In 1378, John de Kelly was Abbot at Arbroath. Murray from Moray in the North East. [239] ["Both a preserver and a champion"]. [103] [From Latin: "Sweeter after difficulties"]. [1], The surname Kelly has multiple different origins, with the name originating in England, Ireland and Scotland. [205]Badge: red whortleberry, bearberry[35] or boxwood[63], Motto: FORTIS ET FIDUS. Motto: IMPERAT AEQUOR ["He rules the sea"], Motto: TEAGHLACH PHABBAY. [260], Motto: GENEROSITATE. The most important clan chiefs at this time were part-kings, part-protectorates and part-judges and they held real power over their controlled lands.

[326], Motto: JE PENSE. Badge: yew[35], Motto: FIDE ET FORTITUDINE. tracing your name to a clan but we hope this list and our associated The Gaelic connection can be seen in names such as Craig (from the Gaelic creag, which means crag or rocks) and Cameron (from cam and sròn (camshròin: crooked nose). [306]Badge: oak[35] or Thistle[citation needed], Motto: NON TIMEO SED CAVEO. [168], Motto:Concedo nulli or Fidei coticula crux, Motto: CORDA SERRATA PANDO. You can search for tartans by family name, clan name or colour or just browse our A-Z list. [113], Motto: CRUCIATA CRUCE JUNGUNTUR ["Troubles are connected with the cross"], Seat: Gartshore, Kirkintilloch, Dunbartonshire, Motto: DURAT DITAT PLACET.

A Scottish clan member's crest badge is made up of a heraldic crest, encircled by a strap and buckle which contains a … [174] ["Love endures delays"]. [165] [from Latin: "I grow by virtue"]. [254], Motto: DREAD GOD. [297], Motto: HAZARD YET FORWARD ON Club moss has also been attributed to the Macraes, who were the Mackenzie's "shirt of mail". [227]Badge: club moss[35], Motto: NON OBLITUS. Delivering Internationally Despite Covid-19.

[134]Badge: mistletoe[35], Motto: SOLA VIRTUS NOBILITAT. Peter has a son called John - John's surname becomes Peterson (Peterson's son). Jack . Today, Scottish crest badges are commonly used by members of Scottish clans. Clan Kelly is a Scots clan.

[253]Badge: driftwood[35], Motto: POST FUNERA FAENUS.

Motto: FLOREAT MAGESTAS ["Let majesty flourish"], Motto: FUIMUS. For example, the surname can be derived from two places in Scotland: Kelly, near Arbroath; and Kellie, in Fife. [35], Motto: LABORA. [206] [from Latin: "Brave and faithful"]. Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia [6] [from French: "Loyal unto death"][6], Motto: CRUX MIHI GRATA QUIES [from Latin: The cross gives me welcome rest], Seat: Blair Adam, estate in Kinross-shire, Motto: CONSILIO NON PETU. [185]Badge: common heath[35], Motto: BUAIDH NO BAS. There are several MacDonald clan branches, most notably the MacDonalds of Sleat and MacDonalds of Clanranald. Adam, Frank; Innes of Learney (1970), p. 136. [267]Badge: bull rush[63], Motto: HUC TENDIMUS OMNES ["We all strive for this"], Motto: AUDACTER ET STRENUE.

[252], a trident Azure. [217]Badge: furze[35], Motto: I BIRN QUHIL I SE.

© 2020 VisitScotland. [161] ["I shall stand"]. [38]Badge: billberry (blaeberry), oak, and birch[35], Seat: Cambusmore House, Callander, Stirlingshire, Motto: MARTE SUO TUTUS ["Safe by his own exertions"], Seat: Byses Castle (ruin), Haddington, East Lothian, Motto: AONAIBH RI CHÉILE. Kelly Irish Clan Motto – God is a strong tower to me – Turris Fortis Mihi Deus.

[175], Motto: FORTITER.

By signing up we will send you marketing information. [230], Motto: DEO JUVANTE INVIDIAM SUPERABO. Or names could derive from where people lived - ie. [128] [from Latin: "I stand for the truth"]. [305] [from Latin: "If God is for us, who is against us"]. [322] [from Latin: "For liberty"]. [172] [from Latin: "This is valour of my ancestors"]. [227] [from Latin: "With fortitude"]. Scottish names associated with clans and families

[99], Motto: VIVE UT VIVAS ["Live that you may have life"], Motto: FIDE ET FORTITUDINE.

