gutsy voyage into the uncharted depths of new toys and new ideas from . (A marvel to be seen: dysentery green), After the [raisin wine] explosion [in San Diego], the family moved to Ontario, California. . You have two knobs. Don't come in me. I thought that was the funniest thing we could have put together. If I were to go back in and rebuild We're Only In It For The Money today, I might do it differently. Läther • ", "The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet", "Suzy Creamcheese (What's Got Into You? Because the record company was afraid because of 'Heroin' and, two, because the manager of the Mothers didn't want Frank's album to be like our first one—there were no psychedelic albums no hip albums, then, and theirs was coming out first...I'm not saying anything evil towards anybody, but there was panic, and ours came out six months later.". "louder," not to mention delightful Boze clones built by Gus Andrews, Zappa: Well, I think that they should have been completely integrated. [...] you make a transfer onto another tape, what is present on the other tape when you are done is a filtered version of the original. Zappa later declined to accept an award for the album upon being made aware of the censorship, stating "I prefer that the award be presented to the guy who modified this record, because what you're hearing is more reflective of his work than mine. set of It was my living quarters and art studio, which I rented separately from them. If we were only in it for the money, we'd be doing something else! mixable tracks, all of which still had very acceptable signal to noise Halloween • The volume at which we re-recorded the blurch track was set at "piercing". during the first pass, and then overdub in between the initial tracks And we were totally naive. You Can’t Do That on Stage Anymore Volume III • While we were doing this, the engineer was controlling the speed of the tape with a device known as the VFO, which is a Variable Frequency Oscillator. on. Oh! [9] The Kellgren dialogue segment in "Concentration Moon" was also re-edited, making it seem that he was calling the Velvet Underground "Frank Zappa's group." There's a tambora in there, a koto in there someplace. Freak Out! It was madness. And I said, "Well, you know, I figured it'd be better this way instead of calling up your lawyer." Consultants for Your computer may be infected with malware or spyware that is making automated requests to our server and causing problems. But that's O.K. Pepper album cover. while recording on adjacent tracks, so we'd record on odd-numbered So you'd get these strange effects where a pile of garbage is struck, begins to fall, and as it falls, it sort of goes into slow motion, and as the things begin to settle on the floor and stop rolling around, the speed suddenly becomes very high-pitched. "[9], In his lyrics for We're Only in It for the Money, Zappa speaks as a voice for "the freaks—imaginative outsiders who didn't fit comfortably into any group", according to AllMusic writer Steve Huey. 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Das Lied spielt in der Instrumentierung auf Psychedelischen Rock an. These are going on the album, The Mothers and Lenny Bruce, which is due for September release. Did you install a browser extension (such as Realplayer/Realdownloader) that helps you download YouTube videos or other content? About the "flange," engineer John Kilgore remarks, "I first heard it on Toni Fisher's 'The Big Hurt' in 1959. then on 'Itchykoo Park' by the Small Faces in early '67, and on Hendrix's second record released in '67. Like, if I had my chance to do it all over again, I would probably put that out as a two-record set and have the material more interspersed with orchestral interludes between the songs on We're Only In It For The Money. Das Album parodiert in weiten Teilen die Hippie-Bewegung und äußert in satirischer Form Kritik an Lebensstil und Selbstverständnis der US-amerikanischen Gesellschaft und insbesondere der 68er-Generation. . and it made us completely compatible with other 8-track studios. The seat of his underwear a big hole w/ threads hanging down. tape Don Preston played the piano intro to "Absolutely Free. Avec lui, je me sentais hip et avant-garde, mais c'était toujours bizarre et drôle. 3 Concentration Moon. I guess he never forgot that because he wrote a song about it. . So I refused to do it. Then we had some backwards tape and tape slowed down and speeded up with the VSO, and were using parts of recordings of ethnic intruments. Shut Up ’N Play Yer Guitar • )", Frank Zappa And The Original Mothers Of Invention, Richard Kunc, "Historic Hardware In Soft Focus,", Cal Schenkel,, October 2, 1997, Ann Geracimos, "A Record Producer Is A Psychoanalist With Rhythm,", Don Paulsen, "Frank Zappa The incredible Boss Mother,". We didn't have a manager who would to go the record company every day and just drag the whole thing through production." Opened mine only to find both sides of the record have the same side 1 picture of the title on the floor drum. If you are using a VPN, and other users of the same VPN are abusing the service, then you'll be automatically banned as well. Boulez Conducts Zappa: The Perfect Stranger • You have been invited on many albums, but the most bizarre must be your contribution to Frank Zappa's "We're only in it for the money" and the Mothers Of Invention. Zappa: I would've like to have done that but there were a lot of legal problems in doing that, because Lumpy Gravy was originally done for Capitol and it was still being contested at that time. cheerful interruptions. Zappa complied, but reversed the recording and included the backwards verse as part of the dialogue track "Hot Poop", concluding the album's first side,[4] but this would be removed by Verve themselves on subsequent represses of their own. On which you hang your clothes, Some say the lungs Gary, bless his heart, told him.". . But I just couldn't put it together that way. Auch in „Flower Punk“ wird die Hippie-Bewegung thematisiert. in me . by an [...] The rest of the studio followed suit, with totally controllable theater lighting throughout, so whatever the state of your insides, you could make the environment match. I picked a downtown location, in the Village, as that's where all the musicians were. This is how he made, in part, Nasal Retentive Calliope Music an other stuff of that ilk. With him, I felt hip and avant-garde, but it was always weird and funny. I just feel sorry for them that they're not havin' as much fun as they ought to. So I called Frank and said, "Let me back in the band," and flew back to New York. our name was Apostolic Studios, after our twelve tracks and unabashedly spiritual (though not particularly Christian) tilt, and clearly we were nuts. momentarily suppressed background sound comes rushing back up in volume these The band I was in at the time (Mandrake) worked there in between Frank's sessions; he had dozens, and maybe even hundreds, of plastic reels hanging on the walls with short bits of tape containing various sound samples (each was named—my favorite was "Dynamite Blurch Injector"). You might have the Hola VPN extension installed. No, he wasn't that kind of musician as far as I could tell; he wasn't the jamming type. If you can find this pressing, buy it. Trance-Fusion • Operator: Same area code? You might say the teeth, Some say the feet He'd also like to conduct an 84-piece rock & roll orchestra on the stage of Carnegie Hall and hypnotize the audience with his music. McCartney told him that it was an issue for business managers,[2][3][6] but Zappa responded that the artists themselves were supposed to tell their business managers what to do. [When The Music Mattered: Rock In The 1960s, by Bruce Pollock (Holt, Rinehart Winston,1983)], EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: TOM Zappa's art director Cal Schenkel and Jerry Schatzberg photographed a collage for the album cover, which parodied the Beatles' Sgt. I understand, yeah . machines—imagine twelve of those babies, each one with a complete Das Cover ist eine Parodie des Beatles-Albums Sgt. was one of those "state-of-the-art" EMT vibrating steel plate deals. They just told me, "Well if you go over there, don't drink anything, you'll be OK, don't eat nothing, don't drink anyhing, if somebody comes at you with a needle, run."