On behalf of the CUPARUC Executive Committee, I wish you all the best. ). Team Captain � Concordia Pensioners� Shuffle Team. Concordia Universityhttps://www.concordia.ca/content/concordia/fr/admission.html, Bienvenue à une université nouvelle génération où vous aurez la liberté de créer et de poursuivre vos propres objectifs d’études. Elle compte parmi les plus innovantes en matière d’apprentissage expérientiel, de recherche et de cyberapprentissage.

Minutes of annual meetings, from our inception, A Collection of nearly all our previous newsletters. Your Concordia Student ID is 8 digits in length. Occupation and Settler Colonialism.

Find out how we can support you as a new student! Concordia compte 3 000 étudiants coop et 9 600 étudiants étrangers venant de 150 pays. Coronavirus (COVID-19)  Voir les dernières mises à jour. Part 2, Caught at the Cross-Currents of U.S.

To date, we have raised almost 50% of that total but we absolutely need your help. 2959mgr@follett.com. Slow streets, expanded bike lanes, and extended patios, as well as access to quality open spaces, trails, and parks made the COVID-19 experience more tolerable. Concordia Universityhttps://www.concordia.ca/content/concordia/fr.html. UNIVERSITÉ CONCORDIA.


The difference is that you can choose to shuffle where you want and when you want, within a seven-day period from Friday, September 18 to Friday, September 25. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email us at cuparuc@concordia.ca or by leaving a message on our voicemail (438-772-9119). Are you a retiree? The great majority of coursework and teaching will happen online with only a very limited number of activities happening on campus. Cadre juridique et politique institutionnelle. New security measures adopted by the University in January of 2016 made it impossible for us to continue to maintain our pensioners website on a Concordia server. Please note that there are two 'c' s together, in the middle of this address. étudiants étrangers venus de 150 pays, 1 800 Prenez part aux événements en ligne jusqu'au 31 août. A list of all of our members. TBD. There is no longer a specific box to check off to contribute to our award; you must check off "other" and then write in the name of our award in full: Concordia Retired Faculty and Staff Awards Endowment Fund.

Pour les personnes qui étudient dans une autre université et désirent suivre un cours à Concordia. Our new number is: 438-772-9119. Warmest regards,

In addition to recently reaching out to 57 new retirees encouraging them to join the Association, we are continuing to plan for the resumption of CUPARUC activities and affairs. (Note: You need Adobe reader to access many of the reports shown on this site.

Be on the lookout for information about how to join our team. (If you are unsure which you are looking at, check the date at the bottom of the opening page: It should read Feburary 19, 2016 or later. For the CUPARUC Executive, we continue to navigate our way through this difficult period of uncertainty. Within the targeted schools, you will find several contacts who have the tools and expertise to advise you in your efforts. If you wish to attend the meeting you must register online at The Executive Committee has been discussing Association matters, both amongst us and with various University offices, through email and by telephone. Concordia Student ID. Welcome to the Concordia University Pensioners Association's Web Site.

It is time to renew your membership in the Concordia University Pensioners� Association for the 2020-2021 year. Explore Our. 514-848-3615. Découvrez comment nous soutenons les nouveaux étudiants. Tout sur les écoles, collèges et départements, Joignez-vous à l’événement en direct.

(They are not official until accepted at the next meeting. étudiants effectuant des stages rémunérés dans le cadre du programme coop, Plus de

Elle accueille chaque année un effectif diversifié et engagé de 52 000 étudiants dans ses quatre facultés et à Formation continue Concordia. The Join/Renew link at the left has been completely updated! Find out how to join us.

The monthly communiqu�s will augment our regular semi-annual Newsletter and information posted on our website. 1400 De Maisonneuve Blvd W. Library Building Room SGW - LB-03. Phone. Web site Contact person. Annual Dues If you fear that we may not have your most up-to-date email address, send a note to Roger@RogerKenner.ca with your latest email address. Members will be invited (with instructions on the site) to change their password to something more personal and secure as soon as they first gain access. Among our activities, CUPARUC represents retirees on the University Pension and University Benefits Committees, oversees a robust scholarship and bursary programme for Concordia graduate and undergraduate students and provides a milieu for the maintenance and enhancement of social contact between members. The Other Side of the Fence: Racialized Geographies and Gestures of Reappropriation, 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Series, in real time!

No date has been set for the announcement. We have received many enquiries since the last message we sent out in early May regarding membership renewals and other topics. These projects will require a �sign-in� section of the website, where members will have to put in their username and password.

