appointment noun. I have the same question (0) Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to RSS feed; Replies (1) Stefan Blom. Find more similar words at! Synonyms for office work include paperwork, accounts, bookkeeping, correspondence, filing, form-filling, administration, typing, administrivia and desk work.

American informal a cubicle in an office. a photocopier. any one can help me what i have to do? Collaborate for free with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive. used for talking about business compared to things that you do when you are not working. Find more similar words at! call noun. English vocabulary in the office - word lists for office equipment, office stationery and office furniture, online lessons and free printable worksheets for English students. offers more than 625 word lists. a type of computer printer that uses air to blow ink onto paper, an old-fashioned type of printer that uses very small spots of ink to produce letters, a piece of equipment for sending and receiving copies of documents in electronic form, used mainly in the past, a piece of equipment used for putting small holes in paper, a desk in an office that is available for anyone to use, a type of printer for computers that prints using very small drops of ink, in the past, a container for ink, kept in a hole on a desk or in an inkstand, the part of a typewriter with keys that you press to print letters, a type of printer that you use with a computer, using light from a laser to make very clear letters and pictures, a fast printer that prints a whole line at a time, a machine that copies documents or pictures from one piece of paper to another, a type of photocopier (=a machine that copies documents or pictures from one piece of paper to another), a piece of equipment used for printing documents that you have created on a computer, a long narrow piece of cloth containing ink, used in some printers and typewriters, a large piece of equipment in an office, hotel, public building etc that a person called a switchboard operator uses to answer telephone calls and to connect the people calling with the people who they want to speak to, a type of telegraph machine used for sending and receiving printed messages through a telephone line, ink in the form of a powder that you put into a printer or a photocopier, a machine with keys that you use for typing letters and symbols directly onto a sheet of paper around a roller. I bought a new lapy befor 10 days and while m working wd office word ,its not working  and asking for liscence.

background noun. You have to purchase a full version. Synonyms for work-related include business, industrial, job-related, occupational, professional, working, vocational, on-the-job, work and in-service. a good/smart/clever career move phrase.

RELATED OFFICE WORD I bought a new lapy befor 10 days and while m working wd office word ,its not working and asking for liscence. Related words.

Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word facts, quizzes and language news. a type of computer printer that uses air to blow ink onto paper.

Microsoft’s Word document templates allow you to quickly create a flyer for your next neighborhood block party or announce an upcoming sale for your business, design a brochure for your restaurant that gets your customers’ mouths watering or inform a potential patient about important medical information. cube noun. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. the type of career, training, or education that someone has had. bubble jet printer noun.

You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. The behavior was related to the divorce, it was a divorce-related problem, but was the problem divorce-related? a job, especially an important job. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. This thread is locked. an action or change of job that helps you to be successful in your career.

Related words. On the other hand, if you do have a full version, make sure it has been activated (File tab | Account).

Copyright 2020 Vocabulary University ®. Free thesaurus definition of office equipment and furniture from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. dot matrix printer noun. I couldn't find a reference to this in the AP Stylebook and Bartleby wasn't much help either, so I turned to Google and got no help there either. an old-fashioned type of printer that uses very small spots of ink to produce letters. business noun. copier noun. fax noun. Most Office versions included when you purchase a new computer are trial versions. To see more Government, Civics, Voting vocabulary word lists please go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content with Latin Root Words that align with Common Core State Standards. General words for offices and the workplace.

