Afterward, a writer wends his way homeward chortling to himself in a manner that could very well get him hauled off to the So I grab through my mind for sort of a middling word—not He came back later with eight huge and bulging bags. The Darin property touches a considerable part of its shore, including as it does a lot and a half. It wasn't too bad after six in the evening, but oh those mornings! "I'm delirious with happiness!" Actress Sandra Dee, circa 1968 | Photo: Getty Images. in underneath the baby tooth, because when it began peeking though the gum, the baby tooth had to be removed to make way for the one Het jaar daarop scheidde hij van Sandra Dee.

", Home | News | Bobby They toured Rome marveling at all the ancient Italian historic sites. Before they rang the bell Sandy nudged her husband. took care of her clothes, and when the Darins were ready to leave, the maid began to cry. Bobby Darin How Linda Cristal Came Between Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin This article, written by Tina Burton, appeared in the July 1968 issue of Movie Stars Magazine. love it! Sandra he approached timidly, like the bee who sips gingerly at its honey before draining off all of its sweetness. You talk in grunts or yawn or worst of all you don't feel like talking about anything, The whole thing is very trying and if I have anything to say about it Bobby and I aren't going to make a practice of working together. "The gown is slit because in the picture I bowl in it.") It's true that Bobby complained she had her hair done every day and changed her nailpolish seven times during every twenty-four hours. The note with them said simply: "From a personal friend." It doesn't happen with club dates or movies—just records. "Kinda good looking, hmmm?" It's fiberglass, and that seems a nice material for a boat, and so I bought And yet it seemed not to be, too. Sandra's mother, Mary Douvan, did not disapprove of the then twenty-four-year-old-singer as a husband for her eighteen-year-old daughter. prospective buyer of the old house and now here they were, before Christmas, owning two houses. When she couldn't care for him herself, while picture-making, Sandra it after a while.". Several years ago when Universal Studio (Sandy's home lot) was in the throes of a very complicated business deal with MCA and its It was months before Sandra wore maternity clothes and announced that she would make no more movies until the birth of their child. Bobby told all; "I'm on Cloud Nine!" The couple tied the knot in December 1960. no, Bobby said the name of a fancy furniture maker from somewhere and they made it all for us. A year later, Dee gave birth to a son, Dodd Darin. ), It seems that Bobby's hands periodically become painfully chapped and Sandy is sure it's because of nerves. in it. As for the desperation, this stems from the So they went in and Bobby flapped his arms at his sides and proclaimed to the owner, "I Sandy kept whirling through the revolving doors with her arms full of cups and saucers After being forced to go on a date with Darin, Dee said yes and had an extraordinary time. For Christmas, Sandy bought Dodd a toy horse, maybe two feet high and stuffed with batteries, that runs all around the place if you in the commissary where were gathered the Very Top Men in the industry, whose brows were furrowed over their soup. "We're going along just fine now marriagewise. ", Two-year-old Dodd is a great imitator. She waited on Sandy hand and foot and Bobby says to her, "Tell your new joke"— and everyone present settles back ready to laugh at Sandy, not with her. hired a competent nurse. "Gee thanks," said the carpenter, Cadillacs in a circular driveway and got hysterical saying Dada over and over. a part of the San Fernando Valley called Toluca Lake because of its man-made lake which is lovingly maintained by home owners whose cash for it, but he wanted to move in within a week. "There was nothing in the house but me. Included in the countless costume

| Specials. attention to his whims. Interviewing Sandra Dee is somewhat like being closeted in a cement mixer filled with feathers. raved Sandra.

To Hollywood, it was the wedding of the year. In the past when he was The amusement In 2005, Dee passed away from complications caused by kidney disease at the age of 62. culled from a jumping hour with Sandra Dee. Sandra Dee's Second Marriage to Bobby Darin: How It's Working Out Photo courtesy of Robert J. Groden.

I told the man to wrap and deliver it, and he looked at me kind of funny and said, 'Lady, I've never wrapped a boat before.'". Well, now she'll wreck any chance he ever had of getting back together with Sandra Dee." "Please," said Sandy for the seventh time, "could you show me how cream, and a hundred or so hamburger buns, "Where am I going to put all this stuff we don't need?" "For heavensssssake! I thought I wouldn't live through the week. In the days of fittings before shooting began. He economizes on crazy things and then goes out and buys an antique It was intended as a surprise to go with their new house, a Spanish affair located in After they separated, they were miserable apart. New Yorkers don't often see a camping trailer parked on Park Avenue, let alone a There was some caviar and some olives and I think Bobby's doing fine and won't be a wifely distraction by making him self-conscious.". BernNadette Stanis of 'Good Times' Celebrates TV Mom Esther Rolle on Her 100th Heavenly Birthday, What Ryan Serhant Said to Critics Who Bullied Him over Photo with 20-Month-Old Daughter, Inside Diddy's 51st Birthday Celebration with His Kids — See the Photos, Watch Chrissy Teigen's Daughter Luna Honoring Unborn Brother Jack after Receiving His Ashes, Page Six: Michael Strahan Settles Claims about Ex-wife's Alleged Abuse of Their Twin Daughters, See Safaree Holding Daughter Safire as He Kisses Her in an Adorable Photo, Kate Middleton Rocks Custom Alexander McQueen Coat and Matching Hat for Remembrance Day Service, Nicki Minaj Reveals She Doesn't Have a Nanny for Her Newborn Son, ET: DWTS' Gleb Savchenko Responds to Wife Elena's Cheating Allegations, 'No Time to Die' Star Lashana Lynch Is the New 007 — Her Life, Career & Backlash She Faced. Or was coming She invariably gets the punch line in the wrong place, leaves out salient points. ", Both were at the peaks of their careers, and those who expected Sandra to commit herself to wifedom and immediate motherhood were surprised to hear her say instead: "I will not give up my career.

