Around 1959, construction workers and hobby guitarists Bob Bogle and Don Wilson formed the group, gigging around Washington state and Idaho with various rhythm sections as backup.

Let us know what you think of the website. The Ventures even cut material exclusively for the Japanese market.

1985: Gerry McGee rejoins the Ventures as their permanent lead guitarist. Let us know what you think of the website. The duo was joined a few years later by Nokie Edwards to record “Walk, Don’t Run”. The ultimate instrumental rock band, boasting a dual-guitar lineup and tight rhythms that earned them several big hits during the '60s. The band became one of the most popular and biggest selling acts of the 1960s, and was prolific during the 60’s in terms of touring and recording, particularly albums. Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2008 (Performer). Their style and music is certainly unique. For booking information or press inquiries, please contact. Gerry McGee – Lead Guitar – (joined in 1968)

Seattle guitarists Bob Dogle and Don Wilson originally got together, ironically enough, to cut a vocal record, an ultra-rare 45 called "Cookies and Coke" that went nowhere in 1959. The Best selling instrumental Rock band in Music history The band was prolific during the 60’s with touring and recording albums. July 1972: Hawaii Five-O becomes the third Ventures album to receive gold certification (500,000 copies sold) from the RIAA. More than 50 years later – with record sales at 100 million plus – with 14 songs that hit the Singles Charts – with 38 LPs that hit the Album Charts (including their smash seasonal Christmas album) – with a lineup that remains solid – The Ventures� style and sound is as pure and powerful as ever.

The Ventures Play Telstar, The Lonely Bull.

All told, The Ventures placed 28 albums in the Billboard 200 and 14 tracks on the Billboard Hot 100, led by “Walk—Don’t Run,” which hit No. The legacy kicked off with the opening drum roll of 1960’s “Walk Don’t Run”, a #2 hit that would go on to sell more than 2 million copies.From the garage, to the beach, to the stars, The Ventures defined an entire decade of instrumental rock music. August 22, 1964: The Ventures’ surf music-inspired remake of “Walk - Don’t Run” – retitled “Walk - Don’t Run ’64” – hits #8. The Ventures' origins lie in a Tacoma, Washington group called the Impacts. The Ventures kept abreast of the latest hits, cutting instrumental versions of numerous tracks from multiple genres while they were still fresh in the public’s mind. Known the world over for their blistering live show, including their legendary show-stopping rendition of “Caravan”, the current line-up continues to deliver dynamic and powerful performances. Its key members were Bob Bogle (guitar, bass; born January 16, 1934, died June 14, 2009), Nokie Edwards (guitar, bass; born May 9, 1935, died March 12, 2018), Gerry McGee (guitar; born November 17, 1937), Mel Taylor (drums; born September 24, 1933, died August 11, 1996), and Don Wilson (guitar; born February 10, 1933), Embracing the surf music style also played by contemporaries such as The Beach Boys and The Surfaris, the group charted a full thirty-eight albums from 1960 to 1972.