In 1170 he was crowned at Westminster by Roger of York. The next day Karin was crowned queen of Sweden and her infant son Gustavus proclaimed prince-royal. Then he returned triumphant to Teheran, where (or at Ardebil on the way) he was publicly crowned shah of Persia. In July 1497 Cesare went to Naples as papal legate and crowned Frederick of Aragon king.

Chartres is built on the left bank of the Eure, on a hill crowned by its famous cathedral, the spires of which are a landmark in the surrounding country. It is described as one of the finest trees in Japan, reaching a height of ioo or more feet, usually divested of branches along the lower part of the trunk and crowned with a conical head. From the Lousberg and the Salvatorberg to the north, the latter crowned by a chapel, magnificent views of the city are obtained; while covering the hills 2 m. The birds of paradise, the racquet-tailed kingfishers, Tanysiptera, the largest and smallest of parrots, Calyptorhynchus and Nasiterna, and the great crowned pigeons, Goura, are very characteristic; and so are the various Megapodes. The slope on which old Tortosa stands is crowned with an ancient castle, which has been restored and converted into barracks and a hospital. Piale, a Croatian who had been brought up in the imperial harem and succeeded Sinan as capudan-pasha, crowned a series of victories over the galleys of Andrea Doria by the capture of the island of Jerba, off Tripoli (July 31, 1560). He was knighted by his uncle Bedford at Leicester in May 1426, and on the 6th of November 1429 was crowned at Westminster.

He then got himself crowned by St Boniface, a ceremony which was new to France and which gave the sovereign immense prestige; henceforth the king of the Franks called himself Gratia Dei rex Francorum. from Detmold, has been crowned with a gigantic monument to Arminius Hermann, erected in 1838 -41 and 1871-75, at a cost of £13,500. 28 10 Alexander returns to Babylon, is crowned with much pomp and mass is celebrated. Coins were also struck, showing her crowned and veiled on the obverse, with a double cornucopia on the reverse. The emperor, who had been crowned king of Burgundy, or Arles, at Arles on the 30th of July 1178, had this ceremony repeated; while his son Henry was crowned king of Italy and married to Constance, who was crowned queen of Germany. these disputes, France formed an alliance with the two electors and with the king of Prussia against Austria; and in the war which followed the allies were at first so successful that the elector of Bavaria, through the influence of France, was crowned emperor as Charles VII. This system of education is crowned by the Catholic University of America at Washington, established by Leo XIII. At Artaxata Zeno, the popular candidate for the throne, was crowned king of Armenia. Wearing a crown. 5) Scarlett was crowned Sexiest Woman Alive once again. Refusing to be crowned, or even to take the usual oaths of observance, he simply announced his accession to the Hungarian counties, and then deliberately proceeded to break down all the ancient Magyar institutions. In the following year Arnulf succeeded in seizing Rome, and Formosus crowned him emperor.

The valleys have for the most part been deeply excavated by mountain streams; the apparently inaccessible heights are crowned by numerous villages, castles or cloisters embosomed among trees.

Baldwin was elected (9th of May 1204), and crowned a week later. They do not represent the opinions of It is said that to the dead body, crowned and robed in royal raiment, and enthroned beside the king, the assembled nobles of Portugal paid homage as to their queen, swearing fealty on the withered hand of the corpse. In 1830 his father caused him to be crowned king of Hungary, a pure formality, which gave him no power, and was designed to avoid possible trouble in the future.

Aided by the Russians, his troops drove Stanislaus Leszczynski from Poland; Augustus was crowned at Cracow in January 1734, and was generally recognized as king at Warsaw in June 1736. 157) Perhaps, the next logo change will feature just her face, 158) Every British sovereign since William the Conqueror has been, 160) Within their circle lay the ruins of John Wilkes' house, the charred remains of that once stately home which had. Later on in the same year Adalbero crowned Hugh Capet (rst June) and his son Robert (25th December). Indeed the king's horror of Jacobinism was morbid in its intensity, and drove him to adopt all sorts of reactionary measures and to postpone his coronation for some years, so as to avoid calling together a diet; but the disorder of the finances, caused partly by the continental war and partly by the almost total failure of the crops in 1798 and 1799, compelled him to summon the estates to Norrkoping in March 1800, and on the 3rd of April Gustavus was crowned. Arago's previous investigations in the new science of electromagnetism, and crowned that labour by the announcement of his great discovery of the dynamical action between conductors conveying the electric currents. Maximilian was planning a journey into Italy in order to be crowned emperor at Rome, and was levying subsidies from the imperial burghs for his expenses. Before he reached Rome, Pope John XV., who had invited him to Italy, had died, whereupon he raised his own cousin Bruno, son of Otto duke of Carinthia, to the papal chair as Pope Gregory V., and by this pontiff Otto was crowned emperor on the 21st of May 996. In 1657 Leopold I., who had already ruled the Austrian dominions for two years, succeeded his father Ferdinand and was crowned emperor in the following year. When the German king died in 1437, Albert was crowned king of Hungary on the 1st of January 1438, and although crowned king of Bohemia six months later, he was unable to obtain possession of the country. On the death of his father in 924, at some date after the 12th of November, Ethelstan succeeded him and was crowned at Kingston shortly after. It has dull pink flowers, succeeded by seed vessels, each of which is crowned by two scarlet-coloured leafy lobes. His historical essays, notably the famous anonymous eulogy on Torstenson crowned by the Academy, are full of feeling and exquisite in style, - his letters to his friends are delightful. Immediately on the west of the Kaisargarh there towers the Shingarh Mountain, a geological repetition of the Kaisargarh ridge, black with pines towards the summit and crowned with crags of coral limestone. On the ist of January 1651 he was crowned at Scone, when he was forced to repeat his oaths to both the covenants. He was wide-awake Monday, though, when he was crowned winner of a &quo

