing a Phylake, make sure to approach the corpse and loot it. (Don’t forget to take This ability).

Smoke Bombs assist greatly with this. Use your overpower attack with a bow as you will also fill your adrenal gauge while staying away from the boss. Simply dodge his attacks, charge up heavy attacks, and after he misses, knock him down and rain light attacks on him. These keys will help you to get the get the Black Hood Legendary, but you will need one last extra key, for which you will have to get to YW Huts which is located on the East side of the Herakleion Nome. Phylakes often rest near enemy camps, which are terrible places to fight, for obvious reasons. He prefers ranged weaponry, so deny him his preference by staying close (right). Since they range over a wide area (perhaps not individually, but collectively) and their level varies so much, this will be a task you're working on for most of the game. Remember to watch out for additional enemies when you fight the Phylakes as they will complicate matters.

The Outsider For the same reasons, he’s an easy kill, as he probably just can’t catch you if you back up and pelt him with arrows. They’re the only level forty Phylakes, and the only two that are regularly found near each other.

Repeat the process and use Overpower as it recharges and you should emerge victorious.

The Charge Heavy Attack ability is very, very helpful against Phylakes, especially when paired with an "Instant Charging" weapon, like Storm Blades. In any event, he’s got a shield, a sword, and a pila, the latter of which is surprisingly painful. Try to sneak up on them and assassinate them if possible. Phylakes will appear after you complete the quest "Gennadios the Phylakitai" (left).