Alternatively, stockists like Kwik-Fit have a useful search facility. There are many different types of tyres available in the market. Tubed tyre 8. ANYBODY RESPONDING TO SUCH ADVERTISEMENTS SHALL BE DOING SO AT THEIR OWN RISK These tyres are made to suit the ever-changing driving needs of the driver and road conditions. MRF LTD. HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SUCH These types of tyres compromises on the handling and cornering capability of the vehicle, however it’s not noticeable at the city speeds.

Before selecting new tyres for your vehicle, take a look at the different tyres available and choose tyres best suited to your driving style and requirements. The rubber in these tyres is neither soft compound nor hard compound, but somewhere in between. 7. They may also have different tread patterns so that they can provide an optimal seasonal performance.

But not everyone gives importance to the tyres, which play an important role while making the final decision. One drawback of these tyres is that make a lot of noise and wear out quickly when driven on normal roads. Better cooling. They may also have different tread patterns so that they can provide an optimal seasonal performance. Although they may look very similar, tyres are manufactured with varying prints and patterns to meet different driver needs. Run-flat tyres. The summer tyres are made up of soft compound rubber. The side walls on these tyres are stiff so the tyre can adapt to uneven surfaces and potholes.

ALL OUR OFFICIAL E-MAIL ADDRESSES ORIGINATE FROM THE DOMAIN NAME, FOR ANY INFORMATION AND CLARIFICATION, PLEASE REACH OUT TO US AT These tyres could be used in all seasons, for example, dry, wet, cool or hot. These tyres have enormous stout of tread so it can provide a great grip on sand and wet mud. There are a wide range of tyres available and this can become confusing when it comes to choosing new tyres for your vehicle.

However, they won’t perform as well as summer tyres in summer nor as winter tyres in winter. Self-supporting tyres that can be driven when flat. Find out more about high performance tyres. Find out more about winter tyres.

Tyre types with special features. The table below shows tyre manufacturer markings for runflat tyres, which are stamped on the sidewall: These tyres can withstand more weight thanks to a higher load index and are suitable for family cars, large saloons, SUVs or small vans. Types of Tyres 6.

This type of tyre can be recognised thanks to a marking on the sidewall, which differs from one tyre to another (even if the tyre brand is the same): XL, RF, Extra Load or Reinforced. Mainly built for on-road use, 'on-road' and 'high performance' tyres with the H/T marking (Highway terrain) are designed for 4x4s and SUVs. All Rights Reserved.

They have thicker, reinforced sidewalls than that of regular tyres and this enables them to be driven on for a short distance following a puncture.

They deliver performance similar to that of passenger car tyres and also have a high load index: 'Mixed' tyres, usually marked A/T (All Terrain) are the most versatile: they have to be effective both on and off-road, whether for leisure or professional use: 'Off-road' tyres marked M/T (Mud Terrain), concern all-terrain 4x4 vehicles designed to be driven through mud, on rocky ground and steep rugged terrain. Tire Cutaway 5.

Most leading brands offer runflat tyres in their product ranges, and the performance characteristics of these tyres can vary depending on the technology used by the manufacturer. These tyres are designed to give maximum grip at high speeds during dry climate conditions. They have a softer rubber compound to enhance stability and grip and they sport a tread pattern that provides resistance against aquaplaning. They provide an adequate performance in all seasonal conditions, however they are not optimised for summer or winter in the same way as dedicated seasonal tyres.

These tyres could either be tube or tubeless. Each tyre pattern has its own safety and performance advantages and it is important that you choose one that best suits your specifications. Considering purchasing part worn tyres for your vehicle?


It allows the vehicle to be driven in spite of a puncture for a limited distance. These types of tyres are generally used on vehicles like SUVs that go off-roading. Hence it becomes really important to take care of them while driving. By continuing to use this website you consent to the use of cookies for customized content and services and the collect of visitor stats.

Self-supporting tyres that can be driven when flat.