While the priests developed the sacrificial ritual, it was the prophets that represented the theocratic element of the national life - they devoted themselves to their task with noteworthy persistence and ability, and their efforts were crowned with success; but their virtue of singlemindedness carried with it the defect of narrowness - they despised all peoples and all countries but their own, and were intolerant of opinions, held by their fellow-citizens, that were not wholly in accordance with their own principles. The place, almost the only Etruscan town built directly on the sea, was situated on a lofty hill now crowned by a conspicuous medieval castle and a poor modern village (Populonia). : 2. How to use crown in a sentence. in 1531 the sacring of the German kings took place at Aix, and as many as thirty-two emperors and kings were here crowned.

After John's death he crowned the infant Henry III. Crowned in St Peter's on the 31st of August at the age of sixty-three, he entered upon the lonely path of the reformer_ His programme was to attack notorious abuses one by one; but in his attempt to improve the system of granting indulgences he was hampered by his cardinals; and reducing the number of matrimonial dispensations was impossible, for the income had. When Louis in 817 divided the Empire between his sons, Lothair was crowned joint emperor at Aix-la-Chapelle and given a certain superiority over his brothers.

Margaret was crowned at Edinburgh in March 1504. Success crowned these first efforts; and the Society began to win golden opinions. Enclosed between the Taurus and Amanus ranges and the sea are the fertile plains of Cilicia Pedias, consisting in great part of a rich, stoneless loam, out of which rise rocky crags that are crowned with the ruins of Greco-Roman and Armenian strongholds, and of Pamphylia, partly alluvial soil, partly travertine, deposited by the Taurus rivers. above the river); it is crowned by the ancient castle and by the 15th-century parish church, in the former of which Pestalozzi set up his educational establishment between 1798 and 1804. This was the problem that faced Ignatius, and in his endeavour to effect a needed reformation in the individual and in society his work and the success that crowned it place him among the moral heroes of humanity. The summit is crowned by a chapel dedicated to St Lawrence, which once also served as a traveller's shelter. Andronicus seems then to have resolved to exterminate the aristocracy, and his plans were nearly crowned with success. Coins of Ceos exhibit the head of Aristaeus and Sirius in the form of a dog crowned with rays. Having crushed a rebellion at Utrecht, he compelled the burghers of Ghent to restore Philip to him in 1485, and returning to Germany was chosen king of the Romans, or German king, at Frankfort on the 16th of February 1486, and crowned at Aix-la-Chapelle on the 9th of the following April. Abbas was succeeded by his son, Shah Sufi II., crowned a second time under the name of Shah Suleiman. Having insisted upon various conditions, prominent among them being military aid for the approaching war, he gave the imperial sanction to Frederick's request in November 17c'0; whereupon the elector, hurrying at once to Konigsberg, crowned himself with great ceremony king of Prussia on the 18th of January 1701. The head and neck are destitute of feathers, and the former, which is much flattened above, is in the male crowned with a caruncle or comb, while the skin of the latter in the same sex lies in folds, forming a wattle.

A pacific arrangement was ultimately made, and Louis was crowned king of Lombardy by Sergius. Henry III., who had been crowned German king and also king of Burgundy during his fathers lifetime, took possession Henry!!!

but his misgivings were so great that it was not till the beginning of November that he very reluctantly allowed himself to be crowned at a second diet, held at Szekesfehervar. It is said that Conrad granted the temporal sovereignty of the city to the bishop, who, in 1162, was raised to the rank of a prince of the Holy Roman Empire, being elected, from 1215, by the chapter, but, after 1418, named directly by the pope himself. The centre is crowned by a dome, surmounted by a statue of Hope.

crowned him emperor; after Clement three other German p,ope~.

At the end of the year Theodosius went to Constantinople to be crowned. Richard was crowned in May 1257, but the majority of his subjects were probably ignorant of his very name; Alphonso did not even visit the country over which he claimed to rule.