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A Collection of nearly all our previous newsletters, Membership List Dear members,

Wherever you are, whether it be in the Montreal region, elsewhere in Canada or internationally, we are thinking of you and hope that all is well with you, your family and friends. Pour les personnes souhaitant poursuivre leurs études à Concordia après une absence prolongée. ENTER.

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Fondée en 1974, elle se trouve à Montréal, métropole animée et multiculturelle nommée meilleure ville étudiante nord-américaine. We are also exploring relationships with other institutions and associations that will allow you to take advantage of virtual opportunities such as viewing or participating in lectures and performances. In addition to contacting us by telephone, you can also reach the Association by email at cuparuc@concordia.ca. News Archive Joanne Locke The Team goal this year is a modest $1200. In fact, many of these students are also Shufflers themselves. By now you should have received by regular post your annual pension plan package, which includes the 2019 Annual Report and information about the Annual Pension Plan Information Meeting. Now do so electronically. The CUPARUC Executive will be meeting shortly to discuss how we move forward in the current environment and will be sending out a communiqu� later this month. Our Executive Committee members Bryan Campbell and Hal Proppe report that the pandemic impact on the Concordia pension portfolio has been pronounced, with a decrease in its hedged value of 10.75%.

This website has been made possible thanks to a financial allocation from the Student and Institutional Affairs sector of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The first project will be a tool whereby members can see whether their annual dues are up to date. The results for the private equity components won't be known for another month or two.

CUPA/ARUC serves to bring together retirees of Concordia University, both for social gatherings and to promote our interests as Concordia retirees, pensioners and golden-agers in general. 1455 De Maisonneuve Boulevard WMontreal (Québec) H3G 1M8www.concordia.ca, Source : Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (inscriptions préliminaires d'automne 2019), Universités Canada est propriétaire du site Web etudesuniversitaires.ca, Études universitaires utilise des témoins et d’autres outils de suivi pour optimiser votre expérience sur notre site.

Part 2, Caught at the Cross-Currents of U.S. In early November we will be launching a CUPARUC Facebook page and sending out our Newsletter, which will provide details on many of the activities that have been ongoing over the last several months. Formulaire d'adhésion ARUC If you want to be part of the thinking at Concordia, you just have to follow three simple steps. Scholarships and Awards Normally at this time of year we would be preparing for our Spring Annual General Meeting and finalizing the Spring Newsletter package for mailing, which includes the membership renewal forms. On a reassuring note, Bryan Campbell and Hal Proppe, our two representatives on the University's Pension Committee, report that the losses of the publicly traded assets in the Plan's portfolio (i.e., some three quarters) amounted to 10% over the first three months of the year, which compares more than favourably with market declines of around 30% during this period. Study established or emerging academic fields, pursue an honours degree, combine subjects, or add a minor — our diverse strengths let you tailor your studies to your interests. Garry Milton If anyone does not wish to participate in this project and does not wish to have a personal account on our website, please inform your webmaster, Roger Kenner, of this desire at roger@rogerkenner.ca Once members are comfortable with password-controlled section of the website, we hope to roll out other projects, such as on-line payment of dues and an online forum or bulletin board. We will be in contact with you over the coming months with respect to the resumption of regular Association activities and any other information related to the CUPARUC community. President, CUPARUC, Dear Members, CUPA Membership Form We had a larger turnout than ever before!. Please note NEW ADDRESS below: Please change all your links and shortcuts.

Warmest regards, Thank you, the form has been sent successfully. Warmest regards, L’École de génie et d’informatique Gina-Cody est réputée pour ses programmes sur la conception de bâtiments intelligents, la durabilité, l’aérospatiale, les matériaux et la cybersécurité. Get Directions. Please note that, until we can place a re-direct page at the old address, you will continue to see a Cuparuc web page there, but it no longer be updated. Find out how to join us.

A portal to important resources, most notably our, October, 2020 issue of the Newsletter (vol 30, no 1 - full version), https://concordia-ca.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_bMqsvjNXRXGv-nLjnnnR8Q, An Update from the Executive of your Association. diplômés répartis aux quatre coins du globe. Whether you find your voice in small classes, contribute to research in labs or test your skills in work terms, you'll challenge yourself — and think big.

For most staff, it seems like working from home will continue throughout the Fall term. NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS Check out the new Awards page at the left for more information. Although at this point it does not seem very likely that any in-person activities will be happening before the December Holiday period, we continue to be active. Moreover, we do not have (and are not close to having) a liquidity problem, which would force the sale of plan assets to meet liabilities. Please help us if you have any of the missing material.