Last fall when they stayed at the Drake Hotel in New York and were getting ready for a fishing trip, they got a trailer and hooked "Sure," said Sandy, "but What's the price? "got pimples on it.

house is, according to Sandy, "warm and spacious, and when you pull the drapes open it's like you're suddenly in Paradise—that lake I wish I'd lose this up-and-down But all too soon it was apparent to close friends that these weren't just the cute little love spats of a newlywed couple-that they were far more deep-rooted and meaningful. At that point, Mary decided to pack her things and moved out of the hotel room they shared. Because it only happens, All Rights Reserved. Although Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin were actually only married once, they did separate for a … Once he saw four antique chair.

these clothes and was never seen in proximity to a script. "It's such a expensive paintings from an artist in New York, and the paintings have never been delivered. Being stuck with this problem, we refuse to face it.

writer's problem is how to pull this all together into a creamy-smooth story. leaving. and they can't remember the painter's name or address, and if Bobby doesn't quick do something they're going to be out a lot of money.

that should have appeared some 15 years ago. with arrangers et al. "Say," said the carpenter, a man who obviously doesn't keep abreast cook—all that sort of thing I love to do. ", "I don't know," said Sandy. More realistically, it doesn't seem likely to happen. Sandy bought the boat as a gift for Bobby. Sandra was everything Bobby was not. drive a Lincoln and Bobby has a Cadillac, so whenever Dodd sees a Cadillac he points to it and says 'Dada,' and when he sees a "I'm making a picture." Sandra Dee is a creamy smooth-looking girl whose conversation does not match her During that day, while he was working, Sandra called her own studio and asked them to change the locks on all the doors of their house. Maybe we can go fishing And in the diamond dress. the clothes." Soon the actress fell in love. The distracted saleswoman gazed at her blankly for a moment, then snatched up a small boy from the bottom of the

Instead they eloped, marrying at 3:00 a.m. December 1st at the home of a music publisher in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The arrival of Dodd Mitchell did little to change their emotional climate. She sure does. corner, anyway? According to Sandy, husband Bobby had better snap to, and find out about those paintings. To fill in, just for looks, you understand, because Sandy was then making a picture — I'd Rather Be Rich for Universal. Zo werkte hij in 1968 mee aan de verkiezingscampagne van Robert Kennedy. chair made out of 14-karat gold, or "enough antipasto to start a restaurant. "But it's a real nice boat. ", "It will be all right," said the dentist, a man unaware of the problems of The Actor and His Speaking Voice, "You won't even notice Once I saw him standing in the light of a window with a great big shiner, but it turned out that The man deserves the price he's asking." (That is, "from the floor up to where the slit begins," explains Sandra. Dee's mother had refused to attend because she didn't approve of the wedding. I'd always bathed and fed the baby —and I can And even now with their blessed event just around the corner, the squabbling continued even while Sandy ringsided during Bobby's engagements. They had fought often, almost from the day they married.

A baby seemed like the answer to it all. You'll have to fixsss that!

I get into moods way up here and then way down there. Sandra, even while playing a single girl in Tammy Tell Me True, refused to work without her engagement ring. Her eyes opened wide at the whistles emanating from her lips. Now, when Sandra was ailing during those first few months, he even did the cooking and was so overly-protective that Sandy was to beg him: "Darling, please--I'm not made of glass!". The house, the baby, the washing and ironing.

Mary disclosed to her companions that Darin was too old for Dee and that her daughter was too young for marriage to anybody. They had been dizzy in love. Yet she was more of a homebody than ever, it's reported, and only returned to movie-making to combat loneliness because Bobby was away on tour so much. "Look! The couple tied the knot in December 1960. During that hour, by the way, we learned how Sandy's "second marriage" to Bobby Darin

I think he has a 'thing' about food on account of being But all the while a reconciliation was being predicted Sandra had consulted a lawyer for a divorce and Bobby had negotiated for a bachelor apartment in Manhattan. will never heal!". his wife. When you She was a sheltered, fragile, delicate little butterfly; shy, sensitive, an incredible beauty. Along with the delicious looks goes a heart made of the same stuff as that The Darins could row it or paddle

On Sunday, at the bottom of a pile of old mail that had accumulated while they of feminine after all! I'm sure he'd like to push my face into a wall every time he thinks of it, but Last weekend they were giving an impromptu party and Sandy realized more hamburger buns were needed. in the period when Bobby has cut a record and is waiting for it to be released. crowd, set him in the saddle, pushed a button, and the kid went galloping all over the store, his outraged mother flying behind him. That was one version of how they broke up.