Will have to try this. 1.Mercari. With Tags listings added daily. Here was our process of doing it as well as my favorite places to sell kid’s clothes online. Thousands of gently-used listings added daily! #1 – Sort through your kid’s stuff too good to throw out. ), After we’ve gotten rid of that stuff we then decide what to keep out of the items that actually fit them. Buying and selling with us is simple and cost-effective. COPYRIGHT ©2020 Kidizen INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. My youngest daughter is completely different. where they will really be appreciated if they are that old.

For items that aren’t name brand or don’t look brand new (but are still in great condition) I like to sell as “lots” on Facebook.

This is really interesting I will suggest to one of my friend that has kids….:D. You can be asked to provide more details.

But these websites/places are also perfect for selling your maternity clothes, in order to make extra cash! The largest marketplace for buying and selling preloved kids goods. Have you found an item that were looking for? Those are my two favorite places to sell kids clothes online. Aside from selling clothes in this manner I’ve frequently bought my kids clothes off of Facebook yard sales as well. Make a payment, we recommend to use safe payment method PayPal. If you’ve never heard of ThredUp they’re an online secondhand clothing shop.

OWN A STORE. We are connecting buyers and sellers of kids used goods with no middleman. Currently, they don’t charge a fee and offer reasonable postage items.

You can also find local relevant charities who might need them or donate them to thrift shops. Keeping this in mind when we clear out clothes it’s very individualized to meet each personality need. If you want to send in items to ThredUp all you need to do is request a cleanout bad from their website.

She likes lace, frills and all things colorful and could care less about having a neat and organized room. Buy directly from owner and sell your kids goods on your own. Sell your kids' and women's clothes and earn top dollar. We start by clearing all out items that are stained or ripped. My daughters and I recently went through their clothes and came up with a bunch of stuff to get rid of. I personally find that keeping clothes paired down to what you actually wear (see my closet here) makes staying organized and getting ready each day so much easier. Shop thousands of your favorite brands at up to 70% off retail.

With that said, her method can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Items are sorted and placed neatly back in drawers. Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm with her ‘decluttering method’, and it can definitely come in handy when preparing to sell your clothes. Mercari is a fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything. Thredup was a little too stringent since our clothes were really old (like 3-4 times passed down!) I didn’t think about the FaceBook groups. We just give them to GoodWill, as I understand sometime clothes will go to Mexico, overseas, etc. Support families and shop from a community of parents. My oldest daughter is EXACTLY like me when it comes to clothes. COVID-19 COMMUNITY SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT  >. Or you could even sell the clothes at local consignment stores. Contact: She figures out what she likes and she sticks with it. Receive a payment, ship an item and provide shipping details to the buyer. Send payment info to seller, ask for tracking details and receive your kid’s new item. Message to seller and ask more details. (This includes clothes, shoes, coats accessories, etc.

Your item is listed, now buyers will contact you. In my experience clothing sells super-fast on Facebook. If there is a potential buyer, get agreed on payment and shipping methods.

They are out of style now, so a wee bit too old. hello@kidizen.com. Filed Under: Business Ideas, Money Management, Saving Money. If clothing you send will be sold for less than $60 (they set the price) they send you money upfront. Thanks for these suggestions. If you ever have clothes that don’t sell I would be interested. Have buyer made a payment?

They’ll send you the bag, you just fill it up and mail it back in their postage paid bag. Earn Extra Income as a Single Parent.

You can get paid via Paypal, store credit or have your money donated to a charity. I’ve sold a ton of items on the app Mercari. Why sell kids fashion online.

(If you’re a new customer you can also get a $10 credit by going through this link and then I’ll get a $10 credit as well.). Thousands of gently-used listings added daily! Buy & sell used kids clothes, shoes, toy & more in our online shopping marketplace for kids outgrown goods, kids and baby clothes, clearance toys, baby essentials, baby car seat, baby strollers, cheap shoes, toys for girls, baby stuff like garage sales and yard sale online. Come hang out with her on Facebook and Pinterest. Turn your kid’s closet into $$$ with selling made easy. I help pack baby layettes for the SW part of Tanzania. Affiliate links may be used on this page. The children’s fashion market is one of the most lucrative markets in the global fashion industry. way to shop and sell kids fashion. This means when it comes to getting rid of clothes she’s more than happy to do so.

These are then sorted into two different categories: ThredUp is where I buy pretty much ALL of my clothes. Great article! I have to keep a close eye on the process because my oldest wants to get rid of everything (including the things she’ll need once we hit a different season.). The mobile marketplace to buy and sell Our son has so many clothes that have just piled up. Buy and sell kids preowned goods with no middleman.

Thanks for sharing!! You can read my, How To Control The Rising Cost Of Parenting. ThredUp accepts women’s and kids clothes. You can easily get an estimate of how much they’ll pay you for your items by taking a look at their earnings estimator. Great info! thredUP is the world’s largest online thrift store where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes. I’m going to pass this on to my daughter and other moms who have little ones too. To do this I simply group together clothing that is the same size and meant for the same season. Shop for kids goods of any age. Where do you sell your kids clothing that no longer fits them? Alexa Mason is the blogger behind Single Moms Income, a personal finance freelance writer, and an online entrepreneur. They go in the trash or in my rag bin, depending on the material. We made buying and selling simple by eliminating middleman. This is my first time here on your blog – I love what you’re sharing here. Shop top brands with thousands of like-new items listed daily! KidsGoodsStore is an online marketplace for the buyers and sellers of kids used goods.