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Sparkling water recipes allow you to treat yourself to something refreshing and sweet, while also keeping you healthy.

Five Ways a Water Dispensing System can Save Your Business Money in 2020. The Best Flavored Sparkling Water Recipes on Yummly | Watermelon Mockjito, Sparkling Lavender-mint Limeade, Ginger, Lime And Mint Flavored Sparkling Water ... cocoa powder, flour, vanilla extract, sunflower oil, carbonated water and 7 more. Taste the Natura Water difference today. Sparkling Water Machines: How Do They Work? Our patented filtered water system eliminates impurities while retaining beneficial, thirst-quenching minerals to keep your customers, clients, and staff hydrated.

Find out more about how to get your own Natura Water System.

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It calls for just a few ingredients, which is great when you’re on a time crunch. Authentic Cuban Mojito Filtered Water vs. Purified Water: What’s the Difference?

Water Mixology Bars and Designer Beverages—Are You on Trend? Chop up 8 basil leaves and mash them into the fruit. Divide mixture into the four drinking glasses along with ice cubes.

Garnish each drink with fresh mint leaves and lime wedges.

Serve with a garnish of lemon and some whole blueberries for flair! All Rights Reserved. Stir gently with a spoon. The best part, however, is that this delicious concoction tastes like a healthy cream soda! 5 Sparkling Cocktail Trends & Craft Drinks for 2018. Skip the alcohol and stay hydrated with this virgin-style mojito that will give you that tempting taste sans the sugar – and the hangover. Place blueberries, the juice of four lemons and stevia powder in a large mixing bowl.

The massage room was open to the beach, and the tropical bird songs lulled me into a sleep during my 80 minute massage.

If desired, sprinkle stevia powder or other sugar-free sweetener over the ice cubes, then pour sparkling water over the ingredients. Add ice cubes. After just one taste of this sparkling water recipe, you will forget all about indulging in that sugar-laden blueberry muffin at breakfast! Using a spoon, gently mix stevia or other sugar-free sweetener into the berry mash. 4 Big Health Benefits of Drinking Sparkling Water, Best Water Filtration Systems for Businesses: A Buying Guide, Eco-Friendly Restaurant Ideas: 5 Ways to Go Green.

Millennials Love Sparkling Water. A week ago, while in Maui, I visited a spa in Kaanapali. Whether you’re curious about how to make plain water taste better, or you are trying to find an alternative to sugary sodas, these healthy sparkling water recipes will keep your body hydrated and happy throughout the day.

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water; mash well with a muddler or end of a wooden spoon.

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And, bonus: with just five ingredients or less, they are simple to make. Add 2 tablespoons of the strawberry-basil mixture to the bottom of each drinking glass along with two fresh basil leaves. Divide the beverage into drinking glasses.

So Does Everyone Else. E. coli in Drinking Water: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know - Infographic, Coffee Soda: The Essential Specialty Coffee Drink for Summer 2018. Serves 4. We offer a variety of sparkling water machines for corporate offices, restaurants, and hotels of all sizes. OSHA Drinking Water Requirements: Are You Providing Safe Drinking Water? Using a large spoon, stir the mixture gently. Simply cut up a handful of your favorite fruit and put it in a pitcher of spring water in the fridge to chill. The best part, however, is that this delicious concoction tastes like a …

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If desired, serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon. The flavors here combine to form an almost dessertlike drink--but with no added sugar.

Place limes, mint leaves, and stevia in a large mixing bowl. Stay Healthy with Natura Sparkling Water Systems.

It’s so delicious that you will likely (finally) kick your cola habit to the curb.

It calls for just a few ingredients, which is great when you’re on a time crunch. Add 1 tbsp.

This is probably the easiest sparkling water recipe you will ever make! Use a fork or muddler to muddle the ingredients. Workplace Wellness: 5 Easy Ways to Drink More Water at Work. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Stir in sparkling water, cover, then strain into an ice-filled glass (for a clearer drink, pour through …

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Who doesn’t love a refreshing mojito on warm, summer days? Pour filtered sparkling water over the mixture. sparkling water, fresh mint, ice cubes, lime, raw honey, dark rum. Natura sparkling water systems and filtered water dispensers make it easy to craft delicious, healthy sparkling water recipes on demand. Add fresh lime juice and wedges to add some zip, and then…sip! Sparkling Fall Cocktails & Mocktails for Your Autumn Drink Menu, 5 Ways to Boost Beverage Sales in Your Restaurant, How Restaurant Water Filtration Systems Increase Beverage Sales. How a Commercial Filtered Water System Can Enhance Your Patrons’ Dining Experience, 5 Big Benefits of a Filtered Water Dispenser in Your Office.

