She earned an M.A. [11]: Source: James Tod, Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan [11]. 6. in Political Science from Punjab University in 1958, and joined the Government College of Physical Education, Patiala in 1959. — Durgadaman (son), married Vachchhika. Kansa, the first major king of Northern India, was from this dynasty.

The word "Saini" is distinct from the similar-sounding Sahni/Sawhney. Saini , Jat and Ror communities around the area of Kurukshetra are reported to have put up a very brave resistance to the forces of East India Company during the mutiny. In a condolence message the Chief Minister said that Saini was a multi-faceted personality who served in the Indian National Army (INA) and made a significant contribution towards the Indian freedom struggle. In the city of Jhajjar (Haryana), there are about 150-200 families who trace their descent from Kansa.

According to him, only 400 of them were Muslims and the rest were Hindu and Sikh. Army and police have traditionally been major sources of employment for Sainis. The Saini population was reduced to 106,000 in 1901 census after mistakes of 1881 census were corrected. He holds 7 patents for his work in microprocessor design. The present day Ropar district fell in Ambala district before partition. ", History of Hisar: From Inception to Independence, 1935–1947, p 312, M. M. Juneja, Published by Modern Book Co., 1989, People of India, National Series Volume VI, India's Communities N-Z, p 3090, KS Singh, Anthropological Survey of India, Oxford University Press, 1998, "17 Most Backward Castes May Play Kingmaker as Purvanchal Gears Up to Vote in Final Phase", "Saini, Swarnkar/Sunar communities to be backward classes in Punjab", "Haryana government adds Kushwaha, Keori, Maurya castes to BC list", "Rajasthan assembly polls 2018: RSS stronghold, Anta, has been electing influential leaders", "Cong rift shows but Sachin Pilot on course for win", "Shubha Mudgal: Commission starts hearing on inclusion of OBCs from Madhya Pradesh", "UP MLA Aditi Singh to marry Punjab Congress lawmaker Angad Singh Saini",, Wikipedia extended-confirmed-protected pages, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 September 2020, at 04:47. Through the 1980s he worked as a circuit designer on the Intel386, and a micro-architect/logic designer on the Intel486. Originally known as Jaswinder Singh and re-christened "Jessie Singh the billionaire" is now a big name in Silicon Valley in California, USA.

Porus sent his son as the commander of his army to pursue the task of ousting the Nanda ruler of Patliputra.

The old fort of Kaman lies between two low ranges of hills on the high road from Delhi to Bayana.

From the latter place he was sent to Lahore on a mission, and thus escaped arrest when Maharaj Singh and his companions were captured on the night of 28 and 29 December 1849. Oak rather argues and advocates and has tried to prove in his book – “Blunders of Indian History” – (Bhartiya Itihas ki Bhari Bhulein), that in the war with Alexander the Great, Porus had in fact won and Alexander had been defeated. Saini celebrate festivals such as Diwali and Holi. A respected coach of long standing and chief national coach , Saini was the fourth athletic coach behind O.M. First of them being poor record keeping by Saini community about their foremost men. Took active part in the freedom movement launched by the patriots to liberate our country from the British rule.

Sunny is proud to belong to the first Saini IAS family (Chaudhary Dasonda Singh) of Punjab. This award is rare in itself as the action should match the risk involved on the occasion.

The data is sometimes not as precise as it appears. Since these names are shared by many other groups (some of which overlap Sainis) such as Sikhs, Jats, Dogras and Rajputs etc , it is not possible to isolate Sainis among them just by their last names. The best ... and absolutely no Saini population in UP or Rajasthan or beyond. This album features new songs which Soni had selected for his album. In the past few years, completing this monumental endeavour and guaranteeing its preservation has become an international effort involving many individuals and organizations. The senior controlling officer assessing the task performed by the subordinate recommends to the head of the police department for award of gallantry medal. There are many gotras in the Punjabi Saini community. In 1926, he was elected president of the district unit of the Jalandhar Akali Jatha. [1], "The Sainis trace their origin to a Rajput clan who came from their original home near Muttra [sic] on the Jumna, south of Delhi, in defence of Hindus against the first Muhammadan invasions. "Sometimes he had gone with the advance to Malwa ; sometimes he had gone plundering in Gujarat." Saini speak in the languages of the states where they live. Property is inherited through the male lineage only, and all sons inherit equally.

