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And then I tasted it, and it, you know, had this kind of unctuous, porty richness, which is characteristic of that wine -- that it sort of resembles port in a lot of ways. 19- Cream from a cow is rich and pale; cream from a carton is unctuous and wan. Rather, there was a flinty, somewhat austere structure giving support and contrast to rich, unctuous fruit. 2- Unctuous wines are lush, rich, and intense. A soft, unctuous form results on treating carbon with ash or silica in special furnaces, and this gives the so-called "deflocculated" variety when treated with gallotannic acid.


Its Strong Points: Its unctuous texture gives back your skin its soft and supple feel: your face is soothed instantly. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Concentrate to find all hidden words in given letters and connect them anyway you like to catch the word! 16- And finally, a chance to show off that we know words like unctuous and ossify. Search the hidden words in our hex blocks under the topic title and challenge to find the words with your friends. Turned off by the unctuous compliments, the woman turned down the man’s offer of a drink

4- He had dropped his unctuous tone and his smile now.

, Because she wanted to borrow his car, Sarah gave her father unctuous praise. He made an unctuous assurance. He is a terrible actor, nothing but a big bag of wind, the most unctuous man I’ve ever met. All Rights Reserved. Definition of Unctuous.

23+2 sentence examples: 1. Words that often come before unctuous in sentences. The conclusion was an unctuous non sequitur, a decoy.

It would be almost too easy to pull information out of this unctuous jackanapes. "The commercial situation on the island is damn bad," he said with great solemnity and an unctuous mouthing of the many-syllabled words. I encourage you to take a look at the Environment Canada Website that provides a lot of useful information about climate and climate change which may open your mind - cjohnson, do you understand the meaning of the word "unctuous"?

And trust mustn't even be used in the same sentence with Lotso, an ominously unctuous old teddy bear who's the eminence grise plus fraise; he smells of strawberries of the daycare center's playthings.

– Swipe the letters in all six directions around the hex block;

12- In the mouth it is hugely, stickily unctuous and far, far too young. 2.

For garden purposes loam should be rather unctuous or soapy to the touch when moderately dry, not too clinging nor adhesive, and should readily crumble when a compressed handful is thrown on the ground. 15- The mixture is bitter, but unctuous and savoury as well, thanks to the honey. Like in one direction, he says: cook until the assembly is thick and unctuous. Between the two middle toes, in most species, is lodged a deep glandular bag having the form of a retort with a small external orifice, which secretes an unctuous and odorous substance. Mr Z doesn 't need this on top of all his other problems and there'll be an anxious and unctuous response from him, or from one of his minions. Unctuous; 1. What is a sentence for the word unctuous?

26- At least for this one unctuous meal made up of three different versions of Zubuchon sisig pao a la Marketman. He is so unctuous he repels me. Spread the love. , Find me a politician without an unctuous personality, and I’ll pay you a million bucks! 3.

Its deep, its unctuous, it moves the soul.

We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. – Become a word maestro. This multi layered unctuous wine with amazing depth and class.

He speaks in unctuous tones. 3- The fat man loudly prattled unctuous apologies. Examples of Unctuous in a sentence. Such unctuous expressions of disgust carry the hollow ringof chagrined banter by persons perhaps tormented not by the fact that they were victimized by Tiger's folly, but instead by their own. They do not represent the opinions of Look at that unctuous underglaze in the palest, almost imperceptible blue, not too glassy, not too dull, and fired with absolute evenness and consistency. The "chickpeas" have a delicious, unctuous texture and a depth of flavor I have never experienced before. 4 February 2020 inasentence. He was a poor campaigner, a smug, unctuous, uninspiring, sanctimonious smirker so eager to please other establishment types that he let himself get steamrolled in his debate with Dick Cheney and then sat there looking grateful for it. The fat man loudly prattled unctuous apologies. I dislike the sound of the word "unctuous", it sounds like the reviewer is trying too hard.

In public he was unctuous, trying to get others’ attention..

Dave is genuinely friendly without being unctuous. Micaceous iron ore consists of delicate steel-grey scales of specular haematite, unctuous to the touch, used as a lubricant and also as a pigment. Those unctuous 1960s comedies of roving husbands were certainly nothing like this. Whenever he saw me drinking a highball he harassed me with cups of coffee and unctuous smiles.

My friend Nico and I have a longstanding & ongoing correspondence about this sort of meat, he sends me "unctuous" links very regularly!

5- His smile became even more unctuous . This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Gyptian fluctuates between silky and unctuous, a more believable and only slightly less effective Ne-Yo, if Ne-Yo lived on an island, and had ample access to Auto-Tune. unctuous. 10- The wine has been described as ‘velvety’ or ‘ unctuous ‘. They seemed anxious to please the visitors, but not in an unctuous way. Lesser cuts have enough marbled fat and natural gelatin to ensure unctuous, tender meat without dryness, and they readily accept marinades and aromatics. In public he was unctuous, trying to get others’ attention.

The skin is unctuous and of a deep-toned yellow colour. He is so unctuous he repels me. Viveka Davis is a charmer as the girl of Morgan's dreams, and the much-missed Paul Gleason plays an unctuous political adviser.

GRRRRR wrote: Krauthammer called Obozo "unctuous" ... and I agree completely.

Unctuous; 1. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. The varietal is best known for its use in the unctuous dessert wines from the Sauternes region of France, but the dry versions drink remarkably well and are frequently very affordable. She laughed a rich, unctuous laugh, and stretched her hands to the blaze. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

unctuous definition: 1. 23- If you like dessert wines, this wine is sweet and unctuous with a huge nose of apricot and honey.

, His unctuous hand gestures let everyone know he was upset about the encounter. 17- Toasted soldiers are left on the side for you to dig up all that unctuous goodness . 20- French term meaning “liqueur-like” used for dessert wine with a luscious, almost unctuous quality. 31- This 6,000 case offering from the team behind the old-vine grenache of Las Rocas, has a similar unctuous , big style. Its "sugary optimism, unctuous phraseology and pulpit logic" appealed, however, to the reviving pietism of the age succeeding the Revolution, and these qualities, as well as his eloquence as a preacher, early brought Ancillon into notice at court. Everyone will recall the unctuous Walter Cronkite, a man with a face only a nation could love, interviewing an out-of-control Mayor Richard J. Daley, a man with a face that during that convention a whole nation came to loathe. ". not expressing true feelings; pretending to display true feelings. 22- Rather, it was a way of rejecting unctuous , masochistic denial – which might narrow his perspectives. Bob, by the way, only casually mentioned his war record, though there is still something, The slowly braised veal shank fell off the bone, its marrow, creamily, My first meal was a dainty foie gras burger, served in all its. A sweet and unctuous duty! 21- So: utter refusal, and refusal couched in terms of the most unctuous , sanctimonious cant imaginable.

, Because she resembles a famous movie star, my friend receives unctuous attention when we go out to dinner. But pompholyx is fatty, unctuous, white and light enough to fly in the air. These cookies do not store any personal information. He thought about the prime minister’s typically unctuous condolences. 2- Unctuous wines are lush, rich, and intense. This kind of unctuous posturing doesn't exactly make traditionalists insecure in their position; it tends to make traditionalists cranky, because the hypocrisy is pretty evident. You’ll enjoy this brain training game and test your spelling as well. unctuous wine with amazing depth and class. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.