They specialize in teaching art to various age groups from preschool to high school. ), but you might teach art …

They are unstructured, original, nonconforming, and innovative.

What if you love art and love to teach?

While they typically work regular school hours, they are also expected to work additional hours to mark projects, prepare for lessons, attend staff meetings, and carry out administrative tasks. I have seen a lot of afterschool art programs developed by art teachers that teach children in the their own location. Students learn to thoughtfully consider and choose the content of the artwork they create. from the University of Chicago’s writing Fifth, the art instructor helps students acquire a set of standards by which to evaluate of their own artwork and the work of others. They become able to interpret works of arts in these terms and understand their own responses to art in terms of the techniques and content of the art. @Moldova - I know what you are saying, but art teachers can work at a camp or even have their own business. Art teachers educate their students about the creation of art, art history, as well as art theory. Art teachers educate their students about the creation of art.

Elementary or middle school instruction is very basic versus the more advanced projects and guidance that high school art teachers get to share with their students. Art teachers help students to understand the various techniques and processes involved in using different media. Students explore the concepts of intention, meaning, and effectiveness.

The academic path allows art professors to teach courses only in their area of expertise and are part artist, part art critic, and can influence how future art trends develop. This means that he or she helps students understand the meaning of artistic and practical function, as well as the underlying organizational principles of the arts, including repetition, contrast, emphasis, balance, and unity. from the University of Vermont, and she has written books, study guides, and teacher materials on What Does an Art Teacher Do? I think that a great art teacher really brings out the best in students and allows them to be happy with their results because in art some people are talented while other are not. An art teacher may work in a school, college, or university; be associated with a studio or museum; or give private lessons. Art teachers have to plan lessons and projects and make sure they have sufficient art supplies and tools for all their students.

In fact, unfortunately this is one of the areas that gets cut first.