Despite the exceptional amenities onboard the liner, such as the Olympic dining room and state-of-the-art gym, Ella remained in the cabin she shared with Marie throughout the voyage. Thousands of people lost their lives in the freezing cold water of the Atlantic Ocean during the early morning hours of April 15, 1912. Read the following ten incredible survival stories from RMS Titanic. Mellinger was traveling with her mother. From his precarious perch, Thayer witnessed the last moments of the Titanic as the stern rose, then sank under the dark, cold water. To secure a job as a fireman stoker on Titanic, George lied about his age to the White Star Line, as he claimed he was 32 when he was ten years older.

Even though Millvina does not remember the sinking of the Titanic, she is on this list for a very important reason. Once they got onto a boat, Mellinger remembered feeling sorry for those still waiting for a lifeboat and wishing that they could all pile into hers. Her father, Allen Oliver Becker, however, remained in her hometown of Guntur, India, with plans to join them at a later date.

They told him they were just going on a “trip to see the stars” before they boarded the lifeboat. Thayer said that it soon became “one long continuous wailing chant, from the fifteen hundred in the water all around us…”, The terrible cries faded away. She only left it when disturbed by the ship’s collision, which she later described as if it had traveled over a thousand marbles. Fireman Charged with Bigamy. Lightoller returned to his cabin to quickly dress and soon convinced Captain Edward J. Smith to lower the lifeboats, as he had been involved in various shipwrecks during his seafaring career. In writing her book Titanic, Voices from the Disaster, author Deborah Hopkinson explored some of the stories of ordinary people whose lives were changed that fateful night. Ruth was eventually rescued from the lifeboat by RMS Carpathia and, after many anxious hours, she was reunited with her mother and siblings.

Read more Titanic stories on 10 Surprising Unknown Stories About The Titanic and 10 Less Than Heroic Stories Of Survival From The Titanic. In 1945, at the age of 51, Thayer committed suicide after his son, Edward, was killed in World War II. Soon after, Marcelle Navratil came forward as the mother of three-year-old Michel and two-year-old Edmond Roger. However, many men were not so lucky and tragically succumbed to hypothermia. Here are three passengers who traveled in first, second and third class: Jack Thayer was a 17-year-old high school senior from an upper-class family returning from a trip to Paris with his parents. Of the 2,208 people on board the Titanic, 712 survived. [2] This story shows how different people felt as the Titanic sank; most of us wouldn’t think that someone would have been this content during such a tragedy. © 2020 Biography and the Biography logo are registered trademarks of A&E Television Networks, LLC. Line’s story is very chilling because she recalled a lot of events from that night that would haunt her forever. Luckily, the boys’ mother saw a picture of them in a newspaper in France and was able to go to New York to retrieve them. READ MORE: Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio’s A-List Competition for ‘Titanic’. (Photo: United States Library of Congress [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons). The Carter family boarded RMS Titanic as first-class passengers and were returning to Rhode Island after a trip to Europe. She later discussed how the crewmen were very calm as they helped everyone into the lifeboats, even though they knew they were going to lose their lives that night. Soon after, she entered Lifeboat 8 with her maid. As follows are 15 Titanic survivors and their remarkable stories. Thayer, 17 at the time, was traveling with his parents and made some friends on board the ship. However, he refused a seat in the boat and returned to his room once again to enjoy a drop more liquor. Madeleine Violet Mellinger was 13 years old and was a second-class passenger when the Titanic left port. The identities of some of the victims and survivors of the Titanic came to light, with the Mirror telling their stories and publishing photographs. She reportedly held the cane high to illuminate the pitch-black sky, and it also helped them to appear as a floating lighthouse in the North Atlantic Ocean. The beloved hymn and its author John Newton, a former enslaver, have inspired a new Broadway musical, but the true history is complex and ambiguous. Richard was planning to participate in a tennis tournament in America before studying at Harvard University. She managed to get into Collapsible A, the only woman in that boat. They were heading to a new life on an Idaho farm to improve Charlotte’s health. Milton went first. He’d surfaced right next to an upside down collapsible lifeboat from the ship. She also traveled throughout her life, and that was a big step for her. The two were in the reception room of the ship when it hit the iceberg. Reportedly, Mrs. Carter thought fast and disguised Billy as a girl so he could get on. As RMS Titanic started to sink, Captain Smith relieved them from their duty; however, the operators chose to remain at their post. As Collapsible B eventually gained many survivors, it started to slowly sink and he ended up making his way into Lifeboat 12. Upon his return he told a sleepy Charlotte, “‘What do you think…We have struck an iceberg, a big one, but there is no danger, an officer just told me so.’”, Book cover of 'Titanic: Voices From the Disaster.' She became the last person to die after surviving the Titanic in 2009, having lived to the age of 97. They all headed back to France, where they lived together. When RMS Carpathia arrived to rescue survivors, Lightoller refused to enter the ship until every passenger and crew member were safe, making him the last survivor to be rescued. I had a husband to search for, a husband whom, in the greatness of my faith, I had believed would be found in one of the boats. The family managed to reach the boat deck by climbing a steel ladder onto the stern and walking on the slanting deck over ropes left from lifeboats which had already been launched. Hart and her family were second-class passengers on the ship. Then the cries began. Everything we had went down.”.

At 16 and 13, the Abbot boys would be considered too old. . Thayer went on to a successful career; he married and had two sons. When he arrived at the boat deck, he was assigned to Lifeboat 10 to escort women and children from the sinking vessel. While he lost his life in the sinking, the boys were transported back to France with their mother. Hart and her mother were able to get on a lifeboat and survived, but her father was lost to the deadly cold ocean. Spedden and his mom also got very lucky when leaving the ship. If he would have had to go into the water without a lifebelt, he probably would have died quickly. Since he waited so long to leave his room, he could not get a life belt. Falling asleep in his cabin, Lightoller was awaken at 11.40pm by a grinding vibration and headed to the deck in his pajamas. One of the most famous Titanic survivor stories is that of Charles Joughin. Brief Overview of the Titanic Disaster and the Survivors Statistics. Bride was washed off the deck, but fortunately landed underneath an overturned boat, which he climbed into along with fifteen other men. She also remembered the screaming of the people in the ice-cold water. We can only imagine how scared these kids were and how this event changed their entire lives. Mr. Navratil had lost custody of the boys to his estranged wife, so he had decided to run off to the United States with them. During the night of the crash, Abrahamsson left his room late because he didn’t believe there was a problem with the ship. Her beloved sons were lost. RMS Titanic was capable of carrying up to 2,435 passengers and 900 crew members. She never recovered from the loss of her sons and died, alone and poor, in 1946.

The cane also helped to safely guide the lifeboat toward RMS Titanic in search of survivors in the water. There are many sad stories about the Titanic, but there are also many heroic stories of survival. Thayer and his friend decided that they were going to have to jump into the ocean before the ship sank to have the best shot at surviving. Spedden is a famous young boy from the Titanic because after the event, his mother wrote a book called Polar the Titanic Bear.