Carry out transformation projects quickly and securely with CrystalBridge – The Business Transformation Platform – and maintain control at all times. By harnessing the power of this comprehensive end-to-end platform, you can make even complex transformation projects a success. Otherwise, CUSTOMER shall indemnify PROVIDER in application of section 8.5 above.

SNP SE is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and we’ll only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the products and services you requested from us. Any agreement which includes a change of, amendment to or specification of the terms and conditions of this Contract, as well as any representations regarding properties and other representations, any other special agreements between the parties, and any declarations influencing legal relations (e.g. PROVIDER may temporarily suspend CUSTOMER’s access to the Services to prevent damages, if the continued use of the Services by CUSTOMER may have a material adverse effect on the Services, or in case of a violation of section 10.2 above, or if such violation is claimed by any third party. The liability of the PROVIDER for intent, gross negligence, claims under the German Produkthaftungsgesetz and injury to life, limb or health is governed by the statutory provisions. By using the Services CUSTOMER accepts these Terms in their current version from time to time. 6.6If applicable, PROVIDER shall be bound by instructions with regard to any measures in data processing. For the avoidance of doubt, “unauthorized processing” includes, but is not limited to: loss, destruction, compromise, or unauthorized access, collection, retention, storage, or transfer. You receive a 360-degree view of your system and processes to simulate the outcome of your transformation project in advance and therefore design the optimal roadmap for your project. Based on diverse transformation scenarios – such as a switch to SAP S/4HANA, a merge or a harmonization – the individual modules are combined and used in a selective manner. SNP previewed its service for migrating customer SAP environments to SAP Business Suite on HANA test environments. Conflict-of-law rules do not apply. 8.1PROVIDER shall ensure that the service results rendered within the Services are free of any intellectual property rights of third parties and that – to its knowledge – there are no other rights which limit or exclude their intended use.

PROVIDER shall use employees who are qualified to fulfill its obligations arising from these Terms. SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner Business. 5.1.1PROVIDER warrants that Services will be rendered with appropriate care, technical expertise and in accordance with the relevant specifications. Install. 12.1.1To the extent that the CUSTOMER orders service from PROVIDER which are rendered by third-party service providers, and if such services become subject to any price increases, said increased prices shall be passed on by PROVIDER to the CUSTOMER accordingly.

“With its comprehensive, x-ray visibility into SAP installations, regardless of size and complexity, companies can build accurate blueprints easily – without burning months of manual effort. The objection must be addressed to the controller designated in the data privacy statement. The Parties grant each other only those licenses and rights which have been expressly specified and agreed.

Yet every transformation also entails risks. Any further rights of PROVIDER shall remain unaffected. All prices shall be subject to an agreed adjustment, which shall be made with effect from 1 January of each year. Each time digital transformation takes place, these ERP systems and the data they contain must be changed, restructured, archived and recombined. 10.4.3CUSTOMER shall inform PROVIDER without delay about any unauthorized access to the Services, access information, or systems of PROVIDER, or networks connected with a Server of PROVIDER or a service provider used by PROVIDER as a result of including but not limited to hacking, password mining or other means of cyber crime. Subsequently, the CUSTOMER will be activated by an administrator for the use of the Services. KPI data enables PROVIDER to compare CUSTOMER’s KPIs with those of other installations e.g. CUSTOMER’s obligation to pay a remuneration shall be agreed separately.

For more information, check out our privacy policy. CUSTOMER therefore assigns to PROVIDER all necessary worldwide rights to use, process, duplicate and modify such Analysis Data and to use the KPI data without any limitation. This is why many companies view IT transformation projects as a risk rather than an opportunity. A migration to SAP S/4HANA® is a highly complex task. Your customized transformation strategy is developed based on the results. Why Endure SAP Services Downtime When You Could Banish It For Good. In such case, the parties agree to negotiate a provision in good faith taking into account the mutual interest of the parties. According to Art. 6.1The parties mutually agree to keep secret towards third parties any business information of the other Party which becomes known to them, in particular with regard to business and trade secrets of the other party, and will not pass them on to third parties nor use them in any way unless these are generally known facts. 13, 14 GDPR.

