Maintaining the four main stats is crucial to survival, and you can perish from both dehydration and hunger. We were so worried when we saw the train pull away! Don't worry about the sentries on the bridge, I'll make sure they get a good night's sleep. Nighttime in the Garden District is safe, while nighttime in Hamlyn Village can be dangerous because of patrolling bobbies. Move objects around your inventory grid to maximize the space available. Then, backtrack to the empty room with the label “Spare Parts” or something like that on it. They just wanted to make sure we'd stay quiet. Also, keep in mind that We Happy Few has procedurally generated environments, so no two playthroughs will ever be the exact same. Squares (usually grassy clearings) are areas between streets and very often where encounters take place. Arthur: I know I have to get out of Wellington Wells.

Run around yelling "Here I am, shoot me!". Ollie: There's a warehouse in the old German camp. ARTIE'S GONE THEY TOOK HIM AWAY! There are two ways to get past the Headboys, the fastest way would be to climb up on the roof and crawl above the Headboys without them ever noticing the player. Neximide Pills tend to be found in containers or on Wastrels in the Garden District. In this alternative 1960s England, conformity is key. YOU WON'T GET ME YOU BASTARD! We Happy Few will eventually see players making a break for it and getting the heck out of town. We Happy Few's world is randomly generated each playthrough, so encounters and locations will be different every time. You can also equip a weapon and an item of clothing. Arthur needs to get to the Parade District in order to get out of Wellington Wells, he decides to go to the train station and follow the tracks all the way to Apple Holm Station. We Happy Few Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Percival "Percy" Hastings is the older brother of Arthur Hastings in We Happy Few.

They will fill your hunger without giving you food poisoning and are readily available. Here’s the solution to the puzzle! Spend your first few days exploring and revealing every part of the map. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The most important medical supply — especially early in the game — is Healing Balm. Ollie: YOU WON'T GET ME! Taking down an unsuspecting Wastrel is worthwhile, as they often will have rotten food and a Neximide Pill on them. How? It is also important to note that you can use items in your personal safe for crafting, and they don't need to be to be on your person. You're always right. Ollie: Remember when you and Sally used to stay with me, when the--. Exhaustion is more of a detriment than a death sentence and decreases the amount of max stamina you can exert.

5 Games Like We Happy Few If You’re Looking for Something Similar, We Happy Few: How to Redeem Preorder Bonus DLC, We Happy Few: How Long It Is and How Many Chapters There Are, Overcooked! We could burgle it. Ollie: Watch your mouth, laddie! It's currently in Early Access on Xbox One and Windows PC, but it still includes some Encounters (We Happy Few's term for quests) across a few different areas. Wear a Torn Suit and avoid taking joy when in the Garden District. Keep in mind that bringing up the inventory screen will not pause gameplay. Arthur: Where all those Home Army chaps run around practicing stabbing people with bayonets? We recommend that you keep two stacks of canteens and always fill them at a water pump when available. This Soundtrack and Digital Goods Bundle includes the official We Happy Few soundtrack in .MP3 and .FLAC format, along with other digital goodies to fill your life with Joy.

We Happy Few uses a grid-style inventory system, so size matters. It should be in the C spot, since that’s where it was for me, but honestly since it could be randomized just place it wherever it’s missing. Ollie: Any idea where he might be, after all these years? The Bridge to the mainland is in the Parade District. Ollie: If you help me, I'll help you get out of Wellington Wells. The other way is to sneak, choke/kill them all out and get through them all. The safes are all linked, so you can access your safe inventory from every safe house. How do I get down there? Ollie: There's a ... thing I need from their warehouse. Here you can see all islands accessible as of 13/04/2017.Wellington Wells is a dystopian island city and the setting for We Happy Few. Dear, darling Sebastian, What a brave boy you are! What if the windows had been locked? -- I thought they took you away? Arthur: Ah, that's very kind of you, I'm not thirsty. You will need about two canteens every 24 hours. All You Can Eat Serves Up a New Experience on PS5, All Elite Wrestling Announces 3 Games in Development, Apex Legends Battle Pass Updates and Free Levels Detailed, AGDQ 2021 Online Schedule Confirmed, Set for Next January, Genshin Impact Gets New Trailer Showing New Character Childe’s Battle Skills, We Happy Few: How to Solve the Switches Puzzle.

There goes my brilliant plan to walk along the tracks all the way to the Parade.

