The story is the first in the main Drones Club canon, and stars Freddie Widgeon, who would become one of the two most prominent characters in the Drones Club series, the other being Bingo Little. The first, The Amazing Hat Mystery, tells the story of a man with an uncommonly large head and a man with an uncommonly small head, who struggle in their endeavours to find the correct sort of hats to woo the women they are courting. Percy shouts at them, and the boys run off, leaving a hat-box on Percy's steps. These short stories are definitely along the same lines of stupid, but perhaps a little more bizarre. The boy is vexed, since he had hoped for sweets, and throws the loaf at Archibald. [13] A third example can be seen in "The Luck of the Stiffhams", when Lord Wivelscombe is experiencing a hangover: "He was in an overwrought state when a fly treading a little too heavily on the carpet is enough to make a man think he's one of the extras in All Quiet On The Western Front".[14]. The collection, recounting the adventures of various members of the Drones Club (except for the last one), features many familiar characters from Wodehouse's other writings, including Freddie Widgeon and the irrepressible Mr Mulliner. Annabelle confesses that she fell in love with Mordred in the dentist's waiting room and will not marry anyone else. The detectives think Freddie is romantically involved with Mrs. Silvers, and say that Mrs. Silvers should be ashamed. [25] "Tried in the Furnace" and "Trouble Down at Tudsleigh" were part of the 1949 collection The Best of Wodehouse, edited by Scott Meredith. As his boat docks at Southampton, he sees a very pretty girl drop her vanity bag. At the Drones, Freddie Widgeon is in a bad mood. Definitely a fun read. A Crumpet remarks that Barmy and Pongo underwent an ordeal that nearly ended their friendship. [21] James Montgomery Flagg illustrated "Fate", "Trouble Down at Tudsleigh", "Goodbye to All Cats", and "The Code of the Mulliners". They will claim that the previous fire had not been extinguished completely. At dinner with Dahlia, her parents, and various aunts, Freddie tries to make conversation by talking enthusiastically about hunting to Lady Prenderby, but she strongly disapproves. Gascoigne reproaches Wivelscombe for having drunk champagne, and does not believe him when Wivelscombe, seeing Stiffy, says that there is a ghost under the table. [19] Treyer Evans illustrated "Fate". Freddie remembers that he is about to receive ten pounds from a friend, and feels compelled by his sense of noblesse oblige to give this to the man. Freddie remorsefully must refuse, and he drives off. Mordred Mulliner, a poet, goes to the dentist. After celebrating with friends, he wakes up disoriented, and goes to his bank. -The Amazing Hat Mystery - Uncle Fred Flits By - Trouble Down at Tudsleigh. A discussion about a breach of promise case leads to Mr Mulliner talking about the code of the Mulliners, which states that en engagement cannot be broken off by the male contracting party. Outside Wivelscombe's house, Stiffy throws gravel at Geraldine's window to get her attention, but misses and hits the Earl's window instead. The Crumpet explains by recounting the following story. Now that he knows this, Archibald talks to Yvonne before she can approach him and Aurelia. They remark that their case is open and shut now that they have discovered Mrs. Silvers with a man, and Freddie infers that they are private detectives.

Mr. Briscoe introduces Barmy to Angelica, and Barmy agrees to help her run the annual village School Treat on Monday. He runs into a bookmaker to whom he owes money, and pays him four-fifty francs. He falls in love with April Carroway, the daughter of a family friend residing at Tudsleigh Court. He plans to make Aurelia want to break their engagement by insulting her father, Sir Rackstraw Cammarleigh, to whom Archibald has always been deferential. Keine aktuelle Diskussion zu diesem Buch. (Drones Club story with Pongo Twistleton and Uncle Fred.). Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Elsewhere, Diana says Nelson's hat is too large. [33], "Tried in the Furnace" was published in the periodical Book of the Week Club, a supplement to the Syracuse Herald, on 19 September 1937, along with another Wodehouse story, The Medicine Girl.

