As each location is independently operated, please call ahead to make sure they are open. Items must be in good, working condition.

No fees if only bringing Ecocentre materials. Report illegal dumping or damage to City property by submitting the online form or call 306-975-2486. For Cosmopolitan Industries, a Saskatoon organization that offers foundational programs for adults with intellectual disabilities, this was certainly the case. SK Association for Resource Recovery Corp. - Ecocentres, Construction / Demolition – Asbestos & Roofing Tar, Household Hazardous Waste (Please search "Hazardous Products" listing for more information), Miscellaneous (Brita Filters & Disposable Cameras). #CanadaRemembers, Armed forces veterans, current serving personnel – including cadets & reservists & 1 companion ride @stoontransit f…, Hey #yxe!

24 hr drop-off. Remove caps from milk jugs and beverage containers, give them a quick rinse, flatten them, and they'll be ready to recycle. Appliances must be less than 15 yrs old and in working order. “When you see 47 bags laying out there in the middle of the driveway you go, I’m going to make a few trips,” he chuckled. Our electronics are filled with resources that need to be recovered & recycled. Maximum 500 L of used motor oil per delivery. Use longer-lasting disposable batteries in low-drain devices like smoke detectors and remote controls; and rechargeables in high energy-users like DVD players and toys. Sat - Sun: Closed Saskatoon residents can use the City’s four recycling depots for the same clean, unsorted materials accepted in the blue cart and blue bin residential recycling programs. Update on City’s Response to Severe Winter Storm, Civic Services & Holiday Hours for Remembrance Day, Wednesday, November 11, Hey #yxe! But also we’re looking for a service we can provide for people in Saskatoon.”. We are all beneficiaries of the Numbered treaties, and we reaffirm our relationship with one another. Open to Saskatoon residents only. Larger quantities can be picked up, call SARRC at 1-877-645-7275 for more information. Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council respectfully acknowledges the historic and ongoing care of these lands and stewardship of the environment. Some EcoCentres and volunteer drop-off locations may be temporarily closed or operating with reduced hours. In 2019, 18.1 million litres of used oil, 1.8 million used oil filters, nearly half a million kilograms of plastic containers and 328,000 litres of used antifreeze were recovered and recycled. Some waste programs and services have been impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus far, they’ve logged over 4,800 kilometres, while collecting over 3,200 bags of cans and more than 19,000 bottles of wine, and over 7,300 bottles of beer. With nearly 200 public drop-off points, including 37 purpose-built EcoCentres, Saskatchewan has one of the best used oil & antifreeze materials recycling networks in Canada. Additionally, local charities collect gently used clothing in bins at the four depots. Cosmopolitan Industries - 1300 block Ontario Ave. Loraas Recycle - 1902 1st Ave. North Empty cereal, cookie and cracker boxes (remove liners), Kleenex boxes, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, Shredded paper (in a clear, tied plastic bag), All food and household plastic containers # 1-7, Shampoo, conditioner and mouthwash bottles, Take-out containers, bakery and produce containers (called clam shells), Yogurt, sour cream and margarine containers, Plastic Film (Grocery bags, Plastic wrap, Soft/stretchy plastics), Plastic toys, Tupperware or other plastics without a #1-7 symbol, Anything smaller than a credit card is too small to be sorted by recycling equipment. Accepts irreparable hair tools for recycling through the Green Circle Salon program, including: Accepts small appliances for recycling, including: Virtually any small appliance with a cord is accepted. Besides the obvious positives of getting rid of the clutter, and avoiding the long wait times at Sarcan, subscribers also receive a charitable tax receipt. Stat Holidays: Closed, Service Saskatoon Customer Care Centre Available 24/7306-975-2476, Saskatoon Light & PowerDaytime 306-975-2414Trouble 306-975-2621, Inquiries: Utilities, Property Taxes, and Parking306-975-2400, Can't find the number you are looking for? Accepts antifreeze and antifreeze containers on specified Household Hazardous Waste days. Recycling and reuse is the message. Save a couple of bags of fall leaves. CLICK here for our current annual report listing our success. CLICK here for SARRC’s current annual report with more details. This location also accepts: Tipping fees apply. Please let SARRC know, so that we can contact that business to confirm, and to correct possible misunderstandings. Get a roundup of the most important and intriguing national stories delivered to your inbox every weekday. If a location no longer accepts any used oil/antifreeze materials, please let us know, because the location itself may not inform us of this, or that they have gone out of business, etc. Please see link for full list of accepted and not accepted materials. Hazardous materials, such as needles and propane tanks are accepted NOT in the recycling bins. “(However), they all tell me that it’s not all theirs,” he laughed. The ♻ on your products indicates that items contain recycled material, not that they can be recycled. Please ensure that your donations are packed in bags or boxes that are easy for one person to lift. If freon NOT removed, a larger fee applies. If you have an appliance that is not listed above, please call BN Steel & Metals to inquire if they accept the item.