At its core, We Happy Few is about survival, so here are some tips on how to spend your first few hours in the game. There are currently a few areas to explore during We Happy Few's Early Access phase: Spend your time exploring and revealing every part of the map. Once he's awake, the player has to find their way on to the tracks. Ollie: I remember now. If you must eat rotten food, wait until your hunger meter is quite low before binging, and quickly chase it with a Neximide Pill to eliminate any debuffs. 1 Geography 1.1 The Garden District 1.1.1 Barrow Holm 1.1.2 Eel Pie Holm 1.1.3 Ravenholm 1.1.4 Lud's Holm 1.2 The Village of Hamlyn 1.2.1 Maidenholm 1.2.2 St. …

Ollie: Well, why didn't you say that before? The game progresses through a normal cycle of day and night. We Happy Few is a work in progress, which makes this guide a work in progress, too. That's certainly not how I got in the last time... in 1947. You came back. If you've disabled Permadeath, taking severe damage will send you back to the closest safe house. Like a game of Tetris, move smaller items to fill in gaps between larger items to free up openings on the grid for more items. You can craft Healing Balm from the beginning of the game, and it requires only Gilded Petals, which are very common in the Garden District. Look for the Wellington Underground sign, as the safe houses are often behind it. Wait -- I can follow the train tracks from the Wellington Wells train station all the way to the Bridge, can't I? Running, jumping and attacking all require stamina. When the cutscene ends, the player has to get into the train station, all the while a couple of Headboys patrol the area. Stay clear of plagued Wastrels, indicated with orange around their heads, and try not to spend too much time in toxic sludge. Before starting a new game, we suggest that you enable Second Wind and disable Permadeath.

Meg, you remember Artie, don't you? We Happy Few is a procedurally generated rogue-lite narrative game, meaning that no two playthroughs will ever be the same, and although you may see … Take advantage of your quick slots/pocket slots to free up space in your inventory. I just need to find the tracks. If you have a question that’s not there, though, leave it in the comments down below and we’ll do our best to help you out. Ergo, the tracks go to the mainland. There will be water pumps that provide an unlimited supply near your safe house in the Garden District, and canteens are readily available while looting your way through Wellington Wells. You can also find power cells inside homes in Hamlyn Village. And we did -- Spot of tea? Currently there is no clock in the HUD. Ollie: No, you've got it all wrong! They will increase the carrying capacity of your primary inventory and secondary slots. I've rather outworn my welcome there.

A power cell is available in Where's the Power. Ollie: YOU'RE ALWAYS LYING! Naturally, it's never quite that simple. From the station. And I what tried to save you! Arthur: And this isn't going to get me killed? If you're not rested, you risk losing a fight or being unable to run away from danger. I thought I could take the train tracks to the bridge... Ollie: Aye. It’s the room with a piano in it. Ollie: Sorry. While walking through the area, Arthur will start to remember bits and pieces of what happened to his brother Percy, eventually the player will notice that the train tracks has been blocked by boulders and other rumble, ruining Arthur's plans on escaping by foot. Not quite as welcoming as it used to be, is it? I don't see how I get to the stairs from here. Even though locations can change, commonalities exist, and we'll tell you what to look for when you need to locate an Encounter. Some Encounters and interactions may not even generate. Now that the switches puzzle is out of the way… the nightmare continues for Arthur in We Happy Few! Items with a green background are usable, and those with a white background are crafting components. Check all containers and houses for useful items.

Once you have it, head back and place it in its spot. Daddy says you got on the train and climbed out the back into the tunnel, just like we practiced. Not too soon after this realization, the player will get ambushed by three Headboys. This was last updated during game version Full Release V.1.3. The Soviet Union (officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR) is a communist union made up of 16 republics which are mentioned in We Happy Few in the form of conversations by Wastrels, letters and newspapers which the player can find across the districts.. History [edit | edit source]. Hoorah!

Soviet Union Flag. You’ll find the replacement switch there. Later on, you will come across a butcher shop where you can purchase V-Meat, or Victory Meat, which will satisfy hunger and provide Joy. While in the starting zone, forage for Blue Currants to eat. It stands to reason, doesn't it?

You’re going to have to solve a puzzle at this point involving switches. Sound advice, but seems odd each letter is capitalized, right? Explore to reveal the map, which consists of outlined squares. Flip A, then D, then B, and finally C and you’ll be able to advance on through the door that gets opened. You can choose two options when you start a new game. It was like a cathedral, but for trains. Your behavior matters in We Happy Few, and there can be nasty repercussions for a faux pas. Power cells are required to complete several Main and Secondary encounters, and you can use them for tasks like powering up a Joy Detector or a television. Percy. Home » Guides » We Happy Few: How to Solve the Switches Puzzle. We Happy Few's world is randomly generated each playthrough, so encounters and locations will be different every time. Turn the wheel that’s available for you to rotate and you’ll get back partial power in your surroundings. Joy will decrease your need for food and water while active, but the withdrawals will increase hunger and thirst. On his way, Arthur stumbles upon Ollie Starkey, his old neighbor. How am I going to get out of Wellington Wells?

But now I need a way to get out of this bloody dungeon. Being too tired will place a limit on the amount of stamina you can use. The train tracks are completely blocked! When the boys have been dealt with, the player has to find their way back upstairs. Contracting the plague at the beginning of the game can mean a quick death. Daddy says you're cross with him for not coming earlier, but please understand. There are also infection, nausea, plague and joy indicators when applicable. As the game grows, we'll keep playing and expanding this guide. Food is a bit trickier, especially at the beginning of the game. You can sleep to progress time, and the time will momentarily show on your screen when waking and sleeping.

As such, Encounters occur in random and different locations every time.