Get the best of what's queer. We don’t overly shape it,” Ingram said. Their emotional performance conveyed the pain that everyone goes through when LGBTQ+ folks are shamed.

I’m like, “Look at that sad clown up there crying on TV.”. We’re Queer. It uses that as its strength.

Shangela first competed on the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she was eliminated first, placing 12th in the competition overall. On Legendary, celebrities like Jameela Jamil, Megan Thee Stallion, and model Tyson Beckford judge a ballroom competition — yet they are never asked to explain their personal connections to the ballroom community, at least in the first two episodes.

Sign up for our weekly newsletter here. “When we’re there and we’re doing the show, we allow the show to develop. You go to some very conservative places. And that really means a lot to me. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. The show was also able to capture people and communities that were still actively working through their journeys as queer people and respond to it in real time. She became the first drag queen to walk the Oscars red carpet in drag as she represented the movie at the 2019 ceremony. Pierce (Shangela) will serve as consulting producers. You swell with emotion, and then the next thing you know, you go, “Oh my gosh, here I go. We’re Queer. On June 5, 2020, the series was renewed for a second season. So hooray for HBO for filling that void with We’re Here, a brand new unscripted series featuring arguably three of the most iconic RuPaul contestants – Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Shangela Laquifa Wadley – as they tour small town America and recruit residents to take part in a one-night only drag performance. We were riding dirty. Pierce (Shangela Laquifa Wadley) serve as consulting producers. The unscripted series follows RuPaul's Drag Race contestants Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara … Take a stand against discrimination and hate and become a GLAAD sustaining member. The new puzzles website is now live - sign up now and enjoy a 7-day free trial! We’re Queer. There is a great deal at stake for us and those who love like us, and if we don’t win, the conservative agenda will push back any progress on equality that we’ve achieved in the last decade.”, Eureka: “The importance of LGBTQ people using their voice has always been important but now more than ever! Order a copy of the magical Christmas edition and calendar direct to your door. Drag Race is Moving Ahead With a Virtual Season 12 Reunion and Finale, Watch Bob the Drag Queen Put Jaboukie Young-White Into His First Drag Look Ever, (L to R) Shangela, Eureka O’Hara, and Bob the Drag Queen on, (L to R) Tanner McGowan, Melissa McGowan, and Bob the Drag Queen on. Shangela: If you’ve been to Six Flags, honey, you know to pull that bar tight and hold on when the roller coaster starts because this truly is a roller coaster of emotions. Here’s what you need to know. Find out whether equity release is for you with this guide written by Paul Lewis for our partner Age Partnership.

Eureka debuted her first solo single Stomp later that year, followed up by her second solo single The Big Girl. “There is a frustration, justifiably, that has grown that is exploding now and we’re hoping that maybe just by watching this show that you can feel for a moment, a hope — a hope that people can actually communicate, and that people can love each other.” says co-creator  Johnnie Ingram.

Shangela says on this week’s episode of the Variety and iHeart podcast “The Big Ticket,” “[We’re] getting in their lives and working with them to be the best versions of themselves, to reach a goal or dream that they’ve had and do it through the power of drag.”.

[1][2] It premiered on April 23, 2020. “Drag is about confidence and self expression,” Nina Rosenstein, executive vice president of HBO programming, said in a statement, according to NewNowNext. I’m going to make content, I’m going to start a new show.”.

The series will feature Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara and Shangela Laquifa Wadley as mentors for people looking to express themselves through drag.

Already have an account with us? Bob: I hope that they just get a chance to genuinely see and hear these stories of the people that we’re working with. Activating a dormant 15 percent of the approximately 87,000 LGBTQ voters could have flipped the state. Bob, Shangela and Eureka also spoke out about the importance of the LGBTQ vote: Bob the Drag Queen said: "Voting is the cornerstone of democracy and when you are underrepresented in congress this is the best way to make your voice heard.

I didn’t want to be a part of another one, or having that enter the zeitgeist again through my hands.”. Eureka: Drag is for everyone. Here’s everything you need to know about the cast of We’re Here, and where else you might have seen them before. Bob: I’ve been making a lot of content. Find out the best movies available on NOW TV with a Sky Cinema Pass, or check out our TV Guide for more to watch. The video features cameos from fellow RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants Charlie Hides and Cynthia Lee Fontaine.