For example, the company's BioFoam replaces some petroleum with plant oils. Every step of the way has been painful. Took 30+ days to deliver, so I tried to cancel and get a refund. It was like a dealing with companies in the 90s. Ten years is a common length for a mattress warranty, although there are brands offering warranties up to 25 years and even a couple offering lifetime warranties. If you need a bed frame now to preserve your mattress but don’t have the cash on hand, you can look into their financing options. 2 Cheapest Mattress and our No. and luckily get full refund. We examine the four new Zinus hybrid mattresses and platform bed frames available now in 2020. It now operates nine locations in six countries. The Zinus Michelle Compack 9-Leg bed frame is designed for use with a box springs and mattress. With three kids who often nap on the Zinus frame and have friends stay the night, mine has already logged quite a few hours in the two months I’ve been using it. You'll be OK if you get a good one that lasts, but if you get a defective one, you will be out of luck. Yes, Zinus mattresses are good. A cover made from knitted jacquard also helps keep you cool. * Slats not accommodating for all mattresses.

Easy if you follow the included instructions.

That said, Zinus mattresses are designed to work with a variety of foundation types including box springs, platform beds, slats, adjustable bed frames, and bunkie boards. These dimensions are all for queen-size mattresses. Foam mattresses are known for their ability to minimize motion transfer. * No California king size option If you intend to regularly put a load larger than this on your frame, this isn’t the product for you. I enjoy the aesthetic quality it adds to my bedroom, and it can hold the weight necessary in my circumstances. Zinus Cooling Gel Memory Foam iCoil Hybrid Queen Mattress. To return your mattress, fill out the Customer Support Request form on the Zinus website. They're also CertiPUR-US certified. (Many other mattress companies' warranties set the bar at 1 inch.). 100 to 120 days is normal for a sleep trial period, though some companies let you try your new mattress for up to a year. I have told them if they asked for another picture, I will sue them for their obstruction and refusal to deal with my complaint. I filed a complaint with Zinus on June 20, 2019. It’s worth noting that the box with everything included weighs around 80 pounds, so, if this is too much for you to handle, definitely have someone on board to help.

It also contains a 7.5-inch layer of spring coils. There have been some complaints by customers that they don’t enjoy the color of the mattress legs, and I can only speculate that it’s because they differ in color as they are black.

And I was even looking at larger Zinus mattresses for my own bed because the prices are good, and I am a disabled person on Social Security. The foams used in this mattress are infused with green tea and purified charcoal. * Supportive for those with active lifestyles, * Some mention of trouble getting the mattress to fit, but this has since been corrected on Zinus’s part.

* Frame doesn’t squeak

13 on our Best Mattresses of 2020 list, No. We may also review products we’ve received for free.

Whether you’re going to be picking your Zinus bed frame up at a store or plan to take advantage of free shipping, you may be a little surprised when you see the box. The Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Pressure Relief Mattress places No. The Pressure Relief Cloud Memory Foam Mattress has a 1-inch layer of Viscolatex responsive foam, a 1-inch layer of memory foam, 1.5 inches of comfort foam, and 3.5 inches of high-density base support foam. However, I did not have this problem. I then piled my three kids and myself on top. Zinus Pressure Relief Euro Top iCoil Hybrid Queen Mattress. You might be interested: Bed Frame Types and Styles. The mattress claims to be "very supportive."

As with many mattress companies, Zinus offers a 10-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects. Aside from the safety this can offer, it also adds a degree of depth to the headboard. The suspenders we got are huge job to put on the fitted sheets and mattress cover.

Each time I take a picture I have to take the bedding apart and put it back together. Is the Zinus Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress Right for Me? After I did that, Zinus said I had voided the warranty by unzipping the cover to take the photos. Delivery took forever with little to no communication as to status - their support staff are non responsive or slow to respond. * Creative design * Steel frame absorbs any weight and shock your bed would normally endure The Pressure Relief Euro Top iCoil Hybrid Mattress has a 0.5-inch top layer of fiber padding covering three layers of foam and 7.5 inches of individually pocketed springs. When I think of packing up a bed frame, I typically think that I’m going to need a few people to help, and one of them better have a truck! Customer service told me they could cancel it, but then the mattress arrived and I didn't get a refund :(. Zinus Mint Green Foam Hybrid Spring Mattress.

Proof of purchase may be required. WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT EVER. Zinus Pressure Relief Cloud Memory Foam Queen Mattress. To file a warranty claim, you must have purchased the Zinus mattress from an authorized retailer, show proof of purchase and product registration, and keep the mattress and cover tags intact. Zinus Pressure Relief Olive Oil Memory Foam iCoil Hybrid Queen Mattress. There is currently not an option to accomodate a California king size mattress, so, if that’s the size you’re working with, you’ll need to shop for a different product.

The Zinus upholstered bed frame is reportedly able to hold a capacity of 500 pounds, so you should take this into consideration when you shop. Although there are no traditional firmness levels to choose from, the mattress gets firmer as it gets thicker. If you're using an adjustable base, Zinus recommends an 8-inch or 10-inch mattress thickness. They sell the worse quality products, don't honor their warranty and ignore your emails do you need any more reasons to not buy their stuff! IT IS NOT SUPPORTIVE.

below. This green tea-infused foam mattress line is available in 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-inch thicknesses and includes a 1-inch memory foam top. This mattress costs $246 for a queen. Total BS.

While I hope I was able to offer the information you need to help make the right decision in your new bed frame investment, you should hear what a few other real-life customers had to say. I thought maybe it needed more "plumping," so I waited to no avail. Sent it back and ordered a replacement. Zinus makes no mention on the Pressure Relief Green Tea Memory Foam’s product page that is has taken steps to minimize any of these potential downsides, so these are two things to keep in mind during your 100-night trial period. The cost of a queen is $336. You might be interested: The Best Platform Beds. Each leg of the Zinus mattress frame is 8 inches, and they allow you a total clearance of 7.5 inches. Available in 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-inch thicknesses, the Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress features three layers that include memory foam infused with swirls of cooling gel, a comfort layer, and a high-density polyfoam core.