Has the potential to be a high level PG / CG / small 2 defender – if he were a bit stronger and longer, he’d have a bit more defensive upside / versatility …but being bounced off spots is an area of concern defending up.

As with passing, Maxey heavily prefers using the screen – however, he did flash aa few times where he faked using the screen and was able to catch the POA (and big defender) off guard. Kentucky started two non-shooters and a point guard that shot 25.8% from three, so it’s possible that a spaced floor will help him as a passer.

They might not even spend the pick.

However, he is prone to have too wide of a stance…which makes his first step slower than it otherwise would be. Strengths: Finishing, Scoring Versatility, Can score off the bounce, Weaknesses: Playmaking, Undersized combo guard, Handle must improve. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies.

He hasn’t hit an NBA weight room yet, so there’s still time for him to build up his body; however, he will be limited to defending only point guards and less physical shooting guards at his current size. The future Kentucky Wildcat is one of the best basketball players in America. Based off his projected range, I don’t see Phoenix taking Maxey with the 10th pick, but he’s someone I could see them targeting if they decide to trade down.

The freshman guard makes decisions as plays unfold, not locking himself into a bad decision when leading the offense.

Again, it's shooting in an open gym, but just about every shot was finding the bottom of the net. Effort really pops here – if he gets through first screen and is re-screened, he’ll try to get through the second and if he bites on a move and jumps the gun a bit, he’ll try to get back. Maxey averaged 14.2 points and 4.3 rebounds per game for the SEC’s top team this season. Needs to be stronger with the ball on drives – he does a nice job using his strength elsewhere on drives (taking contact, dislodging, etc), but he is very prone to getting stripped…and driving into lanes that aren’t there. Shot IQ: Solid shot IQ. Adresse extérieure (29% à 3pts, context related). The 6’6 wingspan combined with a sub 200 pound frame could always be a potentially limiting factor when discussing Maxey’s ceiling.

Aron Baynes sounds ready to leave the Suns. Jump to navigation Jump to search. In terms of getting out to the shooter, he generally does a nice job staying controlled on his closeouts…but they are too controlled – doesn’t always fully close. When it comes to strictly defending guards, there may not be a better option in this draft than Tyrese Maxey. He’s physical, he competes, he has the instincts and anticipation to disrupt and fights around screens. The 2020 NBA Draft is only a few weeks away, slated for Nov. 18, and prospects have already begun their pre-draft processes. The views on this page do not necessarily represent the views of the NBA or its clubs.

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It gets away when his handle gets a bit loose because he’s moving too quickly, trying to piece together too many moves, etc. “I gotta see that back.”, A post shared by Al Reeser (@areeser_srla) on Jun 17, 2020 at 5:45pm PDT. 2020, Après Devin Booker, Jamal Murray et Tyler Herro, Tyrese Maxey peut devenir le prospect de Kentucky qui va mieux réussir en NBA qu'en NCAA. If there is a switch in the PnR, he might be able to hold his ground long enough to get a scramble switch and then switch again to another assignment. Has the strength to dislodge (like-sized) defenders on drive and has shown ability to push back against rim protectors, too, making the finish after. - United States Or, seeing him up close and personal more times than anyone else, does he know that Edwards could truly reach that potential when he digs in at the next level?

When trying to ISO against Gs/SFs, he settles for runners because he does not have the quickness and acceleration to beat his man to the rim. If taken off the bounce, he does a nice job getting back into the play and using his length to affect the attempt. 20.0 ans - PG/SG There are very few guard defenders in this draft that have potential scoring chops that are better than Maxey.

Draft Scouting Reports 2020.

Defensive Role: POA defender with the ability to defend PGs and probably some SGs, but bigger players can take advantage of him.

Tout ce qu'il faut pour épater vos amis lors de la prochaine draft NBA et les suivantes. When he is able to get through, he does a nice job getting right to his player receiving the ball using a good angle, quickness, and length to make the player uncomfortable.