Starbucks has made two major statements with this new drink. I drank it for months until I mentioned to a barista that I was vegan and she let me know that the moha frap contained mocha sauce, which also contained milk. A very old and popular secret menu drink is the cotton candy Frappuccino. I moved here and began my dream of working with people and really making a difference. Nice post dear! Some kind bars with chocolate also contain milk powder, just a heads up :), I know you guys are more concerned with animal products in general but i made a list of the dairy free items for lactose intolerant people at starbucks, might help some people, Thanks!! That same year, it also launched a “Coffee Meets Coconut” summer menu which included 3 vegan-friendly beverages made with the new whip. I prefer home maid drink.

Pippa's Organic Vanilla Powder (8 oz) White Baking Grade - Perfect Vanilla Extract Substitute All Natural Great For Coffee. Starbucks has made two major statements with this new drink. Starbucks just added a new cold beverage to its permanent menu – and it’s vegan. I just never thought about it.

Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy your little taste of vegan indulgence.


The mentioned ingredients may contain dairy and/or ingredients like honey that are not suitable for vegans. Depends what kinda vegan you are. In the … :)I assume that all of the products with sugar are made with the standard white sugar. Sources:My stomach and the Peeta website, White Mocha contains both dairy and egg products.-Starbucks Barista, Hi there! Starbucks' secret menu is full of thick, creamy, and in many instances, colorful Frappuccinos. My absolute favourite iced drink is the Starbucks double shot on ice with caramel and soy !

You might as well just give up and never eat out." Are you sure that the vanilla syrup used in the lattes is vegan? Remember that Starbucks drinks can pack a sugar punch, so keep it simple, or treat it as a special treat. I panicked when I saw that a soy chai latte wasn't on the list but thankfully I do eat honey. Starbucks’ And The Growing Veganism. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in.

Ask for a vanilla bean frap with soy milk, marshmallow syrup, mocha sauce(NOT syrup) & no whip. And at Dunkin Donuts the only vanilla syrup that doesn't have dairy is sugar free. That annoying thing used when making drinks that goes "CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" is a milk steamer.-Starbucks Barista dude.

It is much healthier as well. Vanilla Bean Powder, 3.53 Oz - Raw Ground Vanilla Bean - Unsweetened, Gluten-Free - EXTREMELY FRESH - Ground Moments Before Packaging! I just wanted to update that the Kind bars are not vegan - they contain honey, but they are gluten-free.And for a vegan chai alternative, I order a soy chai misto, with a tea bag, water and a bit of soy.