Believe it or not, this connection benefits the Knicks. Moreover, he is active as a team defender. As he would likely defend opposing lead guards, Maxey has the lateral quickness to not get beat off the dribble, the strength and agility to get through screens, and the length to potentially alter shots in a meaningful way. But isn’t that just a smaller Lonnie Walker IV in terms of role? The good news for the Knicks is if they want to trade down for Maxey, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

o Not going to blow by most guards, but can do so in mismatch situations, o Definitely not contact averse, almost looks like he is seeking it out (sometimes leads to charges), o Not easy to bump him off, protects the ball well + uses physical tools, o 36.7% on dribble jumpers in the half court (53rd percentile), o 25% on C&S jumpers in the half court (20th percentile), o Lacks horizontal shift, currently limits him in ISO situations, o Misleading due to lack of playmaking, tough to succeed when he rarely passes to the roller (almost always passing to shooters or just resetting if not scoring), o Somewhat predictable in terms of how he will use the screen, not much variance, o If defender goes over the screen, Maxey often able to get man on his hip and essentially control him the rest of the way, often resulting in a foul call, o Efficient as a scorer, but not much variance, o Next step: turning his pull up 3 into a consistent weapon, specifically when defenders go under the screen; can leverage the threat of his shot to open up even more driving lanes at the next level once he starts making shots, o Lacks handle + burst, when combined with low(er) shooting percentages, easy for defenses to currently contain his drive, Off Ball (Catch and Shoot, Movement Shooting, Cutting), o Limited to basic reads, high chance of ending in turnover if Maxey tries to make advanced pass, o Also prone to not even seeing some basic reads. For someone still just 19 years old, there’s no doubt that Maxey can play.

He isn’t particularly big at 6-foot-3, 198 pounds. Add in subpar playmaking that even in the most optimistic scenario still falls short of a lead playmaker, and Maxey seems penciled in as an off ball scoring option (either starting or coming off the bench).

Let’s dig a little deeper and find out. If he develops as a shooter (a likely bet given the indicators below), Maxey should function as a high level off ball option with the ability to attack closeouts and create for himself.

Imagine trying to score and having Derrick White and Tyrese Maxey guarding your best two scorers, Jakob Poetl defending the rim, and DeJounte Murray absolutely wreaking havoc as a help defender. Against Michigan State this past November, Maxey took over Madison Square Garden in a way no Knicks player has in over a decade ... or longer. At lower levels, he has shown the propensity to knock down jumpers at high clip, both from the mid range and three point line, but the shooting from deep did not translate at Kentucky. A two way prospect who will provide most of his value as a 3 and D small guard with scoring upside sounds intriguing. Austin Spurs hire Matt Nielsen as new head coach, Matt Nielsen and Tyler Self receive a G-League promotion, Analyzing the LaMarcus Aldridge-to-Warriors trade rumor.

New York also recently hired longtime Calipari confidante William Wesley as an executive vice president. But let’s talk about Maxey the basketball player. Projected lottery picks Anthony Edwards (Georgia) and Tyrese Maxey (Kentucky) will participate in a televised Pro Day ahead of the NBA Draft, including a 20-minute workout with half and full … At first glance, Maxey seems like he should fit in well with the future of the Spurs. Given where Maxey is in his own development, adding him brings its own risks. With no solid basketball news, pundits are speculating, presupposing, and even doing a little wishful thinking. Plus measurements for PG, … Longtime Calipari assistant Kenny Payne is on new coach Tom Thibodeau’s staff as an assistant and coached Maxey in Lexington. According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, the team is “seriously mulling” trading down on Nov. 18 unless star center James Wiseman or athletic point guard LaMelo Ball is still available. He isn’t consistent enough with his shot to the point where he’ll avoid growing pains on offense, and he isn’t a strong enough playmaker to be the team’s franchise point guard.

Additionally, Jeremy Woo of has Maxey going to the Portland Trail Blazers at No. Furthermore, late in the lottery could wind up being a reach for Maxey. Maxey does indeed prefer to drive the lane when he has the ball but doesn’t attack the rim consistently. Maxey is talented. He might be a project player in a weak draft class, but Maxey still finds ways to stand out on the floor. Rather, Tyrese tends to stop in the middle of the key and throw up floaters or mid-range attempts. He really doesn’t get too close to the rim in heavy traffic, which isn’t an effective means of scoring on the collegiate nor professional level. But is Maxey worth trading down for in an overall weak class? He only averaged 14.3 points per game at Kentucky, but don’t be fooled. 13 to the New Orleans Pelicans, but James Ham of NBC Sports Bay Area has him just outside the lottery at No. Krysten Peek of Yahoo! Maxey is in the right help position for the most part, and despite not really looking to make plays in the forms of takeaways, he often can be a deterrent via digs, stunts, or tags on the player with the ball (ala Kyle Lowry). Almost no matter who is that fifth defender, it will be tough for offenses to generate efficient scoring opportunities on a consistent basis against that unit and a welcome change from the poor defensive lineups that have been trotted out in recent years. Rather, Leon Rose and Scott Perry need to focus on adding a franchise point guard or an athletic defensive wing who can help complement Barrett.

He has a solid base, and when in tandem with body control and balance, makes it tough to knock off his path (specifically at the rim). His lack of handle and burst currently makes it difficult for him to be efficient in isolation situations. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Guess who was the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year and just set the NBA combine record for max vertical jump (43.5 inches)? He shot just 29.2% from beyond the arc at Kentucky. This number may seem a bit low for a college guard, but Maxey posted a true shooting percentage (TS%) of 53.1%. This means when it comes to scoring, Maxey is more of a slasher. Having a consistent scoring option alongside him, not to mention a competent point guard feeding him the ball, is the next step in his development.