The semi-sweet mocha sauce that Starbucks sells is actually the same chocolate we use in the Frappuccinos.

I would love to try to make my own frappuccinos someday this winter. I am trying to make an exact copy of it and was wondering if that powder would work.

Homemade Starbucks Frappuccino recipe. Copycat Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Recipe.

3. Brew your coffee (it needs to be really strong and concentrated).

A lot of variation in employees and few have it down to the T and some not at all. Is the Starbuck's base you refer to a liquid? We use three pumps in a grande. It turned out delicious and tastes like more like the bottled frappuccino.

Absolutely amazing. The Frappucino's in the store are too thick/creamy.

We all accepted it for what it was and never questioned it. Sometimes it’s made perfect, sometimes very sweet, and sometimes just horrible lol!

If you're using ice cream, I'd recommend skipping out on adding any extra ice. Which one should I buy? We use whole milk as the default in store, but any kind of milk is fine. bottles at my local Kroger, it’s a little too pricey for me. A pump is about a tablespoon, give or take.

Could you possibly tell me what I need to do this. 2 tbsp vanilla smoothie/vanilla soft-serve ice cream mix.

They give that 'slip' that we need to get it up our straw, and there are NO artificial ingredients involved. The post Can I Freeze a Bottled Starbucks Frappuccino? I ordered this frappe base called Frozen x-plosion and i can't wait to get it, so i can try making my own Frappucino.

This can be subbed out in a lot of ways. I'm a little confused regarding the actual coffee portion.

Great info!! The Starbucks store offers Fontana sauces in place of Mocha, White Mocha and some seasonal flavors.

We did add caramel and chocolate syrup to the blend and also topped it with cream. I recommend using shots of espresso if you have access to them. I think it's 2-3 pumps coffee, 1 pump creme syrup, milk & ice plus caramel / whipping cream. I prefer the french vanilla. What can I use to replace the matcha powder?? I have bought a blender, what else do I need to make this.

Thanks, I want to know how to make it without ice cream and with corn starch will that work. Great post! My question is.... is their a better way to order this drink (a frappe with a strong coffee kick) ?

I've gotten a lot of comments asking about how to make delicious alternatives. I like the plain Espresso Frappuccino. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative that you can pick up in the grocery store, Hershey's dark chocolate syrup is a great substitute for mocha.

Thanks for reading! In a medium Caramel Frappuccino, you would do 3 pumps of the coffee base. This should serve to thicken your beverage and should also add extra vanilla for those who like that flavor).

They range from coffee-based favorites like the chocolatey mocha frappuccino to the extreme non-coffee drinks like the s’mores frappuccino and the new caramel waffle cone.

From there it just scales up with each size. Hi! How would you make it? This content is imported from TikTok. She heard on TikTok, of course, that you’re actually supposed to put Starbucks' bottled Frappuccinos in the freezer for them to turn into, you know, a Frappuccino.

So I decided to try and make some myself.

Cover bottom of cup with marshmallow whipped cream, Cover whipped cream with 4 pumps milk chocolate sauce. Mix-and-match based on your preferences and/or what you happen to have in the kitchen. The simplest way to avoid a cracked glass disaster is to not leave the bottle in the freezer too long. I have an Oster blender and a Keurig K-cup brewer. There's one thing to keep in mind: freezing may crack the glass bottle.

interesting story. what is the recipe for a java chip frappucino? We actually sell the Chai concentrate we use in our stores.

My email is, if you have the time to respond. So, to make this at home, you would want to start with your coffee first. If you have a version that you absolutely adore, please share it with us! I like the smoothie powder best, but the pudding might be easier to find!

I personally loved the limited edition Banana Mocha Frappuccino from the summer of 2006/2007 (? Amanda W (author) from Pittsburgh on October 26, 2013: The Java Chip Frappuccino in our store is made with Frappuccino Roast, Whole Milk, Java Chips, Mocha Syrup and ice. The best explanation online !! Has anyone tried the Monin vanilla frappe powder for a vanilla frappuccino?

(That's a rhetorical question.) Here are my suggestions for alternatives: Add ice equal to the size of the drink you want. Third, and the hardest ingredient to nail down, is a thickener. Starbucks' ingredients are so specialized that it's hard to copy them exactly, but you can get pretty close. a lot of stuff to go into what I thought was a simple drink....a lot of variations too: ice cream, milk, condensed milk etc.... Can you tell me how to make a Vanilla Frapp?

