As a gifted education teacher, you’ll have responsibilities much like other elementary and secondary teachers; however, your duties will include a number of specialized tasks, such as the following: Gifted and talented students can be found in schools everywhere, and school districts address their needs with special pull-out gifted education programs, as well as with separate schools that cater to self-paced, independent, experiential and advanced classes. Renzulli, J.

These teachers give great importance to the creativity of the their children. The second stage: the teachers, using the checklist, selected the students that were standing out for their delivery, creativity and intrinsic motivation, characteristics that, in opinion of Renzulli and Sternberg, are those of extremely gifted students.

We, as a teacher should provide them extra work where they could use their both convergent and divergent thinking. However, some programs, such as USC Rossier, allow students to obtain their Master of Arts in Teaching with a Gifted Education Certificate. The results show that the checklist has the psychometrics characteristics required for this kind of instrument (Cronbach.90).

Role of the teacher for special child with socially disadvantages: As we know that economic poverty can still be a constraint in the educational development of educationally backward sections of Indian society. Research shows that teachers encounter wide ranges of knowledge, skills, and abilities within their classrooms. 3. It is necessary to remember that the range of variability moves from 1 to 4 in all sub scales ("In Total disagreement or never happen what is part of the item" to "In full agreement or always happen what is part of the item".). Children identified by typology of exceptionality and school stage. An advantage of this system is that, once a teacher recognizes the capacity, usually gets interested in designing adequate measures for the diversity of the extremely gifted (educative provisions). We as a teacher should have a major role in motivating parents and the community for sending their children to school and they should be informed them time to time about special schemes for them. All students have gifts, but some students are especially advanced in one or more areas such as math, language, music or art. Summing up, we can say that it is essential the help from the teacher for the identification of the extremely gifted students for several reasons, among these are the following: - They are the ones that know the students better within the learning process. Despite the teacher having a privileged position for informing about the extremely gifted children�s characteristics, however, the teacher, in general terms, tends to value the diligent child as intelligent child, obedient as calm, forgetting the restless child, that usually put complex and embarrassing questions, that cause problems to the teacher for being creative and puzzle because of their original and unusual answers, being some of them some of the characteristics of the extremely gifted children. Sometimes when a designation of excellence is assigned to a child early in life, it creates a level or pressure that other kids don’t face.

For example, for the students that show precocity, we would have to design action patterns oriented to provide them with complex works including quantitative concepts, numeric problems and solving problems that demand the execution of logical inferences, generalizing and applying rules to the solution of the problems. Registered in England & Wales No.

This program does not establish rights for gifted children (as IDEA does for Special Education); instead, it focuses on research and advocacy for gifted children in underserved populations. TAG students demonstrate an outstanding or above-average aptitude and/or competence in one or more areas. 44 (3), 41-48. Qualifying to teach the gifted and talented also frequently requires a master’s degree specific to teaching advanced learners. Besides it collects characteristics referred to creativity (fluidity, flexibility, originality, curiosity, elaboration, imagination, knowledge and completion of tasks). Joseph Renzulli (1978) has developed a model widely used for defining extremely gifted; such model is made of 3 superimposed circles representing 3 differential characteristics of the extremely gifted children, which are: The teachers are a very rich source of information as they have had the opportunity to get to know many students with different characteristics.

Young Children.

In fourth place: The data referred to the cognitive configuration of these 155 students considered as high abilities, are distributed as follows: a) 45 students (29.03 %) show profiles referred to a talent defined as conglomerated, being basically its intellectual configuration as follows: academic talent aptitudes (high intellectual resources in verbal, logic and memory management), and also mathematical talent (high resources of representation and numeric and quantitative information handling). Mrs. Anderson believes that insight is important for all teachers to have with any students, but with gifted children she has seen too many teachers consider them as independent and not in need of a thoughtful teacher. (1997).

Servei de Pubicacions de la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. (2002) Limitaciones del concepto de capacidad. The role of the teacher is very important in the social development of the child.

Gifted and talented teachers are trained to identify and … Provide the suitable environment support for studies and independent interest of the children. In fact, the very things that allow these students to excel intellectually and creatively often cause them to struggle emotionally and socially.

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. In some ways, the needs of gifted students are no different than their peers. All teachers should understand the issues in definitions, theories and identification of gifted and talented students, including those from diverse backgrounds.

Thus teacher can lot to bring these special children psychologically at a level with normal children. The ages of the students range from 5 to 12 years old. Promote extracurricular activities with an intellectual focus. Whether you are a general education teacher or a teacher for the gifted, it is the responsibility of classroom teachers to both identify and serve gifted and talented students.

The aim of this work is double: on one hand, to show the efficiency of the Teacher�s. - They are, also, great learning easers. This proposal tries to cover the two main problems related to identification in the extremely gifted and talent that are: on one hand the low congruence among the theory criteria and the identification on the other hand, the frequent word confusion in the concepts referred to high ability extremely gifted, talent, precocious etc). Role of the teacher for special child with socially disadvantages: As we know that economic poverty can still be a constraint in the educational development of educationally backward sections of Indian society.

In the last place, in the conglomerated talent we can find several intellectual profiles, it can be considered as conglomerated the talent that comes from the combination of an academic talent with one or several specific aptitudes, it is also the result of a figurative talent in combination with one or several specific aptitudes, or when in a profile we find a figurative talent in combination with an academic talent and several specific aptitudes.

Mansfield Centre, CT: Creative Learning Press, Inc. Renzulli, J.

The teachers of extremely gifted children are flexible with their time and program, according to the students� needs.

For considering the teacher as a valuable source of information, the researchers of extremely gifted children have constructed instruments as checklist, whose aim is to provide the teacher with a scale to value the extremely gifted children�s capacities. SPSS Inc. Sternberg, R. & Lubart, T. (1997) La Creatividad en una Cultura Conformista. They must also be strong communicators with a high level of social awareness.

Whether you are a general education teacher or a teacher for the gifted, it is the responsibility of classroom teachers to both identify and serve gifted and talented students. (1989) The gifted preschoolers: Developmentally different, but still three or two years old. Table number 2.

Other scale is the one designed by Mc Millan and it is known as the Teacher Summary (The Halton Board of Education, 1987), it is an oriented to value in a global way the capacities of the students in relation to the reading, written and verbal language, mathematics and development within the environment. The role of the teacher within the These could include field trips, hands-on experiences or topical classroom guests.