Test....copy files within 1 root folder from Physical Server (this is a Svr 2008 R2 Veeam server & SQL backup location....(size 305 GB, 65 files, 5 folders). adrian_ych Agree with Martin. to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Answer (1) and use DiskSPD or similar tools to simulate your I/O pattern. DS1517+ 3x WD RED 1TB / 1x WD RED 2TB / SSD Cache -- DS213 2x WD RED 1TB -- DS115 WD RED 1TB. SHR gives you the ability protect your data from 1 lost hard drive and SHR-2 protects you from two. Ideally and with lots of money you'll go RAID10 with SSD's just due to raw IO speeds you can sustain. So in a way....for large files (40GB and above), for SATA HDD, RAID 6 vs RAID 10 does not have much "write" performance improvement. I know that this cannot be true as one is a bicycle and the other is a supercar.....furthermore, for cost reasons, there is no need to RAID 6/10 SSDs for simple or low-end NAS solutions. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? Also to confirm that there were no external factors skewed the tests.

Use the kossboss.com link vandermere gave you. Du bist nicht hier, um Support für Adblocker zu erhalten, denn dein Adblocker funktioniert bereits ;-). Umstellen von SHR-1 auf SHR-2 geht wenn Du mindestens eine neue Platte passender Kapazität dazu nimmst. etc etc etc. Also wäre die einfachste Methode, die großen reinen Datenmengen zu sichern, dann die neuen Platten rein, das dann "kleine" belegte Volumen (nur die Apps und Einstellungen ohne Daten) von SHR-1 auf SHR-2 umstellen lassen und fertig. https://www.synology.com/en-us/support/RAID_calculator. One old server copying to the new server (old DR) gave me 450 MB/sec and then I added the old primary copying over (from old server to new server again) and that topped out at 530 MB/sec. Even considering that, your similarity in copy times is such that the network seems to clearly be the bottleneck. 6 Replies 5564 Views 0 Likes. Da lediglich 7TB benutzt sind sollte ein Betrieb als SHR-2 bequem möglich sein. Das Einbinden weiterer Platten dauert immer. RAID 10 will smoke RAID5/6 on writes. Dec 30, 2015. Wenn es irgend geht, dann lösche die alte SHR-1 Partition und richte eine neue SHR-2 ein. The larger the drives, the increased risk. These days I'd defo look at VM everything with the NAS acting effectively as a SAN - ie just raw storage. Toggle Dropdown. But the NAS is not at the same location. Synology DS918+, Fritzbox 7590 hinter LTE-Hybridrouter, Android (Note8), Windows10-PCs, Smart-TVs. You didn't specify the network speed, just that you had one interface active - the differences you saw are statistically insignificant, indicating the network was a bottleneck as well. JavaScript ist deaktiviert. For comparison sake I can pull a 400gb file from 6x4tb raid5 to 8x2tb raid10 between a pair of 10g capable HyperV servers at about 525-550MB/s on sas drives. RAID levels which combined with workload affect performance dramatically) w/out telling anything about what you'll be doing with your storage. Dec 13, 2014. Streaming vs incremental vs reverse-incremental backups? ****I spend more time tweaking my NAS than my Server****. Gegen Probleme gibts eine Versicherung namens Backup. Even how the data is sent to the NAS matters.

Then almost everyone is saying that RAID 10 have better performance than RAID 6, some claimed that RAID 10 have better write performance and also that RAID 10 have 4x write advantages over RAID 6 "write penalty". Subscribe for Updates. So, the both together were writing to a new (as of 2015) RAID10 array of 8 Seagate Constellation SAS 6GB drives, out of a nominal 1.25 GB/sec maximum, all big VHDX's. Copying to the RAID5 of 8 enterprise Micron DC500 or whatever the 800GB drives are called I never got more than about 350 GB/sec.

The SHR-2 was added as the time difference was not that significant between RAID 10 & RAID 6 (143min vs 151 min). Oder wird auch der leere Speicherplatz mitgeprüft? Nach meinen Erfahrungen (siehe oben) ist das aber überhaupt nicht spaßig, da die Konvertierungsgeschwindigkeit erbärmlich ist.