What a treat to be able to take this depth of a tour. I’ve used Ping for 30 years w/o a complaint-better quality than anyone else.

With Ping in my bag, I KNOW it’s not the club’s fault! Yesterday, coincidentally had a customer and was explaining to her about the Ping brand and what differentiates it from the others, and then voila…your article. After 6 to 9 months with each , I had to go and dig out my old favourites . Karsten Solheim established the Phoenix HQ with one building back in the 1960’s. Thank you. I would have liked to seen the ‘test’ part tied in to the data driven segment. Keep up the good work guys! Awesome write-up. Or is that kind of deviation common and to be expected industry-wide with “off the rack” clubs given various company tolerances?

No question “Best in Class” culture personifies Ping. Great article! Love ping drivers and I have an old answer putter from the 70’s…. Would have to believe it’d be in the neighborhood of 400 yds. I have been a proud owner of Ping Drivers for over 20 years and the Anser Drive I am using today is one of the best. Long Live the i-series! During their research, PING engineers found that increasing the mass and diameter of the hosel negatively impacted inertia, dropped the center of gravity, and actually increased aerodynamic drag around the hosel by as much as 10-15%. For shame!! I am now to believe that there IS a better iron than S59. As always Ping is about “QUALITY & PRIDE” in their products ! April 26, 2017. We’re doing Disneyland and Lego Land but the highlight will be some “daddy only” time at the PING factory that my wife has organised for me. Long standing Ping fan. Great article and looking forward to part two. I hope you truly appreciate the opportunities you have been given. Nothing else is in my bag. Their facility looks immaculate!

something about going flag hunting with some one of a kind relics that blows me away. great insight into the Ping HQ’s inner workings. Wow, great write up on an wonderful facility! Here is how the knowledge-based design process happens at PING. Flat out amazing. Your morning trip has convinced me Made a great choice and will be a user of Ping gear for life. Thanks for the great article MGS. As a consumer, the unique serial number on your irons will also allow you to order additional clubs with the exact specs as your original set. It makes me feel good to support a company like PING (I own a couple PING putters, one hybrid – soon to be two, and a Driver). Very much enjoyed the piece. Ask them what they think about MyGolfSpy’s club testing. Probably both. Upon further checking this out I felt that the game improvement qualities for a novice golfer would suit me. I was treated like a tour pro when I went there to get my irons adjusted. Great article, looking forward to part 2. G25 is a silly good driver…. Make sense now. Offers may be subject to change without notice.

The story would have been truly interesting if you had listed the distance of Ping Man when swinging at 150 mph. Now let’s get me a Ping bag. I switched to Ping last year after deciding to try a little more forgivability in my irons. Yah.

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Great look at a product driven company, not just a marketing machine! I am a big PING fan ! I started with a used set of Ping Zings that were given to me by my client.

Private equity firm Vista Equity Partners said it is acquiring identity management firm Ping Identity for an undisclosed sum on Wednesday. A custom bag would do fine!

Let’s delve deeper into each type of owner, to discover more about Ping An Healthcare and Technology. The amount of ‘hands on’ stages on the assembly really shows how much they care about their product. After the morning tour of the facilities, Tim and I sat down with one of the PING engineers to learn what the club designing process at PING is all about. Establish Design Requirement (i.e. I currently play ping irons and my previous set was also Ping. I made an “assumption” on the purchase of my current irons and 3 heads went flying off. Then I had affairs with T-Made , then Titleist , and then T-M again .

Great story. I had a feeling I was there with you.

When I was young, and in my prime, I hit just Ping, all the time. They just feel more ” forged” than some manufacturers’ truly forged clubs ! Great COMPANY! Many institutions measure their performance against an index that approximates the local market. with several ways to “fill that cup” That’s amazing. love it. I also have a G15 10.5 Stiff for everyday play and a G20 9.5 tour stiff for beach wind. Thanks for the write up.

Everything they make is available in left hand as well as right. All of those logos are stitched on right here at the PING factory. Can anyone just call them up and go see, or do you have to be MGS guys? Company management run the business, but the CEO will answer to the board, even if he or she is a member of it. Look forward to reading your article tomorrow. Was there any word about them returning some of their casting operations back to Phoenix? I have been playing Ping S56 irons since January and added a Ping i20 hybrid last week, and am adding Ping wedges this week.

I love my G25 driver and fairway, i20 hybrid, S55 irons, and Karsten TR putter. Must be a great company to work for. There is Sling Man, a ball-launching machine, used to study ball flight under various conditions. Manufacturing process knowledge is also critical as the best design becomes worthless if PING doesn’t have the ability to build it. And my new ping bag?!
If Ping only releases better equipment then I’m seriously looking forward to my Ping i25 iron fitting next week and then playing them. So they usually pay more attention to companies that are included in major indices. I always return to Ping after brief, pointless affairs… I was sceptical following John’s ascension, but his commitment to the original principles has been unwavering and commendable! Great write up, have visited the factory many times but certainly not in this depth. Great company. Have used four sets of Ping Irons since my original Karsten II Rail model. I have been playing Ping for a coupleofears now and appreciate all they do forco sumers. Mahalo. I had the pleasure to visit HQ two years ago. Powered and implemented by Interactive Data Managed Solutions.

I flew back to Tennessee on Sun. Can’t wait for part 2! What they learn as individual engineers is written down and shared with all. The company’s largest shareholder is Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd., with ownership of 41%, The second largest shareholder with 12%, is Le Jin Xuan Limited, followed … After reading all your reviews I narrowed it down to Mizuno JPX, Taylormade, Speed Blades and Ping Anser or G25. Now just imagine what they could do if they chose to expand that knowledge base a bit and deploy a line of non-conforming clubs…lights-out HackGolf! If a company doesn’t make money, then it doesn’t stay in business. Looking forward to part 2. You can also get custom engraving on the hosel as well.

Ping was the first I found to have a “better player” club with some game improvement qualities without looking like I was swinging a frying pan. Build tags are filed at the end of the facility where the various components are housed. This risk is higher in a company without a history of growth.


I have played ping clubs since 1969 I have had most clubs ping makes and after reading your morning I am impressed even more please be sure to mention pings veteran program which ales me proud to be a faithful ping user can’t wait for the rest of th storry. Cool read, love ping equipment. I try to visit Ping whenever I am in town. Used hand me down clubs various brands from my brothers who have played golf for many years. Good Day from the Winter Wilds of Canada. I got my clubs last week and I love them, but now I have a greater respect for them knowing how much care and effort was put into making them. Hello PING employees. Bear in mind I’m just a weekend golfer.

After reading this I’m a bit less disappointed in the amount of time it took to get my clubs from PING, but also left wondering why they don’t have some sort of online club build tracker for customers that would allow you to keep track of your order since everything is tracked the entire time. An actual customer satisfaction based company that ensures your product is delivered accurately. Customer comes first I would love a bag. Still it must have been a fantastic two days. Great to see the Ping operation. The combination possibilities were numerous to say the least. What do ya say? Add alert for PING Ticker: PING; CUSIP Number: 72341t103; Top investors of Ping Identity Hldg Corp stock. ACN 600 056 611, Simply Wall St is a financial technology startup focused on providing unbiased, high-quality research coverage on every listed company in the world. While studying institutional ownership for a company can add value to your research, it is also a good practice to research analyst recommendations to get a deeper understand of a stock’s expected performance. For some reason, the PING Ketsch is very popular right now.