Sharekhan Mini - Mobile Trading Application specially designed for mobile phone users who want to access Sharekhan on low bandwidth. Sharekhan provides funding for the shares bought by you. Trade efficiently with Sharekhan! Started over a decade back in the year 2010, Sharekhan under the franchise agreement with Online Trading Academy brings the financial education available globally, to India, thus laying the foundation for Sharekhan Education. Branch/Franchisee. Login ID: Membership Password: 1,00,000 then you are supposed to pay 25% * i.e. Achieve your financial goals with the all-new Sharekhan App. Offline Customer. Features like advanced charts and measurement tools, Watchlist, etc.

At Sharekhan Education we have always believed in the power of financial education to transform lives.

Rs. For e.g. if you have bought shares of Reliance worth Rs.

Sharekhan Mini Offline Moving ahead, if you are an offline customer, even then you can access this application. 25,000 only and balance 75,000 will be paid by Sharekhan on your behalf. Online PB/DNT. You just need to pay only a part of the total value of shares bought. You need to provide your user id (which is your offline client Id) along with your password to access this application. Designed and built for traders and investors alike, you can now trade across equities, derivatives from NSE and BSE and invest in mutual funds through your favourite Sharekhan App. Online Customer.