Amanda W (author) from Pittsburgh on May 05, 2015: There's definitely a lot on the Starbucks menu that I consider a 'sometimes' treat, even with my employee discount! Versions that don't include coffee are usually called "creme frappes.". You can put the caramel on however you like! I love these chilled coffee drinks. They are my favorite, without additional mocha or other flavoring. hi I would like to know about N&NI what is that please kindly send to my e mail

Then, add about 16oz of ice. Doesn't this frappe look delicious?

A grande size would get two. Finally, add your vanilla pudding mix - one half of a pack usually works for me. Optional: Thickener (I would definitely recommend trying the vanilla pudding mix. on March 25, 2015: I need the creme base for a green tea frab where can I get something similar. Thanks for this article.

Please tell me what I can use to replicate this in my kitchen?? This recipe tastes identical to the Starbucks Vanilla Bean Frappuccino recipe. Then, you can add 3/4 cup of any kind of milk you like.

You'll need a bottled Frap and a freezer. For a grande mocha frappuccino, our recipe is three pumps of frappuccino roast, whole milk to the first line of the grande cup, a grande sized scoop of ice, two pumps of mocha (or three in stores that carry a different pump,) and three pumps of base. The bottled Starbucks Frappuccinos you’ve been drinking straight out of the fridge aren’t called "bottled chilled lattes" or "cold mochas" for a reason. I think that blending graham crackers right into it would be an interesting idea. Hi - really enjoyed reading your article. And I use a refurbished Ninja BL810 Ultimate Blender Black, and it works beautifully. Starbucks uses a concentrated coffee in their versions. It will make the drink a little less icy, so if you prefer, you can always chill the espresso first. Pour it into a glass and top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup for the full experience. ), Half a packet of the Starbucks instant iced coffee (about 1 1/2 tbsp), Cup I'm using of ice x2 (I like mine thick), 3 pumps of base (can be purchased on eBay), 1/2-1 tbsp of caramel syrup (depending on how sweet).

I've been making my Frappaccinos based on a reversed engineered recipe, that I worked out using the package ingredients from the original creme base that the baristas would mix up at the start of the day, before Starbucks changed over to the shelf ready cream ice. For a grande Frappaccino; I mix 1 oz of sugar (I like to substitute 3 packets of Splenda), 2 oz of non-fat milk, with 1/3 cup of Carnation instant non-fat dry milk. Every so often, we all realise that we’ve been using a product completely wrong for years and are mind-blown when we figure out its intended use. Deliciously sweet and indulgent, this is a recipe the whole family will enjoy!

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Wikipedia is good for a lot of things, including succinctly summarizing what a frappe is!

", So, now you know: a frappe (or frap or frappuccino, there's a million ways to spell it) is basically a blended ice cream/milkshake-type beverage that may or may not include coffee. Certain stores used to stock this, but now you can only buy it online.

Deliciously sweet and indulgent, this is a recipe the whole family will enjoy!

What would I need to replicate the caramel Frappuccino? In this guide, I'll talk cover Starbucks' standard recipes for frappuccinos and make some suggestions for recipes to try at home.

So, for a grande Chai frappuccino, you would start with 3/4 cup of milk. Can I Freeze a Bottled Starbucks Frappuccino? Concentrated brews work well for blended drinks because you have a lot of other flavors, like milk, that soften the intense coffee flavor. But I love the Chai tea frapp.

Any help would be appreciated. Mocha syrup (For the mocha syrup, Starbucks does sell this through their website, or you can use a dark chocolate syrup, like Hershey's, or maybe a dark chocolate hot chocolate powder. I love Starbucks, but it is so expensive. We usually use whole milk in the store, but any kind is fine! Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino Copycat Recipe: After discovering, loving, then becoming totally addicted to Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino drinks, I quickly realized that I was spending way too much money on these delicious caffeinated beverages.

I have always ordered a grande white chocolate mocha frappe at Starbucks. I'm using a smoothie maker but it's not mixing it all together . Vanilla is a syrup and it is thinner and has no dairy base - it is mostly sugar and water, with the appropriate flavors added. The Frappuccino Roast comes in packets and is mixed with water.

Which one you buy is just a matter of taste.

I measure this using the same cup I'm going to pour my drink into.

Thanks for pointing out details I missed. Great info. If one of the suggested ingredients doesn't work out quite right, I'd love to know.