Even “dualchas teaghlaich” sounds a bit odd however, because it’s redundant.

Although I am still passionate about my Scottish roots, I have decided that I will not diminish that heritage by using elements of a language I’m not fluent in. Check with Comunn Gàidhlig Cheap Breatuinn in Sydney first — I think there are classes in Sydney and then they should also know what else is going on around CB. Best wishes on your book! I wish I were bilingual, aside from the tattoo requests it seems wonderful to be able to express sentiments that you can’t get across with English.

From a Celtic knot to a shamrock, the symbols always held special meaning to the families. I am working on a second book which will include family and clan mottos, last names (surnames), and first names, so I will add yours to the list. Thanks for your reply and clarification. Hello, friends asked me to do elvish logo for kids who play all year game from land of LoTR.

I saw Stiana which is aparantly a very old and rare Irish way to spell Stephan/Stephani both masculine and feminine, but can’t confirm the authenticity of the information. The “cool” factor comes in part from its rarity and double-edged romantic stereotypes of being ancient, natural, and poetic (= obsolete, animalistic, and good for nothing but poetry). Mo + seanair = Mo sheanair. https://gaelic.co/too-old/, Thank you for your reply.

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I don’t think it is substantially different though. Be more considerate of other people’s time. (bottom row,, No ?mark lol)

The Irish Harp is supposed to symbolize that the soul is immortal. Either because it’s usually either Mandarin or gibberish, or because, as you explained, the cultural concept just doesn’t translate.

In Scottish Gaelic, “drug” is druga or droga and the plural, “drugs,” is drugaichean. Thank goodness it’s probably just Photoshopped, like the model’s abs.

This changes the pronunciation of the word differently according to which sound is being lenited. The same goes for Irish, as this helpful article points out. But in the interest of letting anyone who wants to play along to […]. T he traditional Scottish music and soul-stirring lyrics gets the Scottish blood pumping! Live Life …..Love the sea in Scottish Gaelic (which he spoke in very limited amounts)

“you are enough” is what i need translated pls help! “Colourblind” is “dath-dhall” in Scottish Gaelic (pronounced a bit like “dah-ghowl”) but your customers would probably try to pronounce it “dath-doll” rhyming with “bath-doll”). If you want to speak ABOUT your sister, however, it is “mo dheirfiúr.” BTW, don’t forget the accent on the “ú.” Irish words (as well as Scottish Gaelic words) are misspelled if the accent is left off (or if it’s put on where it doesn’t belong). However, when the Celtic people converted to Christianity, they kept the wheel and simply converted it by adding a cross to reflect their new religious beliefs.

A proliferation of bad Gaelic tattoos also weakens the language. (AND I DON’T KNOW GAELIC)”. Not sure if this is still a thing, but im very interested in learning scottish Gaelic. Please do not post tattoo translation requests in the comments or through e-mail. Tsk, tsk!

U I’m trying to get the correct pronunciation of “God King”. (Scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post to see the black “Subscribe” box in the right corner.). Instead a spelling mistake transforms “saor” into “soar” — an easy mistake to make when neither you nor the tattoo artist knows Gaelic, and the English word “soar” is so close in spelling. Christian Celtic families hold this symbol as not just one of their religion, but also their heritage. Second, to be honest, you are wasting people’s time and effort on something that doesn’t really help Gaelic.