Sir Rackstraw realizes he has become a bore, and also thanks Archibald. She is grateful for Mordred's kindness towards Annabelle and invites him to visit. Following Freddie's advice, she had tried to imitate Lady Godiva (as described in Tennyson's poem "Godiva"). When the man addresses him as Postlethwaite, Freddie states his name is Widgeon. Paperback. [36] "Tried in the Furnace" was included in the 1942 anthology A Treasury of British Humor, edited by Morris Bishop and published by Coward-McCann. He meets Captain Bradbury, an intimidating man of the British Indian Army and a jealous rival for April's love. He tries to get money from his uncle, who is playing chemin-de-fer at the Casino, but Blicester refuses. Freddie scores a nine (the highest possible score) and wins the thousand francs. Pongo learns about this and resents Barmy for coming between him and the girl he loves. He tells the following story about his nephew Archibald.

These comparisons seem to be highly incongruous at first glance, yet are appropriate to the particular situation. My mom recommended this to me after I showed her The Importance of Being Earnest. Refresh and try again. He is surprised when Archibald does stop him, saying that he has heard the story six times and that it is a rotten story. Indem Sie LibraryThing nutzen, erklären Sie dass Sie unsere, Beschreibung von LibraryThing-Mitgliedern, Nutzungsbedingungen und Datenschutzrichtlinie. 6/10. At the Drones Club, a kitten wanders into the smoking-room, upsetting Freddie Widgeon. [27], "The Fiery Wooing of Mordred" was included in the 1981 collection Wodehouse on Crime. The man asks him for a meal. Gascoigne reports that there is nothing there. This irritates the neighbours and a constable grabs Archibald's shoulder. Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, KBE, was a comic writer who enjoyed enormous popular success during a career of more than seventy years and continues to be widely read over 40 years after his death.

Diese Seite verwendet Cookies für unsere Dienste, zur Verbesserung unserer Leistungen, für Analytik und (falls Sie nicht eingeloggt sind) für Werbung. While with Aurelia, he broods on the situation in Bottleton East. Mordred fumbles with buckets of water and only gets in the way. Saying that Freddie bought it to impress a girl, the Crumpet narrates the following story. Ideal happiness reading! Having taken a gold and lavender tie from his uncle's effects, Freddie is dressed impressively, and a stranger offers him five hundred francs to judge a Peasant Mothers Baby Competition. Here, you'll encounter some of Wodehouse's favourite characters – and, in 'The Amazing Hat Mystery', one of his favourite stories. However, Angelica asks Barmy to instead accompany the village mothers on their annual outing. The US edition contains a slightly different selection of stories from the UK version. Archibald tells her about his situation, and she helps come up with the plan. He goes to Myra Jennings's flat, but she is out. They agree that girls do not understand hats, though Nelson tries to defend Elizabeth, whom he has always admired, and Percy defends Diana, whom he has always thought highly of. [38], Richard Usborne adapted "The Amazing Hat Mystery" into a radio drama, which was broadcast on the BBC Home Service on 25 April 1962. One day, Freddie reads (and believes) scandal stories in a tabloid, and later sees a plain-looking girl struggling with a heavy suitcase. [40], 1936 short story collection by P.G. He finds none but is surprised by an unfriendly Alsatian dog (a German Shepherd) on his bed. Despite the political and social upheavals that occurred during his life, much of which was spent in France and the United States, Wodehouse's main canvas remained that of prewar English upper-class society, reflecting his birth, education, and youthful writing career. ""The White Lady of Wivelscombe? Aurelia is upset that Archibald has become so serious and has stopped doing his entertaining hen-imitation. He goes with Dahlia to the Prenderby country house, Matcham Scratchings, to meet her parents, Sir Mortimer Prenderby and Lady Prenderby. In New York, Stiffy agrees to bet "ten" in a game of craps, thinking he is betting ten dollars though the other man really meant ten thousand. She claims his hat is too small, but Percy has faith in Bodmin's hats and is certain she is wrong.

Contents:- The Amazing Hat Mystery - Uncle Fred Flits By - Trouble Down at Tudsleigh Freddie takes a nap, then finds Prudence gone. One story, "Uncle Fred Flits By", features the first appearance of Pongo Twistleton and his Uncle Fred, who featured in four novels, including two appearances at Blandings Castle.