[217] [from Latin: "While i breathe i hope"]. The following is a list of Scottish clans with and without chiefs. Crest badges intended for wear as cap badges are commonly made of silver or some other metal such as pewter. [200], Motto: MANU FORTI.

[170] [from Latin: "I open locked hearts"]. [98] ["Cause caused it"][97], Motto: JE PENSE PLUS. [204] [from Latin: "Fortune assists the daring"]. [1][2],, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 July 2020, at 11:25. [302]Badge: furze (whin) or white clover[35], Motto: VIRTUTIS REGIA MERCES. Part of the Irish Clan Network Directive. sites by using our customised search engine, Electric asked what their name was gave their parents name first as was the custom at the time and

The clan name may be variant of Kelloe, a barony in the lands of Home in Berwickshire. [281] [from Latin: "My wishes are above the stars"]. [40]Badge: crowberry, or oak[35], Seat: Achnacarry Castle, Fort William, Highlands, Motto: NE OBLIVISCARIS. [232], Motto: SINE FINE. VisitScotland uses cookies to enhance your experience on our website.

Thir mey likely be o "Celtic" strynd. [313] ["Without fear"]. You can unsubscribe at any time. Check out our 21 clan profiles and trip planner itineraries, and discover some of Scotland's best known clans and family names, and where you can visit and experience life like your ancestors. Spelling of Names will be of some help. The clan name mey be variant o Kelloe, a barony in the lands o Home in Berwickshire. [290], Motto: DISSIPATE. [18], Motto: NEC CITO NEC TARDE. [199]Badge: common heath[35] or White Heather, Motto: NUNQUAM OBLIVISCAR. [312] [from Latin "The lion's anger is noble"].

[139] [from Latin: "The Lord has given"]. 56.


[203] [from Latin: "Endeavour"]. The anly evidence for Clan Kelly is a reference tae Kelly o that Ilk bi Alexander Nisbet, who blazoned the arms or, a saltire sable between fower fleurs de lis azure. Sir Norman Murray Archibald MacGregor Pringle of that Ilk and Stichill, 10th Baronet, Richard Walter John Montagu-Douglas-Scott, List of ancient Celtic peoples and tribes, "Site Record for Dolphiston Castle Details Details", SIR JOHN CHRISTOPHER FOGGO MONTGOMERY CUNNINGHAME of KILMAURS, Baronet of Corsehill, "The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs Requirements for Recognition", "Obituary: David Irvine of Drum, chief who helped end a centuries-old clan feud", "Chief or Representative | The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs", Clan MacGillivray Association of Canada wished Iain MacGillivray well as Clan Commander, "International Association of Clan MacInnes", "Clan MacTavish Press Release, New Arms For MacTavish Chief", "Robertson Clan Crest, Virtutis Gloria Merces Motto, Family History and Gifts", Clan Rutherford | ScotClans | Scottish Clans, "Turnbull Clan, Crest, Motto and History",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Part of the Clan Chattan Federation. The surname can also be derived from several place names.

The blazon of the heraldic crest is given, and the heraldic motto with its translation into English.

[106]Badge: broom[35], Seat: Corstorphine Castle (demolished), Corstorphine, Lothian, Motto: INSTAURATOR RUINAE. [41]Badge: fir club moss, or wild myrtle (bog myrtle)[35], Motto: FAC ET SPERA.

The medieval name also means ‘God is gracious’. [citation needed]Badge: red whortleberry[35], Motto: MISERIS SUCCURRERE DISCO. [325], Motto: VERO NIHIL VERIUS. [29] [from French: "Gracious"].

[236]Badge: rowan berries[35], Motto: PANS PLUS. [50] [from French: "Always ready"]. [231] [from Latin: "I will overcome envy with God's help"].

[221]Badge: trailing azalea[35], Motto: BUAIDH NO BAS. [204]Badge: pine (Scots Fir) or St John's wort (St. Columba's flower)[35], Motto: TOUCH NOT THE CAT BOT A GLOVE. However, much like clan tartans, Scottish crest badges do not have a long history, and owe much to Victorian era romanticism, and the dress of the Highland Regiments. [267] [from French: "Provide for all"]. [9], Motto: PERIISSEM NI PERIISSEM. [83] ["Wisely if sincerely"]. The clans lived off the land, with cattle being their main source of wealth and, along with border disputes, the prime cause of inter-clan unrest. [183]Badge: common heath (Scots heather)[35], Motto: PER MARE PER TERRAS. [4], Motto: SALUS PER CHRISTUM [from Latin: Salvation through Christ], Motto: LOYAL AU MORT. [135] ["Virtue alone ennobles"].