Try doubling the amount of fresh basil leaves and allow half of them to soak overnight in a liter of sparkling water for even more basil flavor. Health Care Water Purification Systems: 3 Positive Effects on Patient Health, Preventing Dehydration in the Workplace: How Office Water Dispensers Can Help, Sparkling Water is Still a Trend and Restaurants Should Plan Accordingly, Dehydration on College Campuses: How Filtered Water Dispensers Can Help, Hotels Going Green: How Eco-Friendly Practices Improve Revenue and Customer Loyalty, What’s in Your Office Drinking Water? Which Water Dispenser is Right for Your Office?

Pour sparkling water in each glass.

Commercial Water Filtration Systems: How Does a Water Filtration System Work? Tonic Water: What’s the Difference? Carbonated Water Systems for Restaurants: Which Should You Choose?

Stir in sparkling water, cover, then strain into an ice-filled glass (for a clearer drink, pour through cheesecloth). Put plum and vanilla in a large cocktail shaker. Pour sparkling water into each glass, and use a spoon to gently mix all the ingredients together. Using a fork, muddle the mixture. Is “Sustainability” More than Just a Buzzword? Mineral Water: What's the Difference? Seltzer Water vs.

If you want a refreshing and unique take on soda without the sugar, try this simple strawberry recipe.

Flu Prevention at Work: How Office Water Dispensers Can Prevent the Flu, How a Commercial Sparkling Water Dispenser Helps Increase Liquor Sales in a Bar, How Filtered Water Dispensers Enhance Restaurant Water Service, How to Clean a Filtered Water Dispenser: A Step-by-Step Guide. Easy & Healthy Sparkling Water Recipes 1) Simply Vanilla Seltzer . Place the strawberries in a large mixing bowl and crush them using a potato masher.

Place ice cubes in a pitcher large enough for your recipe.

By adding natural flavors and nutrients from fresh fruit and herbs, you can craft libations and sugar-free sodas that will make your taste buds positively swoon!

Four Ways a Water Filtration System Can Save and Make You Money, Three-Step Water Filters vs. Five-Step Water Filters. Do Restaurants Have a Responsibility to Provide Filtered Water? Have some extra time? 102 W. Main Street, #78, New Albany, OH 43054  |  Sales & Service Phone: Should There Be a Pigovian Tax on the Bottled Water Industry? Share your muffin love by bringing these ingredients (prepped at home, of course) to work tomorrow, and use your office’s sparkling water dispenser to make healthy morning or mid-afternoon drinks for your co-workers. Cheers!

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Add the vanilla extract. Place 1 to 2 ice cubes in each drinking glass and divide the berry and lemon mixture over the ice.

Water Filtration Systems vs. Water Softeners: What's the Difference?

- Infographic, Sparkling Non-Alcoholic St. Patrick's Day Drinks & Green Mocktails for Pubs, How to Keep Your Restaurant Operating Safely During a Boil Water Advisory, 7 Surprising Dehydration Statistics and Facts - Infographic, Earth Day Ideas for Businesses: 5 Simple Tips to Celebrate Earth Day in the Office, 1 liter of chilled, filtered sparkling water, ½ liter of chilled, filtered sparkling water, 1 cup of ice cubes (crushed, if possible). Is Your Heathy Lifestyle Hurting The Earth? Water Quality Testing: Why It’s Important to Test Water in Your Restaurant. This is probably the easiest sparkling water recipe you will ever make!

Is Buying a Natura Sparkling Water Machine Worth It?

A lake for everyone, confessions of a pool crasher, and the BBQ king of California. Sparkling Water is Delicious … But Is It Eco-Friendly? 6 Common Questions About Commercial Water Filtration Systems, 4 Healthy Benefits of Water Filtration Systems for College Campuses, How to Remove Chlorine from Your Restaurant Tap Water. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Drink Recipe: Celebrate the Spooky Season with Clemenstein’s Monster, Fizzy Drinks and Sparkling Mocktails are Having a Moment.

Does a Commercial Water Dispenser Purify Water?