3.3.2Any further provision of Services shall be considered as a conclusion of a new contract on the Services. termination notices, reminders, or notices) shall not be effective, unless made in writing. In addition, the CUSTOMER may object to the processing or use of his personal data in accordance with Art. No other rights shall be granted. At the core of many digital processes are complex ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems that store data for corporate management purposes. If no such notification is made, any CUSTOMER’s claims and rights relating to such default, as far as such was recognizable for CUSTOMER, shall be excluded. The written-form requirement is also met by sending an E-Mail or fax. CUSTOMER is not allowed to sublicense, license, sell, lease, rent or otherwise make any Services available to third parties. Performance by CUSTOMER of its general collaborative duties is a primary contractual duty and necessary precondition for the correct performance of Services. Overview of the modules and software components used, SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE Dossenheimer Landstraße 100. When companies move to S/4HANA, the focus is on the data: They must decide which data they want to migrate and which historical data they want to archive. As a result, we have successfully implemented over 12,500 projects so far. With our help, you can move to SAP S/4HANA quickly, flexibly and reliably.

Furthermore, the liability of PROVIDER in the case of slight negligence for any indirect damages shall be excluded. The CrystalBridge modules are each divided into components so that we can provide the perfect combination for your transformation project. Should individual provisions be or become partly or wholly invalid, the validity of the contract in its entirety and the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Furthermore, the periodic table provides an overview of the particular software components that are available for your project. In particular, each party shall allow the other party to fulfill its obligations within a reasonable additional time limit before it initiates legal steps because of non-fulfillment of obligations under these Terms.

Scenario S/4HANA; Scenario Merge; Scenario Move; Scenario Carve-out; Scenario Modernize; Scenario Harmonize; Scenario Test Data; Scenario Assessment; Scenario Interface Management; Solutions. Collapse. CrystalBridge® – The Business Transformation Platform, SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE Dossenheimer Landstraße 100. Any adjustment shall be made in a maximum amount of 5%. PROVIDER provides the Services as described on the webpage. We're committed to your privacy. If PROVIDER becomes aware of any price increase before commissioning of the third-party service provider takes place, PROVIDER shall notify the CUSTOMER of such price increase before the third-party service provider is commissioned.

b.) 5.1.5In all other respects, the warranty period shall be 12 months. 3.1.2The Services shall start on the Delivery Date and shall continue in effect for a maximum of 90 days (hereinafter “Initial Term”), if not otherwise contractually agreed. CrystalBridge. PROVIDER shall not be liable for any delay or failure to fulfill its obligations, to the extent that this is caused by any event of force majeure – this shall include, in particular, war, terror, terror warnings, official orders, strikes, offences and attacks from the internet as well as by users of the application itself (e.g. CUSTOMER agrees to pay the then current fees to PROVIDER. This turnkey service will enable customers to accelerate their migration from non-Unicode and non-Linux platforms to HANA in the AWS Cloud. Projects such as a conversion to the New GL and business partners or a chart of accounts harmonization are also necessary. malware, viruses, worms, “denial-of-service attacks”, “Trojan horses”), the failure of communication networks, including if they occur at sub-suppliers of PROVIDER – and PROVIDER as the party affected by the event of force majeure had not been able to prevent the delay or failure by taking adequate precautionary measures. “SNP’s CrystalBridge is essential for planning SAP S/4HANA transformations,” said Dr Steele Arbeeny, CTO, SNP. SNP demonstrations included a range of migration scenarios including SAP S/4HANA, cloud, and heterogeneous re-platforming, as well as scenarios for business entity divestitures, mergers and systems consolidations. CUSTOMER shall allow PROVIDER (i) to collect, use and submit structural data from the CUSTOMER’s ERP system, including but not limited to system data, configuration data, workflows and parametrization of the CUSTOMER’s ERP system (hereinafter “Analysis Data”) and (ii) to anonymize, aggregate, and transfer and/or transform such generated KPI data into a database solely owned and used by PROVIDER for various purposes.