This thread is locked. All Rights Reserved. Alphabetical-All Subject & Themed Puzzles, Absentee, Accountable, Activist, Adverse, Advertising, Advice, Advise, Affiliation, Aggressive, Amendment, Announcement, Anthem, Appeal, Appearance, Appoint, Approach, Appropriation, Arguments, Articulate, Aspiration, Asset, Assimilation, At large, Audience, Authorization, Background, Bait, Balanced budget, Ballot, Ballot box, Bandwagon, Barnstorm, Behavior, Beliefs, Biannual, Bias, Bicameral, Bill, Bipartisan, Boondoggle, Brochure, Budget, Bunk, Bureaucracy, Cabinet, Campaign, Candidate, Canvass, Capitalize, Career, Catalyst, Caucus, Ceiling, Centrist, Challenge, Challenger, Changes, Charismatic, Checks and balances, Choice, Citation, Civic, Coalition, Coast-to-coast, Coattail, Collaboration, Colleague, Collective, Commitments, Committee, Commonality, Communication, Compassion, Concede, Concessions, Confidence, Congress, Congressional, Conscience, Consequence, Conservative, Constituent, Constitution, Consultation, Contribution, Controversy, Convene, Convention, Council, Curiosity, Cycle, Dark horse, Debate, Decision, Decisive, Declaration, Defeat, Deficit, Delegate, Deliberate, Deliberation, Democracy, Democrat, Democratic, Derision, Destiny, Diligent, Diplomat, Disapproval, Discourse, Discreet, Discussion, Disheartened, Dishonesty, Dissatisfaction, District, Distrust, Diverse, Division, Dogma, Dominate, Donation, Donor, Dossier, Dynamic, Effective, Efficient, Elation, Electoral college, Elevate, Eloquence, Emphasis, Enact, Endorsement, Engaging, Equal, Ethics, Euphoria, Excessive, Executive, Exit poll, Experience, Faction, Federal, Feud, Filibuster, Flawed, Focus, Forum, Fraud, Freedom, Front runner, Fundamental, Funding, Fundraiser, Gambit, Gerrymander, Glaring, GOP, Government, Grass roots, Grateful, Handshakes, Hard money, Hatch Act, Heckle, Historic, Honesty, Hooray, Hypocrisy, Immigrants, Impound, Inalienable, Incentive, Incorporate, Incumbency, Incumbent, Independent, Independent, Indulge, Infallible, Influx, Informative, Initiative, Innuendo, Inspiring, Integrity, Interests, Investigate, Involvement, Irresponsible, Issues, Lame duck, Landslide, Law, Leader, Leadership, Leanings, Legal, Legalization, Legislature, Liberal, Listening, Lobbyist, Lone, Loser, Loss, Loyalty, Magistrate, Majority, Mandate, Meaningful, Measures, Media, Meetings, Mentor, Midterm election, Minority, Misinformation, Motives, Mudslinging, National, Nationwide, Negativity, Network, Nominate, Nominee, Nonpartisan, Obligation, Obsequious, Offensive, Office, Official, Old boy, Opine, Opinion, Opinionated, Opportunity, Opposition, Orator(y), Outspoken, Ovation, PAC (political action committee), Pamphlets, Pardon, Participation, Partisanship, Party, Patriotism, Petition, Platform, Pledge, Plurality, Polarize, Policy, Polite, Politician, Politics, Poll, Polling place, Pollster, Popular, Popularity, Pork barrel, Position paper, Pragmatist, Praise, Precinct, Predictions, Prescient, Press, Pride, Primary, Priority, Proactive, Process, Progressive, Projection, Promises, Propaganda, Proponent, Proposal, Purpose, Race, Ratify, Re-election, Reapportionment, Recall, Recognition, Reconciliation, Recount, Recrimination, Redistrict, Referendum, Reform, Registration, Regulate, Representation, Republican, Rescind, Resignation, Resilience, Restrictions, Retort, Reveal, Revelations, Revenues, Rhetoric, Roll call, Runoff, Scope, Senate, Seniority, Shift, Shortcoming, Shuffle, Sidelines, Sinecure, Skill, Slate, Slogan, Solicitation, Solution, Spar, Spectacle, Speculate, Spending, Spin, Stakes, Stance, State�s rights, Statute, Strategist, Strategy, Straw poll, Stump, Subcommittee, Subjects, Success, Suffrage, Support, System, Tactics, Tally, Taxpayer, Term, Term limit, Ticket, Topic, Trust, Turnout, Ultimate, Unanimous, Uncommitted, Unfair, Uniformity, Unity, Unknown, Unopposed, Unprecedented, Unwind, Upcoming, Upset, Vacancy, Veto, Viable, Victor, Victory, Vie, Viewpoint, Views, Violations, VIP, Volunteers, Voter, Vulnerability, Ward, Whistle-stop, Wild-card, Win, Winner, Withdraw, Withhold, Woo.