The trio protects Elena's town of Mystic Falls from the barrage of menacing supernatural beings that come their way.

In retaliation, Sybil brought back his humanity, allowing his guilt to intensely hurt him. More: Vampire Diaries Stars' New Company Is A Salute To The Salvatore Brothers. As Damon gained something of a bad boy reputation, Stefan was increasingly pigeon-holed as the opposite.

Deciding to act on his whims, Enzo tried to kill Liv, attacked Damon and Stefan when they tried to stop him, kidnapped Elena and tried to kill her.

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He knew that to save himself he had to stop caring about his friend, so he turned off his humanity and left Enzo to die. It was Enzo’s friendship that helped Damon to hold on to his humanity. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. While he kept Elena "safe" for Klaus’ plan to create hybrids with her blood, he reverted back to his early I am on Season 3 episode 3.

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He is the younger brother of Damon Salvatore.

As Stefan ended up doing some terrible things during his time as a Ripper, he convinced the writers that he deserved to die, as an act of penance for everything he had done. We analyze why the show decided to sacrifice one of its leads. I loved the good Stefan, and I loved Elena being with him. KEEP READING: The Vampire Diaries: Why Elena Thinks She Met Stefan First (When Really It Was Damon). But having Stefan make the call to sacrifice himself for his brother added some substance back to a show that had lost some over the years. Unlike the average vampire, the enjoyment of hunting and terrorizing humans are far more entertaining to rippers, as they destroy the lives and sever the limbs of humans without hesitation or remorse. In other words: Stefan is a ripper again on The Vampire Diaries, and who knows if he'll be able to find his way back. He tricked her into getting caught by Damon, Elena and Bonnie and successfully brought back her emotions by putting visions of her mother in her head, pushing Caroline to break down and face everything she had done in her attempt to suppress her pain. A one-stop shop for all things video games. When he got to opportunity to flee in 1958, he tried to free Enzo, but he failed as the bars of his cage were soaked in vervain. As Seventeen reported, Wesley actually pitched killing off both Damon and Stefan to the writers, so Elena could continue her life with a clean slate.

Her warning was tested when Stefan tried to trigger her feelings for him. A full-time freelance writer now, she can cover anything under the sun and harbours a secret Vampire Diaries crush. As a last-ditch attempt, Bonnie set the cabin on fire to force Enzo with her impending death to turn on his humanity, and it worked.

She became his best friend and mentored him on how to turn his humanity back on, as well as how to survive on a strict animal blood diet.

Even Damon, who had his memories of Elena manipulated by Sybil, still felt something for her. She told Elena and Bonnie that all she needed was a year without feeling pain, grief or remorse and if during it anyone or anything tried to bring back her humanity, there would be dire consequences. The Simpsons: Yes, Comic Book Guy's Real Name Has Been Revealed, The Vampire Diaries: Every Time the Vampire Characters Turned Off Their Humanity, Legacies Should Introduce Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert's Daughter, The Vampire Diaries: L.J.

Stefan may have passed the point of no return on The Vampire Diaries. Even after "dying" Damon still didn't want to kill the doctor, but Stefan said he had to. After 8 seasons of protecting Mystic Falls from supernatural threats, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) died in the series finale of The Vampire Diaries.

It was only when Damon brought back their mother, Lily, who had been turned into a vampire, that Stefan managed to turn back on his humanity.

The Vampire Diaries follows Elena Gilbert as she meets two vampire brothers named Damon and Stefan, all while she deals with the sudden death of her parents. Though it was never shown when or how Stefan regained his humanity, when Damon tried to kill Klaus with the White Oak Stake, Stefan saved Klaus as he knew that the hybrids were programmed to kill Damon if the original vampire died. He offered himself up to Arcadius, the creator of Hell in exchange and chose to turn off his humanity for a year to bring him souls.

While he kept Elena "safe" for Klaus’ plan to create hybrids with her blood, he reverted back to his early Ripper days, not caring for anything or anyone.

Desperate to save Bonnie, Enzo agreed to part ways with his humanity.

SEARCH CLOSE Results for: Entertainment See All … In his deal with Cade, Stefan swore to make good people do bad things, to turn them evil to then send to the devil.

As with many teen dramas, The Vampire Diaries played out some sub-par storylines to flesh out its 8-season run.

He is the youngest child born to Giuseppe Salvatore and Lillian Salvatore.