There is also now an academic consensus that the ancient king Porus, the celebrated opponent of Alexander the Great, belonged to this once most dominant Yadava sect. People returning themselves as Saini in Bijnore and Saharanpur in 1881 census were excluded from Saini category in 1901 census after mistakes of the previous census were detected. A regular donor to religious organizations and humanitarian causes. He was arrested under the Defence of India Rules during the Quit India movement. Bardod population.Bardod is a Village in Behror Tehsil in Alwar District of Rajasthan State . During this period Saini or Shoorsaini Yadava dynasty lost prominence for a few centuries only to reappear again in Mathura around the 8th century CE. After the fall of Porus and his sons, a new barbaric tribe of Central Asia, the Kushans, crossed the Indus and established their rule in India. These days Rupa, having earned a doctorate degree, is employed as a senior lecturer with the Government College of Physical Education in Patiala. — Phakka, married Deyika. 'Shoorsaini' further gets abbreviated to just 'Saini' in layman usage. This could be due to two factors. Find a People Group, Language, Country, Resource, Story of Jesus audio (Jesus Film Project), Bogar; Deswali; Mali; Phulmali; Sain; Sainsar; Sani; Sanin; Saniyar; Sayani; Shurasaini; Shursaini; सैनी (हिंदू ट्रेडिशन्स), People Group Location: Omid. The erudite hockey Olympian, Rupa Saini belongs to a Faridkot-based family which has a rich tradition in sports, particularly in Indian hockey. A distinguished general of the Saini Army. Sunny Dhoorh migrated to America from Punjab in the year 1988 after graduating in the Law course of Punjab University, Chandigarh. 5. for some time. Written, audio, and visual Bible resources are available in the Hindi language, yet Saini people remain unreached. In May 1996, he moved to Folsom, California to head the Platform Components Division where he was responsible for the Chipset and Graphics solutions for the Intel Architecture platform. Sainis relocated to Punjab from Mathura and surrounding areas over different periods of time.

[18], Traditionally, Sainis have been married through Vedic ceremonies performed by Brahmins of Sanatani tradition. [19], According to the Anthropological Survey of India, "The Saini are endogamous community and observe exogamy at village and gotra level." After the defeat of the Sikh forces, Mayya Singh was in Bhai Maharaj Singh`s train at Sujoval near Balala. As of 2011, the city has a population of 3.1 million, making it the tenth most populous city in the country. Prof. P.D. Nilakanta Sastri, Kallidaikurichi Aiyah Nilakanta Sastri, Bharatiya Itihas Parishad, Published by Orient Longmans, 1992, Original from the University of California, REPORT OF A TOUR IN EASTERN RAJPUTANA IN 1882-83 , VOLUME XX, A. Cunningham, Archaeological Survey of India, pp 59, Published by Office of the Superintendent of Government Printing, 1885 ,Item notes: v.20 1882-1883, Original from the University of Michigan, "In Jullundhur the Sainis are said to claim Rajput origin...and lived principally in the Muttra district. Gulab Singh Saini was one of the prominent leaders of the native insurrection against the British during the mutiny in his role as the commander-in-chief [68] of the princely state of Ballabhgarh. British had classified Sainis as a 'martial race'. Thereupon, all of his property and land was confiscated by the British colonialists and all public records pertaining to him and his companions were burnt down to erase the influence of their martyrdom on the natives [68] but the tales of patriotism , gallantry and sacrifice of these heroes of India's first war of freedom still managed to endure in the popular memory despite the twin scourge of colonial oppression and time. Thus, the first empire of pre-historic or Proto-history India was established by Kansa, the scion of Shoorsaini dynasty.

info)) is a caste of North India who were traditionally landowners and farmers.Sainis claim to be descendants of a king, Shurasena, as well as of Krishna and Porus, and to be related to the ancient Shoorsaini clan, noted in Puranic literature. However, his major contributions came after the Anglo-Sikh war as armed insurgent against the rule of East India Company.[67]. He had also been featured on numerous albums with various producers. [69][101], Relative population size as per 1881 census. Estimating the probable dates of this Surasena or Saini dynasty kings, writes Cunningham [38]: "If we place Vatsadaman in A.D. 750 to 775, the head of the family, Phakka, will date from A.D. 600, reckoning twenty five years to each generation.

[9] [10][35][36]. — Durgabhata (son), married Vachchhalika. In rare instances a representative photo may be used. The population of Sainis has not been enumerated separately since independence but their relative population is rather small compared to the other groups.

An additional spouse is allowed if the wife cannot have children. The Civil Hospital and a Gurudwara in Rainak Bazar at Jalandhar commemorate his memory. Other geography / data: GMI. A dowry is given.

Subedar-Major Jagindar Singh, Saini Sikh of Kheri Salabatpur in Rupar, gained the 2nd Class Order of Merit at the battle of Loos in Belgium for striking leadership and conspicuous bravery in action after most of his company and all but one British Officer in his regiment had been killed or wounded. * Pray for Saini people will see that their old systems of ethics and religion are not working, and that their only hope is in Jesus Chris. Subedar-Major Jagindar Singh 'Bahadur' , a Saini from Ropar, distinguished himself for conspicuous gallantry and striking leadership in the Battle of Loos in Belgium during World War 1. The 18 Grenadiers Major was shot through the temple by the third militant but not before he had gunned down two of them.