Instagram: (1.2m followers). Instagram: (56.8k followers). He is also a successful businessman with his own hairstyling product line, MyIdentidy. Instagram: (15.3m followers)YouTube: (16.7m subscribers). Follow Huda Kattan for makeup tips, transformation, and tutorials. Within the competitive and ever-evolving world of fashion, staying in the spotlight presents a challenge. Instagram: (56.5k followers)Facebook: (5.4k followers)YouTube: (5.5k subscribers). She is also an author with her new book, The Book of Light, due out in 2020. Rich Roll is a vegan endurance runner and author who is passionate about the vegan lifestyle and talking to others to share interesting ideas on how to live better and improve their health and life through spirituality and mindfulness. From makeup artists to hairdressers, these are the top beauty pros to cyberstalk on social media. Whether you go for micro-influencers with more specific followings or large-scale celebrities with huge reach, Instagram offers huge potential for influencer campaigns. She’s a great person to follow if you love all things beauty while juggling motherhood at the same time. Let’s start with beauty influencers. Follow Mayra if you’d like to learn more about brows, microblading, lashes, makeup, and even life coaching! Follow Crosby Tailor for delicious healthy dessert recipes, #foodporn, and wellness tips. Her Instagram boasts more than 180k followers. 10 Exceptional Instagram Content Ideas For Your Spa, Salon, or Barbershop That Will Attract Audiences (and Appointments! Looking for more ways to effortlessly scale social media for your small business? With her quirky schoolgirl style and various social media accounts dedicated to inspiring her fans, Zoe has made quite the name for herself in the world of social media fashion. Not only that, but Nicck is often invited to conduct keynote speeches at top industry events, including ISSE, the biggest weekend in professional beauty. She specializes in all things wellness and runs Mayaste, a series of events designed to incorporate wellness in people’s day to day lives. Follow Laura Sykora for both the uber-cool visual of her page and the health and fitness tips. No matter the challenge, though, these influencers have come out on top in 2020, showing the world … Instagram: (9.6k followers)Facebook: (4.3k followers)YouTube: (337 subscribers). Follow Rich Roll for recipes, tips, and feelings from himself and others about veganism, life, and health. James’ channels cover makeup, entertainment, music, and more. Instagram: (182k followers). This page presents the most popular influcencers, most liked and most followed pages on social media in 2020 .We consider Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube stats in rating the most popular social media stars out there. While influencers are all the rage on most social media platforms, Instagram is currently the leader of the influencer marketing pack.. While influencers are all the rage on most social media platforms, Instagram is currently the leader of the influencer marketing pack.

Instagram: (10.4k followers)Twitter: (14k followers)YouTube: (11.7k followers). Instagram: (232k followers)YouTube: (65k subscribers).

No credit card needed. Instagram: (273k followers)YouTube: (163k subscribers). His channels also include fashion and music. Instagram: (2.1m followers)YouTube: (73.5k subscribers)Twitter: (38.8k followers)Facebook: (534k followers). 1. Follow Nia The Light for modelesque pictures and great tips to manage curly locks. We scoured the social media realm and identified the must-follow beauty and wellness influencers to inspire or collaborate with, in 2020.