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They growl, hiss, snarl, and curl their lips back, baring their fangs as signs of aggression when provoked.

The show is based on L. J. Smith's young adult book series, and it ran on The CW for eight seasons.

With no guilt left, Damon led a reckless life for years where he unknowingly killed Maggie James, Enzo’s one true love. Apeksha is a passionate content creator with years of experience in the media and online publishing industry.

If so, what episode? In Season 3, Episode 5, "The Reckoning" the original vampire, Niklaus Mikaelson, compelled Stefan to turn off his humanity.

And he's making good on his promise, but Damon isn't so enthusiastic.

Audiences were shocked when Stefan was killed off in The Vampire Diaries series finale. In Season 6, Episode 16, "The Downward Spiral," Stefan turned off his humanity again when Caroline, with her humanity switch flipped, threatened to kill his niece, Sarah. Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

Despite successfully controlling himself for the past few weeks, drinking only what he needed, not ripping out his victims' throats, it seems something about killing the doctor changed something in him too.

Wesley believed death was necessary karma for Stefan. A one-stop shop for all things video games. He came back as a ghost and tormented the Salvatore brothers and Elena until Damon assured him that he could be brought back from the Other Side with Bonnie’s help. Like always, he fell off the wagon and became a Ripper while he tipped people towards darkness to corrupt their souls. When we last saw Stefan in the show's mid-season finale, he had turned off his humanity switch to serve Cade alongside Damon for one year. All rights reserved. Knowing that Stefan would keep trying to bring back her humanity, she retaliated by kidnapping his niece, Sarah, and compelled Liam to kill her, forcing Stefan to turn his humanity off. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

And when she is not breaking her back by typing on her laptop for hours, you can likely find her curled up on the couch, with a murder mystery book in her hands and her cat dozing on her lap. I … Unaware that he had turned his humanity off, he lost control over his bloodlust and went on a killing spree until he met another, older vampire, Alexie "Lexi" Branson. In the mid-season premiere, "We Have History Together," a humanity-less Stefan somehow managed to keep a lid on his ripper tendencies, but that didn't last long.

Damon survived, but the writers were convinced to kill off Stefan.

Stefan is back to being the ripper he once was, and with no humanity, no guilt, no consequences, who knows what he's capable of. She even tried killing Tyler and Matt, which resulted in the latter getting staked. Stefan was unofficially known as the good Salvatore brother for the majority of the show, but he had his moments when he proved otherwise — namely, when he turned off his humanity and decided to go full "Ripper." Accompanied by Stefan, who was going into his Ripper-mode, Caroline abandoned her careful "routine" of leading a normal life when Stefan pushed her to join him on killing sprees. Under her influence, he killed Tyler and joined his brother in killing innocents, but his love for Elena allowed him to retain a shred of humanity that helped him to overcome Sybil. Although the twist was certainly shocking, there's another reason why The Vampire Diaries killed off one of its main characters in the series finale.

He then attempted to set Stefan on fire, who pulled on Enzo's heart without ripping it out, threatening to kill him. Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. Smith's OTHER CW Series Failed, Noblesse: Crunchyroll Unveils First Trailer for Anime Adaptation of the WEBTOON Vampire Series, EXCLUSIVE: David Mack's Vampire: The Masquerade Variants Bleed Red, The Vampire Diaries: Why Elena Thinks She Met Stefan First (When Really It Was Damon), X-Men: The Animated Series - Why Could Prof X Walk in the Savage Land? But it wasn't The Vampire Diaries writers who initially came up with the idea to kill off Stefan, it was actually Wesley himself. In 1851, when Stefan was five years old, during a Thanksgiving dinner in the Salvatore Estate with his parents and brother, his father confronted Damon about mone… While the show's writers may not have been able to commit to both deaths, Stefan's death provided a necessary emotional note for The Vampire Diaries to go out on. She had attacked Damon with the intention to subdue him and take him back to the Augustine operations.

Smith's OTHER CW Series Failed. In the 70s, he hosted wild parties and was feeding on people when Lexi found him and tried to get his humanity back, only for him to trick her into getting stuck on a rooftop with sunlight and no way to escape until nightfall. When Cade offered him a choice to be off the contract and instead kill Elena as a bargain, he remorselessly killed Enzo. The Vampire Diaries adhered to every vampire trope and trademark, from enhanced abilities, to drinking blood, to immortality.