AMVs can function as a nice collection of fighting performances, a trailer, a review, a preview, a parody and more. Rate it: DT: Developmental Test. I’ve been needing exactly this kind of information to start my new webcomic. –kun : More often used with boys’ names.

Omake means extra or bonus. Anime/manga genre. The concept of these shows is for the viewer to identify himself with the often average type protagonist and find a girl among the large female cast appealing to his taste. They represent perverseness or sexual arousal. I just wanted to ask if you ever have any issues with hackers? Smut: Anime/manga genre. Literally means young adult. The article consists of my observations, but for an academic look on visual language you can try: Alshenqeeti, H. (2016). Those games are also appropriately called dating simulations or visual novels, while the terms hentai-games or h-games are not that common in Japan. Most Manga are black and white and are read from right to left, which might be a bit confusing for foreign readers at first. This is another iconic symbol. Sometimes the eyes completely disappear when a character bows their head in sadness or depression. Anime/manga genre. Speed lines are more common in older anime than in modern anime. It means the character is  anxious or confused. Meganekko: Pupils constrict and eyes widen when we are scared.

This genre is very popular among male readers and viewers.

This word is also used to describe, insult or mock people for being interested in this kind of material. The character isn’t usually actually scared. DT is mostly used on Instagram, and stands for Double Tap. Scanlation is the term used for original Japanese manga scanned and translated by fans. Animes are Japanese cartoons. Japanese term used to address your sister or older sister. J-Pop: Yokatta: Japanese term used to address your brother. Tsundere is a term used to describe an often used character profile in anime and manga. The biggest and most popular homepage to download AMVs and upload your own ones is, In Japan, episodes of an anime series air weekly. Your email address will not be published. It depends on context, but I understand it as an effort to hang onto a fleeting moment. Anime/manga genre. Yandere characters are often girls with a strong if not obsessive affection for the main character, which through jealousy or frustration later on leads to psychotic and violent outbursts, sometimes to the extend of murder. Desu: Otousan: Japanese for „what“. Japanese to address your mother.