d = compressor displacement (ft 3 /min) c = capacity (Btu/min) v = volume of gas entering compressor (ft 3 /lb) NRE = Net Refrigeration Effect (Btu/lb) /Type/ExtGState Japan (JA) /OP false

Slovakia (SK) UNILAB S.R.L. Austria (DE) Chile (ES) If you want to promote your products or services in the Engineering ToolBox - please use Google Adwords. >> The liquid line design procedure is the following: using the system capacity and the proper tablefor the considered fluid (see Figure 1), the nominal line diameter is determined. [ The resulting high discharge/low suction pressure condition will result in more liquid refrigerant in the accumulator. China (ZH)

The liquid line that connects the condenser and the throttling device needs of different considerations; in this case, the pressure drop does not affect the energy efficiency since the aim of the throttling device is to reduce the pressure from the condensation one to the evaporation one.

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Multiply 1.7 by75.469 (the density of R-22 at 70°F).

Figure 1: Suction, Discharge, and Liquid Line Capacities in Kilowatts for R134a (Single- or High-Stage Applications). Estonia (ET) We don't collect information from our users. The ASHRAE Handbook (2006) reports different tables to design the liquid lines as a function of the system capacity, refrigerant and tube material, for fixed temperature change of 0.02 K m-1in the case of liquid line and for liquid velocity of 0.5 m s-1 for the receiver to condenser connection lines. 4 0 obj Spain (ES) Receiver Charge = Sum: = Receiver Charge: If the receiver dimensions or volume is known, the charge can be calculated from Table 4. Argentina (ES) Switzerland (DE) If there are some risers the additional pressure drops must be accounted and then the total pressure drop can be calculated. stream Finally, an additional consideration must be reported: liquid-line risers are a source of pressure loss and add to the total loss of the liquid line.

If subcooling is insufficient, flashing occurs in the liquid line and degrades system efficiency. Latvia (LV) >> References

Switzerland (FR) Type of refrigerant used; The system’s capacity; The total length of pipe between the two components; Download Refrigerant pipe sizing XLS. >> Finland (FI) Belgium (NL) >> All rights reserved. There is a number on the receiver LR 38666 is that possibly 38 lbs?

Tags: Excel Sheet HVAC Pipe Sizing. Many new techs who are used to residential air conditioning confuse receivers with accumulators. Thailand (EN) South Africa (EN) Note that the amount of charge will be very different for the liquid and suction lines, and they should be added together to find the total weight per foot. The total pressure drop is given by the sum of these values as. Slovenia (SL) Malaysia (EN) You can target the Engineering ToolBox by using AdWords Managed Placements. Economics, pressure drop, noise, and oil entrainment establish feasible and recommended design velocities in refrigerant lines, which are listed in the next table. 14 x 72 = 363 14 x 96 = 489 16 x 60 = 388 16 x 72 = 470 16 x 96 = 633 18 x 72 = 597 20 x 72 = 736 20 x 84 = 866 20 x 96 = 996 For alternate refrigerant storage capacities in pounds for R-22 rated receivers multiply the rated capacity by the following conversion factors.